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Creatine in Professional Sports 11-30-98 Scott Vocoun Heath & Hygiene 35 Creatine in Professional Sports Should a professional athletes be allowed to utilize creatine monohydrate to enhance the quality of their athletic ability? As of lately, this has been a very frequently asked question. The media was all over Mark McGuire about using andrestene after beginning supplemental intake with creatine. This media attention is what brought controversy to the name creatine. As a result of this controv
The United States Air Force Academy is a public, coeducational military institution of the higher learning. It is one of the five United States military service academies, which train young men and women for military careers. The Academy is an agency of the Department of the Air Force. It stands on an 18,000-acre site in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, near Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Air Force Academy is just one option for young men and women in becoming officers in the Air Force. T
Love is a distraction that causes a break in their control of keeping up their appearances which shows up as holes in their masks. The norms of behavior before love for Helena from Midsummer's Night Dream by William Shakespeare is that she is assertive , Helena is in love with Demitrius who does not love her. Helena's personality before love is seen mostly in Hermia's descriptions and speeches. Hermia calls Helena, sweet playfellow in her farewell speech. (MND 1.2.220). We see love's effect on
Ernest Hemingway once gave some advice to his fellow writer F. Scott Fitzgerald. If something in life hurts you, he said, you should use it in your writing. In A Farewell to Arms Hemingway followed his own advice. The painful experiences of his own life that, consciously and unconsciously, he placed in this novel help make it a major artistic achievement. The first of these experiences was a physical hurt that occurred on July 8, 1918. On this date, two weeks shy of his nineteenth birthday, H
One Tuesday afternoon, I was carelessly riding through the woods on my motorcycle. I had just gotten home from the races, and I had another 1st place trophy. Nobody could beat me. I was the perfect motorcrosser, I thought. As I was riding through the woods I came to a 60-foot long jump that I was always scared to hit. I hit it, and then my life flashed before my eyes. The next thing I knew I was lying beside a huge tree that I had just smashed into. I came too, realizing that I could not move.
Nutrition Nutrition is the science that deals with food and how the body uses it. Food supplies energy, which people need to perform certain actions. Food also provides substances the body needs to build and repair its tissues and to regulate its organs and organ systems. Food provides certain chemical substances needed for a person to maintain good health. These substances are called nutrients. Nutrients perform three important functions. They provide for building, repairing, or maintaining bo
Niels Henrik David Bohr Born: 7 Oct 1885 in Copenhagen, Denmark Died: 18 Nov 1962 in Copenhagen, Denmark Niels Bohr studied at the University of Copenhagen which he entered in 1903. He won a gold medal from the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences for his theoretical analysis of vibrations of water jets as a means of determining surface tension. He received his Master's degree from the University of Copenhagen in 1909 and his doctorate in 1911 with a thesis Studies on the electron theory of metals.
I would like to pursue the field of physical therapy. Physical Therapy, by definition, is the treatment of disease through physical means, including light, heat, sound waves, electricity, magnetic field and exercise. Physical Therapy is divided into three broad categories: acute care, neuro-rehab, and outpatient physical therapy. Acute care consists of treating patients in the in-patient, or hospital setting. Patients in the hospital setting are often acutely ill. Patients may range from people
Ernest Miller Hemingway was born at eight o'clock in the morning in Oak Park, Illinois July 21, 1899. In the nearly sixty two years of his life that followed he forged a literary reputation unsurpassed in the twentieth century and created a mythological hero in himself that captivated and confounded not only serious literary critics but also the average a word, he was a star. Born in the family home at 439 Oak Park Avenue, a house built by his widowed grandfather Ernest Hall, Hemingway
China is the most populated country in the world, she is opening her market nowadays and experts in any field would find great opportunities. I also understand that my country especially needs expert in the field of technology. Advanced countries like United States, Japan are civilized, computerized. How can I contribute to make it happen in my country? As a very little child, my mom always scolded me that I destroyed my toys by disassembling them, to find out what they have inside. I was tryin
Hi, my name is Tanaya Parikh. My birthday is March 14 (I'm going to turn 16 in Argentinahave any questions about me just ask Euge, she knows everything. !!!). My mom's name is Renu and my father's name is Divyang. My mom is 45 years old and my father is 47 years old. Both of them are physicians. Since my father works late, he usually gets home after 8:00. My mom comes home everyday between five and seven o'clock. My brother's name is Tanuj and he is 11 years old. He doesn't go to Poly Prep, ins
Creatine is an amino acid that comes from glycine, Arginine, methionine, or obtained in small quantities from the diet from meat and fish. (1, 18) Creatine is stored in the muscle. The increased availability of Creatine and phosphocreatine have been reported to maintain adenosine triphosphate levels during high intensity exercise and facilitate recovery from ongoing activities of high intensity exercise. (1) Short term Creatine supplementation improves maximal strength by 5 to 15%. (1) Creatine
Underage Drinking Alcohol is a word that brings many mixed emotions to many different kinds of people. To alcoholics it means something untouchable, the catalyst for their deadly disease. For teens it means freedom, carelessness, having a good time. To parents it is a fearful word… will my child be killed in a drunk driving accident? But alcohol will not go away. This statement has been proven time and again, with the most obvious example being the Prohibition of the 1930’s. When people could n
Wanting a salary cap, limiting roster size, and negotiating medical insurance were the main reasons for the NHL strike of 1993-94 where labor gained unrestricted free agency and medical insurance, but lost arbitration and the amount of fines. One of the main reasons for the strike was management wanted a salary cap. A salary cap gives management a limit on how much the pay the players. When the players didn’t agree, management wanted a luxury tax that was very similar to a salary cap. They don
In an age in which the black community is searching for a leader, there is a shortage of positive black male images. The black man is arguably the most exploited figure in the media therefore causing a lack of role models for young black men. Our youth have been immersed in a pool filled with demeaning black men. This, however, is not something new; this exploitation of the black men has gone on for decades. I intend to show that not only has this been going on for at least 2 decades but that t
American professional basketball player, a leading scorer in the National Basketball Association (NBA), who led the Chicago Bulls to three consecutive National Basketball Association (NBA) championships (1991-1993). Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Wilmington, North Carolina. He accepted a basketball scholarship from the University of North Carolina and as a freshman scored the winning basket in the 1982 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) championship game. Jord
My Significant Person My mother is a very influential person to my life, and I am sure that she has affected others as she has affected me. She has done many things to help me and to teach me things I would not have learned anywhere else. The things that she has taught me, some more influential than others, were very important to me. She is a hard worker, I even admire her for everything she has done, and everything she is today. My mother is in my life everyday. She is never too busy to spend
Jackie Robinson was the first baseball player to break Major League Baseball's color barrier that segregated major league baseball for more than 50 years. On October 23, 1945, Jackie Robinson signed a contract with the Montreal Royals that would eventually bring him to the Brooklyn Dodgers in the spring of 1947. This made him the first African American in modern organized baseball. Jackie Robinson went to UCLA where he became an All-American in football and basketball. He also played baseball a
Physical Therapy My prior experiences with sports medicine made it a top choice for a career. After numerous injuries to my knees and ankles, my doctor scheduled me to see a top sports physician. The rigorous exercise program that he helped me through put me on the fast track to recovery. The power to positively impact a person's future is a gift that not many people have, but these physicians do. I wish to be a part of these few who help so many. Although a seemingly exciting career, there wer
Swimmers lack a fixed point in the water from which to push. In moving the body forward, the swimmer also moves water backwards. The water acquires a kinetic energy change. Thus, propulsion in swimming involves two forms of power output: 1) to move the body forward by overcoming drag, and 2) that imparted to the compression of the water that is moved backwards. If gravitational and hydrostatic forces are ignored (the velocities occurring in the vertical direction are rather small), two forces
As far as I'm concerned, X-Treme is a title given to sports such as Snow boarding, Skateboarding, B.M.X. free style bikers, and Aggressive In-line skaters by a bunch of forty-somthings, who could care less about the kids who make them money. I mean, they do pay the kids who skate for them a lot of money, but that's nothing, compared to the amount of money that ESPN receives from their sponsors, like Taco Bell, Mountain Dew, and Snickers. The point I'm making, is that people like ESPN are ju
The most common of all the forms of arthritis is the Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD), also called osteoarthritis. It is a chronic disease, causing deterioration of the joint cartilage and formation of reactive new bone at the margins and subchondral areas of the joints. That was the scientific definition but what actually happens in osteoarthritis is actually quite easy to understand. The breakdown of the articular cartilage, which is located at the joint, is a gradual process as a direct resu
Media and Politics of the Seventies The price of gas was only around a 51 cents a gallon but in 1970 the amount of negativity in the world was at an extremely high level, with tension coming from all kinds of sources. Such as an assassination attempt on Pope Paul VI in the Philippines. However many of the troubles came from the Vietnam war and then later with inflation. But the greatest troubles stemmed directly from the US government not listening to the people. The bulk of that tension was st
Parental Failure Children being out of control and having failing grades are problems that our school system is having. Although working parents often lack the time to oversee their children, they can do a lot to prevent children from having failing grades and being disciplined at school continually. In a lot of households today both parents have to work. Therefore time is short, A working mother spends her evenings cooking supper, cleaning house, and doing laundry. The idea of doing her child'
Sound Recording and Reproduction Sound recording and reproduction can be defined as keeping sound in the form it was meant to be, by the use of electrical, mechanical, or optical means, or by combination of the three. This makes reproducing the sound much easier. You can reproduce the sound at will through stereo systems. The sound quality of a recording is usually decided by the fidelity of the recorded sounds. The best recordings are called high fidelity. They reproduce the original sounds wi
The boxes were pouring in the gym like rain on a gloomy day. All the generous people donating their old clothes, their extra food even old toys that are not used and books that are not read anymore. I look over my shoulder and see my best friend Jane. Me: Jane! I yell out to her. She starts to run over towards me, her wavy blond hair fluttering in the air. She stops beside me, I look in her blue eyes and say Me: Hey buddy whats up !?! Jane: Nothing much you? Me: nothing, thanks for coming to he
Implicit in the founding of the United States is the principle of breaking the bonds of locality based tribalism, and forming a new tribe out of a heterogeneous population. The advent of the Internet, which is, after all, an American invention, has broadened this new definition of tribalism past anything our Founding Fathers could possibly have imagined. Tribalism is a natural tendency in humanity. The Internet has facilitated tribalism by allowing tribes to form based on other factors than com
S. E. Hinton Dell Publishing Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group Inc. 1540 Broadway New York, New York 10036 Dear S. E. Hinton, I would first like to congratulate you on a very well written book titled The Outsiders. I have a few ideas as to why you wrote this book and what you were trying show through this book. I would also like to add in what I got out of reading this book. It would be great if you could take some time after reading this letter to tell you if my ideas are correct. I feel
Raised in a small home in a modest Louisville, Kentucky neighborhood, Clay would rise to dominate headlines, boxing and otherwise, and become Muhammad Ali before his twenty-third birthday. He would stretch his fifteen minutes of fame into an incredible legacy that will last for generations to come. Spurred by the theft of his prized new bicycle, the 12-year old Ali began to study the art of boxing. Vowing to never be victimized again, he spent his teen years at the gym, molding both his body
What Makes a Political Campaign Effective? Although not for a huge part, the lack of knowledge of today’s political arena is large enough to be a cause for concern. One of the major questions would be how our political leaders gain the attention and favors of the public? In today’s world where advertisements play such a huge role in persuading the people, TV has become an invaluable tool to bring these advertisements to the uninformed. In other words, political campaigning on the air waves is t
Ferrari When an auto enthusiast is asked what automobile maker excels beyond any other, it only takes about one second before they reply with “Ferrari!” What makes Ferrari the epitome of all racing and street performance cars? It’s not a simple question. Though it may seem possible that one or two things make Ferrari automobiles envied by every auto maker, it is in fact a plethora of different aspects that make Ferrari king. To obtain the quality and precision that Ferrari’s yield doesn’t come
Men and women, why are we so different? We were obviously created very differently on the outside and some on the inside, but why do we act so differently. I believe that men think upon the physical level of intellect while women are on a very separate level, emotional intellect. Whether it is the way men and women handle friendships, relationships, or even their hobbies, it is very diverse. Haven't you ever noticed that when two girls are fighting it is not ever only the two girls in the fight
The Origin of Ice Hockey Ice hockey is a sport played on an 85’ by 200” sheet of ice. The ice is divided into three zones, a neutral zone and two attacking zones which hold the goals. The game starts with six players on the ice: two defenceman , left and right, two wings, left and right, a center, and a goalie. There are three referees on the ice at all times. A normal game of ice hockey consists of three periods each twenty minutes long. The job of the referees is to call all infractions. Ther
April 15, 1947 is the day that one of the most important events in American history took place. On that day, Jackie Robinson took the final step in making the biggest breakthrough in sports history, It was the day that Jackie Robinson played his first Major League Baseball game, which was also the first game of any kind of organized athletics in which a white man shared the field with an African-American. By doing so, he opened the door for future African-Americans to play organized athletics a
Self-confidence does not always come easy for everyone. Having a lack of confidence can certainly be a draw back that may affect one for his or her entire life. Parents have the ability to help their children build confidence. Parents probably have more influence on their children than anyone else does. Therefore, they are able to influence their children and help them have the confidence they need to succeed. If parents practice self approval, offer their children chances for success, allow th
My Perfect World To start making my perfect world, I would have to start the population of the world all over. What I am going to do is hand select about 40 thousand people I feel are worthy to live in my world and help me start a new civilization. I would then set out a virus into the air that kills humans and only humans. The virus is known as the J-5 virus. All the people I selected to live would be given an antibody of the J-5 virus. The J-5 virus will kill and spread quickly. It will have
St.-Andre-de-Cubzac is parallel to the Dordogne river in Bordeaux, France. Bordeaux was a small town based on wineries and surrounded by vineyards. Here lived a successful businessman who sold real estate, deeds, and marriage contracts. He had four sons in which one became a businessman, like his father. This son’s name was Daniel Cousteau. Daniel was a prominent businessman who liked to invent and play sports. Daniel was married to Elizabeth and she gave him two sons, one Phillipe and one Jacq
Me The literary character I readily identify with is Gene Forrester from the novel A Separate Peace, By John Knowles. The main character's difficult journey towards maturity and the adult world is a main focus of the book. Gene's journey begins the moment he pushes Phineas from the tree and the process continues until he visits the tree fifteen years later. Throughout this time, Gene must become self-aware, face reality and the future, confront his problems, as well as forgive and accept the pe
Over the past few years, more than one-half of our nation’s public school music programs have been cut. That’s 33%. It may not sound like a lot right now, but if it keeps happening at the current pace, in another few years the music programs will be cut by one-half, and before we know it there will be no music programs offered in our public schools. Our children will have no place to learn music and to appreciate it. I am of the opinion that something needs to be done to prevent this from happe
The title of my book is Patrick Ewing. It was written by Paul Wiener. This biography tells us about the life of Patrick Ewing, and how he became one of the best basketball players. I chose this biography, because I wanted to learn more about Patrick Ewing. I consider him special, because he had to work very hard to achieve his dream. Patrick Ewing was born in Kingston, Jamaica on August 5, 1962. He was the fifth of seven children and grew up in a very poor neighborhood just outside of Kingston.
Gene and Phineas are two very important people in the book A Separate Peace written by John Knowles. Gene starts out as a shy boy, while his wild friend, Phineas, is always getting them in trouble as well as getting them out of trouble. Gene looks at life all at one time as where, Phineas only takes in a little of life at a time and always goes for whatever is fun at the time. Through all these differences they are able to still be friends. Although Gene and Phineas have a very different outloo
On November 22, 1963, the 35th president of the United States, Mr. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was shot to death. Though that was many years ago, the memories are forever etched in my mind. I can still remember the very minute that I got the news that he had been killed. I was attending school that day, Clark Lee Elementary, undergoing one of my typical math lessons. It seems as though it was just yesterday that I was setting there in that chair with my new sports jacket draped over my scrawny sho
Death of a Salesman The tragedy Death of a Salesman deals with Willy's relationship with his sons to whom he tragically passes on his fate to. Just like Joe Keller in All My Sons, Willy is primarily concerned with the future of his boys. Willy instills in them his views, hoping to set them up with successful careers in selling. Miller's tragedy, however lies in the fact that he passes on to his sons his overconfidence and an inflated image of self. Willy has a tough life of a traveling sale
New York City, New York, The Melting Pot, The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, The Town so Nice, They Named it Twice are all names for one of the greatest cities in the world. What's so great about it? What does it have besides pollution and crime? Let me tell you about it. New York was one of our first major cities in the United States of America. New York City is made up of five boroughs, namely Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. The boroughs were origina
King Hussein I It is hard to imagine Jorden wuthout King Hussein I. He has dominated the country for forty-six years. King Hussein I is also the forty-second generation direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. He was born in Amman on November 14, 1935, to Prince Talal bin Abdullah and Princess Zein al-Sharaf bint Jamil. King Hussein has two brothers, Prince Muhammad and Crown Prince El Hassan, and one sister, Princess Basma. After completing his elementary education in Amman, King Hussein att
Women Athletes: Are They Treated Fairly? According to Wulf (1997), in 1972 there were only 31,000 women participating in intercollegiate athletics. Now there are more than 120,000 female athletes in the nation's colleges' (79). This is a dramatic increase in females participating in athletics. The increase, though, doesn't mean that women are getting more athletic money. In 1978, the federal government issued a law called Title IX that prohibits colleges and universities from discriminating aga
“Tradition, that old ogre, lies dead in the dust” To what extent were the 1920s a break form the traditions of the pre-war era? The 1920’s sandwiched as they were between the horror of World War 1 and the untold misery of the great depression, remain firmly in peoples mind as the period of prosperity and where life was free and easy owing to modern technological advances in Australia. After the war we achieved a great sense of national pride. This was mainly seen through what we had accomplishe
PROLOGUE RINNNGGGG!!! My alarm clock burst into life, and I was suddenly awakened to the dawn of Christmas day. It was 6:00 a.m., and the bright, warming sun was not yet gleaming on my cheeks. It took me a few seconds to realize what day it was, but once I gained some consciousness, I was immediately out of bed excited for the big trip that lay before me: our annual family excursion to Palm Springs. I rubbed my tired eyes as I staggered my way to the bathroom where I took a quick bubbly hot b
Daytime Talk Shows Topic: Why or why isn't it important to consider daytime talk television. Daytime television talk shows are an important factor in American Culture. By all means they should be considered. Almost any way it is looked at, daytime talk shows have a significant effect on American Culture. For example, parents should be concerned about the things their children are watching. Or, speaking in terms of advertising, for certain products, daytime talk shows are the best place to adver
CHAPTER 1 - In the opening paragraph, Huck introduces himself to us as the narrator of the story. He talks to us in a relaxed, matter-of-fact tone that makes him sound friendly, honest, and maybe a little less respectful than he should be. He does, after all, come close to calling Mark Twain a liar. Try to imagine Twain writing that paragraph, in which he has a fictional character accuse him of stretching the truth in an earlier book. Twain seems to be sharing a joke with you, the reader, but