The Color Purple

While on vacation in Acapulco Mexico, I, along with my family and friends took a tour by boat to a small resort island. As we approached, I was awestruck by it's beauty. I knew this was going to be fun, but had no idea that this place would be forever etched in my mind. We were greeted at the dock by two natives dressed in brightly colored tropical shirts, white pants and shoes. They were also wearing smiles just as bright. They escorted us to an open-air type restaurant with a thatched roof th
The Golden Age of Greece The ancient statues and pottery of the Golden Stone Age of Greece were much advanced in spectacular ways. The true facts of Zeus’s main reason for his statue. The great styles of the Kouros and the Kore. The story of The Blinding of Polphemus, along with the story of Cyclops. The Dori and Ionic column stone temples that were built in Greece that had an distinctive look. The true colors of the vase, Aryballos. The vase that carried liquids from one place to another. The
The Barn (a barn as seen to a woman who just received news that her son was hurt in war. Do not use: death, war, parent, child etc.) I walked out onto the cold, soggy grass and starred at the rotting barn. The paint, peeling and cracking, needed desperately to be redone. The door creaked and swayed back and forth aimlessly on it rusted hinges. The fall leaves crunched as I walked towards the old barn. Hay mixed with dust spotted the concrete floor and stood in a heap by the corner. The shutters
Pauline saw the beauty of life through the colors of her childhood down South. Her fondest memories were of purple berries, yellow lemonade, and that streak of green them june bugs made on the trees the night we left down home. All them colors was in me1. Pauline and Cholly left the colors of the South when they moved North to Ohio to begin their life together. Through Cholly, Pauline hoped to find those colors of beauty that she left down home. For a while she did find her colors, her beau
There are three truly beautiful scenes in nature. These include the sky, the forest, and the ocean. These are all very beautiful and interesting scenes to look at. The sky is a very captivating scene. The sunsets are absolutely breathtaking. The clouds can form many different and interesting shapes. At night the sky becomes enchanting and glorious. When the stars are out the sky is undeniably exquisite. The skys deep shades range from blue at dawn to deep oranges and purple at dusk. The sky sce
I am very educated, yet at the same time, not too familiar with the prejudice that takes place in the novel The Color Purple, by Alice Walker. First of all, this book mainly focuses on prejudice toward black women in the early 1900’s. Although blacks were free and women had a little more power than before, the black woman of America were still looked down on as being servants to their black men. Next, the prejudice in this book was mainly caused by history. In the past, blacks were slaves and t
Why People Dye Their Hair Many people of different ages ask of teens the question, Why do you dye your hair? It's a valid question. It seems like the fad these days is to have a different color of hair every week. Red, purple, blue, green, orange, it doesn't matter, as long as it's new. The crazier the better, the brighter the cooler. I feel I'm experienced in this area, as I've dyed my hair at least a dozen times in the last couple years. Why do we do it? Most hair dyers probably aren't enti
Almost fifty years ago, an incident occurred in the southwestern desert of the United States that could have significant implications for all mankind. The incident was announced by the U.S. military, and denied by the U.S. military, and has remained covered-up in the government for the past fifty and hopefully not another fifty years. It is not a hoax or false claim, but rather a known event that is thoroughly documented. It is the objective here is to summarize the details of the events and in
Steven Spielberg As a kid in Phoenix, Steven Spielberg charged admission to his home movies while his sister sold popcorn. Although Spielberg excelled at making movies he was not a good student. He hated school and was one of the most unathletic students there. His movie making career began at the age of twelve when his father bought a movie camera that Spielberg used all the time. Instead of doing his school work he was using the camera. While he was working with his mom and sister on his proj
Byron Hooper 11/18/96 The Color Purple film review The Color Purple The movie The Color Purple, directed by Steven Speilberg, was, in general, a satisfactory film. It was enjoyable, if you don't consider accuracy towards the novel it is portraying important. Speilberg obviously had little, if any, respect toward the original story, by Alice Walker. He slaughtered a story most people had heard of, but never read. I thought the movie itself was rather good. It had it's own good and bad points.
Emory Lott 12/05/96 English 1001 page 1 The Direct and Indirect Impact of Rhetoric In the world that we live in, rhetoric always affects and is a part of everything that happens. Rhetoric, in its broadest sense, is communication, and how people relate to each other. The movie The Color Purple is about relationships. Therefore rhetoric plays a very important role in this movie. Throughout The Color Purple the impact of rhetoric can be seen in two groups of people, the communicator, or rhetor, an
The Twenties And Thirties The twenties and the thirties were very unusual time periods in American History. In some ways they are alike, but in most ways they are very different. The twenties were a time of fun and partying. This is probably the reason it is called the Roaring Twenties. All of the thirties were known as The Great Depression. It was probably called that because of the stock market collapse and the millions of people without jobs. In the twenties, industry took a very big step. Th
The Camping Trip All throughout the long van ride, I could not stop thinking about the trip ahead of me. Two days, one night in the middle of nowhere….. how awesome! As I sat in the crowded van, I started to imagine what the trip would be like. I imagined the teeming trees, the colorful and blooming flowers, and all of the creatures that my inquisitive eyes might glance upon. Just this thought amazed me and rejuvenated my cramped body. Soon my imagination was put to the back of my brain and my
The Marburg Virus Many new viruses are emerging from the rainforest every year. The deadly viruses include the Ebola, Marburg, and AIDS viruses. They are some of the most destructive and lethal viruses that human kind has ever seen. They seem to affect most of the body and it’s organs with some rather gruesome symptoms. Although most die ending their suffering, some survive to relay the story of their pain. The Marburg virus described in The Hot Zone , by Richard Preston, exemplifies these ne
Proteins made from ribosomes attached to the rough endoplasmic reticulum enter the lumen of the ER and move to the smooth endoplasmic reticulum. A small vacuole (vesicle) pinches off the smooth ER and carries the protein to the Golgi apparatus, where it is further processed. ------------------------------------------------------------- Mitochondria are bounded by a double membrane. The inner membrane is folded to form little shelves, called cristae, which project into the matrix, an inner space
Carrot. Whadda ya mean carrot? Nothin' don't worry about. Dude, what's yer problem? Nothin', chill. Whatever. This work sucks! God I hate havin' to do work. I wish I could just crawl in a big hole and stay there. Today sucks. Oh well it'll get better after I ask that girl out later. She was totally flirtin' with me. Dude, ya know that chick I was talkin' about the other day. Which one? 3rd hour. Yeah, what about her? I'm gonna ask her out today. Cool. Hey, you two, be qu
COLOR Although sometimes overlooked, color can be a very powerful tool in design. People see different designs everyday, whether it is on the side of a bus or on a billoard or in a brochure they received in their mailbox. Whichever method design is applied, there is always some sort of color. Even something like black and white can have an effect on someone’s mood. RED Red has been known to represent blood and anger and violence. Since ancient times, cavemen used actual blood as their paint and
Nokia 2005 My product will be a new Nokia Mobile Phone that contains the new following features: § T.V. + Cable, and an Antenna § Video recorder § Tape player § CD player § New Games § 2 Speakers on both sides of the phone § Headset + Remote control § Videotape + CD holder § A Stand at the back of the mobile § 3D Graphics § GPS (Global Positioning System) This Mobile phone still contains all the other features the Nokia phones have now like MMS, Bluetooth, Radio, Voice recorder etc… The new feat
Male figures in Zora Neal Hurston`s Their Eyes Were Watching God and Alice Walker`s The Color Purple American Literature The heroines of the books Alice Walker: The Color Purple and Zora Neal Hurston: Their Eyes Were Watching God have to go through the trials and tribulations of a woman to the whole male dominated society. They are raped, beaten, abused, neglected, etc... just to be told to shut up and take it. On the very first pages of Their Eyes Were Watching God, the contrast is made betwee
A Childs Bedroom My design for a bedroom would be entertaining and offer an optimal learning environment for a child. When you walk in, on the floor you will see red carpet with ABCs and 123s in all different colors of the rainbow. To your right hand side you see the reading area, which has a purple beanbag, a lamp that is attached to a green bookshelf with many different children’s books on it. To the right hand side of that, along the same wall, is a desk for coloring it has crayons, coloring
The Color of Purple During the early 1900s in America, women struggled to be recognized as worthy members of society. Some were able to overcome this prejudice and even ignore it. Others however, crumbled beneath the pressure. In “The Color Purple,” Alice Walker shows the effects of sexual oppression on several different women who are attempting to liberate themselves in a male dominated society. Through the character, Shug Avery, Walker exemplifies a woman who uses the discrimination directed t
Ode to a Nightingale March 16, 2004 Honors Brit Lit Essay In Ode to a Nightingale, John Keats, the author and narrator, used descript terminology to express the deep-rooted pain he was suffering during his battle with tuberculosis. This poem has eight paragraphs or verses of ten lines each and does not follow any specific rhyme scheme. In the first paragraph, Keats gave away the mood of the whole poem with his metaphors for his emotional and physical sufferings, for example: My heart aches, and
The Signifying Monkey A Theory of AfricanAmerican Literary Criticism 30 April 03 English 311 Henry Louis Gates, Jr. in The Signifying Monkey attempts to address both the lack of literary theory directed toward AfricanAmerican literature and the Anglo? literary theories that are applied to AfricanAmerican literature. He speaks of the relationship between both African and AfricanAmerican speech and literature. Essentially, Gates contends that the voice of the black individual that is manifeste
CAJUN AND CREOLE CUISINE Cajun and Creole cooking are recognized as part of the best America’s oldest and richest regional cuisines. These cultures have their history dating back 300 years ago. The roots of these styles came from the European cuisine, French, German and Spanish, and also from the African people. Cajun country, also called Acadiana, runs 300 miles aprox. from the marshes of the Gulf coast to Texas and includes the inland prairies, accounting for almost one-third of Louisiana. Th
Vocabulario Español-Inglés – Vocabulary Spanish-English Spanish 5th Period Pre-Chapter: o la clase (de español) –Spanish class o el/la estudiante – student o el professor, la profesora – professor o el señor – Mr./sir o la señora – Mrs./ma’am o la señorita – Miss./ma’am o y – and o tú – you (casual) o usted – you (formal) o bien – well/good/fine o muy – very o no – no o sí- yes o adios – bye o así, así – so-so o buenas noches – good night o buenas tardes – good afternoon o buenos dias – good mor
Hershey Foods Corporation Hershey Foods Corporation is faced with more challenges than you might think! It’s one-of-a-kind style and interesting background give it a unique outlook, compared to it’s unbearably generic rivals. There’s a lot more to this chocolate company than meets the eye! In the early 1900s, Milton Hershey made a huge fortune through dogged persistence and the courage to pursue a dream. Though he was modest and unassuming in appearance, Mr. Hershey was a shrewd and determined b
SCHINDLER'S LIST Date of publication: 12/15/1993 For cast, rating and other information, (click here) By Roger Ebert Oskar Schindler would have been an easier man to understand if he'd been a conventional hero, fighting for his beliefs. The fact that he was flawed - a drinker, a gambler, a womanizer, driven by greed and a lust for high living - makes his life an enigma. Here is a man who saw his chance at the beginning of World War II and moved to Nazi-occupied Poland to open a factory and emplo
Schindler’s ListA CRITICAL ANALYSIS In 1993, the greatest filmmaker of our time did exactly what we expected, and then he turned around and surprised us. That year, for the third time in his career, Steven Spielberg broke the record for the highest-grossing film of all time. Big, grand, and exciting, with dynamite special effects, Jurassic Park was a typical Spielberg film. But while Jurassic Park was breaking records, we heard that Spielberg was in Europe filming, of all things, a black-and-whi
The “Big Patatoe” It was not an ordinary morning for me. I had left my green cofee on the table and went on preparing my luggage. I had never been successful on preparing luggages. Everything became necessary when I started to prapare them. It was the same again. Cabbage camera, laser casettes, compaq module disks, meal pills, super-sonic first aid kit, extra torium baterries, special Jupiter cofee cream and swiss multi-media pocket knife. I was always aware of the truth that I would never use m
Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey is first of all known and recognized as the host of the most watched daytime show on television, The Oprah Winfrey Show. But her contributions can be felt beyond the world of television, as she is also a talented actress, owner of a movie production company, magazine founder and editorial director, and committed philanthropist. The fact that Oprah Winfrey is also black and a woman makes her rags to riches story an even more remarkable version of the ‘American Dream’.
Common Anions and Cations Lab Period 3 The purpose of this lab was to identify common anions and cations in solutions using simple chemical tests, and to use the results discovered in these tests to identify ions in an unknown solution. First we tested for anions, skipping the boiling bath described by step one; we tested for the chloride ion. To do so we added 2 mL of sodium chloride to a clean prepared test tube. To a second clean test tube we added 2 mL of the unknown substance-A102. One mL e
The Rate of Diffusion and Osmosis of Various Solutions With Distilled Water as an Ambient Environment Throughout the process of the experiment, various concentrations of a solution of Sucrose and Water were placed into hydrolysis tubing and placed into and ambient environment of sterile water. An observation of a Starch solution in an ambient solution of sterile water and iodine was done to check for a chemical reaction of starch and iodine indicating diffusion. Also an observation of two segmen
The Latin Quarter CREATIVE BUSINESS PLAN FOR:“THE LATIN QUARTER” TABLE OF CONTENTS: I. Pre-Planning A. Store Concept Summary…………………………………… B. Mission Statement………………………………………….. C. Name of store and logo……………………………………. D. Customer Profile……………………………………………. E. Competitive Report………………………………….……… F. Location and site evaluation………………………………. G. Visual Strategy and design concept……………………… H. Management structure…………………………………….. I. Legal issues and insurance……………………………….. J. Financial evaluation……………
Bahamas While on vacation on The Disney Cruise, I, along with my family took a tour by boat to a small resort island. As we approached, I was awestruck by its beauty. I knew this was going to be fun, but had no idea that this place would be forever etched in my mind. Two natives dressed in brightly colored tropical shirts, white pants and shoes greeted us at the dock. They were also wearing smiles just as bright. They escorted us to an open-air type restaurant with a thatched roof that was actua
Anna and Mikhail Grinkov were in the Russian police force, and were anxiously waiting the arrival of their new son. On February 4, 1967 in the highly populated capital of Moscow, Sergei Grinkov was born. Sergei received nothing but love and warmth from his loving parents and relatives. One day, Anna and Mikhail decided to bring their 5 year old son, Sergei to the Central Army skating rink for a trial lesson. Five year old Sergei instantly fell in love with figure skating, and every day he could
On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked the United States Naval facility at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. 19 ships were sunk, 2,335 servicemen lost their lives, and, afterwards, the United States declared war on Japan, and her allies Germany and Italy. However, another great loss occurred on United States soil--the imprisonment of 120,000 people, 2/3 of whom were United States citizens. The Japanese Internment, the name of this mistake, was illegal, unconstitutional, and an act of nothing more tha
Outline Thesis Statement: Isshinryu may be the youngest karate to come from Okinawa, but it is as rich with spirit as the earlier forms. I. Background on Isshinryu founder. A. Birth date and location. B. Teachers and influence C. Creation II. Description of Emblem and patch. A. Origin B. Explanation and meaning C. Symbolism III. Kata A. Brief overview B. History C. Explanation D. Benefits IV. Ranking sytem A. Kyu ranks B. Dan ranks C. Promotion requirements Isshinryu Karate was developed and int
Periodic Patterns of Elements Purpose: This paper is designed to explain how elements can be arranged according to patterns in the properties of their compounds. Hypothesis: I believe that the properties of the compounds will categorize the compounds in a similar fashion as the periodic table arranges non-metals. I am thinking that the non-metals and metals will react to differently to the universal indicator, whereas one will turn the solution more blue and one more of a reddish color. Procedu
No One Can Hide From Death In The Masque of Red Death, Edgar Allen Poe tells a story of human denial and struggle with death, especially among the wealthy. Poe uses powerful images of sensual texture, color and symbols to show the passing of time and life. Prince Prospero along with a thousand hale and lighthearted friends from among the knights and dames of his court (202) sought a haven from the Red Death that is devastating the country. They lived together in the prince's luxurious abb
The Masque of Poe People don’t really have that much in common, but they do have one big thing in common, that is death. Death is the one thing that no one can stop. The short story The Masque of Red Death, by Edger Allen Poe shows how that statement is true. Poe was a man who had had many experiences with a disease that killed many people in his life, in his story The Masque of Red Death, he uses a lot of symbolic messages to express his views and feelings on that disease. Edger Allan Poe
Dylan Valade AH 101-57 15 Oct. 1998 Dr. Koch I. A religious basis is one of the few similarities Gothic cathedrals and Greek temples share. The enormous size and intricate details of each building show the city's wealth, power, and pride. The interior of Gothic cathedrals depends on natural light while it's the exterior of Greek temples that benefits from sunlight. Temples and cathedrals serve mainly to present a physical way for people to feel more spiritual. These buildings served as places o
The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and The Color Purple by Alice walker vividly depict three major forms of oppression: personal, interpersonal and societal, the severity of which is influenced by the respective time period. The Scarlet Letter takes place in the early 1600's. This time period is referred to as the Puritan era. The Puritan society is very religious. To sin is thought of as breaking the law. They are one in the same. At this point in history, they're was no separation of c
A Description of Claude Monet’s View of Bennecourt Claude Monet, View of Bennecourt, 1887, Oil on Canvas. This essay will attempt to provide a written description of Claude Monet’s 1887 painting View of Bennecourt. In the following, attention will be paid to the pivotal images contained within the canvas, with a focus on those objects which dominate the foreground of the image, namely, the trees and shadows which lead the viewer to the remainder of the composition. Due to the complexity of the
Necrotizing Fasciitis, this is the kind of bacteria you read about in sci-fi books and horror stories. Its been named “the flesh eating bacteria” by the media. It is as bad as it sounds. It can cause such damage to the body that amputation is necessary or it can kill a person. This report will examine a few main areas of interest about this horrid, pestilence called Necrotizing Fasciitis. Such areas will include some background of it, misdiagnosis of this bacterium, any cures for it, , spreadin
CONLUSION: Chemical properties are better for identifying unknown substances. When you are using physical properties there are five that you can use. Color, state, texture, odor, and boiling point. Some of the chemicals we used had the same boiling point or the same texture and they all were clear liquids. But when you use chemicals you get different results sometimes they will have the same reaction but you can do more tests with chemicals. Like when I put universal indicator in alcohol it tur
There definitely seems to be a science to displaying merchandise to target one gender or the other. There also seems to be a science in drawing you in. For instance, the toy store was a store for both boys and girls. At the front of the store to get the children’s attention were items for both little boys and girls. Not only was the usual attention getters stores use to attract adult customers, this store also had to get the attention of both genders of the children. Besides being piled as
First I will tell you about Vitamin B-1, otherwise known as Thiamin. This was discovered in 1926.This is made up of several complex molecules. This plays an important role in the bodies metabolic system for creating energy. This is very necessary for a normal functioning of the nervous system, muscles, heart, stabilizes hunger so that you aren't really hungry one second and not hungry the next. This also promotes growth and really good muscle tone. Although, I have found that there are many def
Micro Evolution Organisms have to adapt to their environment or they will become extinct. Organisms also have to adapt to their environment or become prey to predators. If they become prey and are eaten they can't reproduce and pass on their traits. Some organisms adapt to their environment by reproducing a lot. Also, organisms adapt to their environment by staying in an environment where the color of their surroundings are the same color of their body. They do this to blend in and so predator
On the 4th day during the month of Febuary I was at home listening to the latest demo tape of a band called “static-x”. I had just received it in the mail and was eager to hear what direction the band had went, from there last recording. I put the tape in my stereo accepting another so-so performance. To my utter supprise an explosion of wonderful notes hit me leaving me breathless. Immediately I hopped on my computer and looked up the web site that was listed on the back side of the tape. Afte
Paper Chromatography Lab Report Introduction Background Information The word chromatography comes from the Greek and literally means color writing. The technique was first described by the Russian botanist Mikhail Tswett in 1903. He dissolved the pigments of green leaves in a mixture of petroleum ether and alcohol, poured some of the resulting deep green solution onto powdered chalk packed in a vertical glass tube, let it soak in, and then added more solvent. The colored constituents of the lea