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WHAT THE GREAT LEARNING teaches, is to illustrate illustrious virtue; to renovate the people; and to rest in the highest excellence. The point where to rest being known, the object of pursuit is then determined; and, that being determined, a calm unperturbedness may be attained to. To that calmness there will succeed a tranquil repose. In that repose there may be careful deliberation, and that deliberation will be followed by the attainment of the desired end. Things have their root and their b
Much ado about nothing part iiX profile - Antonio and Leonato These two men are very generous and loving, until the apparent death of leonato’s only daughter hero. At this point both Leonato and Antonio show hate, anger, and so fourth. Despite this, in all honesty, these are 2 very nice guys, who like to party I’m sure, from the story so far at least! Antonio has few lines, and in the play is used simply for the near end when claudio, married to who he thought was hero’s cousin, and father of A
A poetry presentation You might not believe it, but I fear poetry. It is even hard for me to fully under-stand. I guess I am just more intimidated by it more than anything. Do not get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy poetry to its fullest extent, I just do not feel that I am good enough writing it (that is what I said about the writing test, but look at me J). So, this project put up a challenge to me. I feel an appropriate theme in poetry is individuality. Now I do not mean dis-similarity or eccen
Imagery, Polyvalence and Metaphor Develop “The Road Not Taken” Into ‘Everyman’s’ Poem In 1915, Robert Frost penned a poem that some have dubbed “Everyman’s Poem.” The poem speaks of a person who came to a fork in a road and had to make a decision as to which way he or she would proceed. Literally speaking, many readers can associate some point in their travels with this event. However, the reader soon realizes that Frost intended a deeper meaning in the poem. Frost used various techniques to inc
POETRY REPORT 1. THE DANCE The song The Dance was written by Country Music star Garth Brooks in 1989. To Garth The Dance has many meanings, such as a love gone bad or life. He really thinks that it is about the loss of the people who gave up their life as an ultimate sacrifice. Some of these people are John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. I chose this song because it is one of my favorites and the meaning that it gives to the listener. The meaning is that life is better left to live and c
A Childish Father In Virginia Woolf's My Father: Leslie Stephen she delineates a description of her father. Her use of subtle detail and diction allows the reader to discover allusions about her father's childish personality. Leslie Stephen's clever imagination, neglect of conventional values, and love of communicating ideas on paper, all aid in setting up his fairy tale adult life. It is clear from the start that Virginia Woolf wanted to stress her father's love of writing. Within less tha
Dante's Inferno Dante Alighieri, one of the greatest poets of the Middle Ages, was born in Florence, Italy on June 5, 1265. He was born to a middle-class Florentine family. At an early age he began to write poetry and became fascinated with lyrics. During his adolescence, Dante fell inlove with a beautiful girl named Beatrice Portinari. He saw her only twice but she provided much inspiration for his literary masterpieces. Her death at a young age left him grief-stricken. His first book, La Vita
Albert Einstein Of all the scientists to emerge from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries there is one whose name is known by almost all living people. While most of these do not understand this man's work, everyone knows that its impact on the world of science is astonishing. Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14, 1874. Before his first birthday, his family had moved to Munich where young Albert's father, Hermann Einstein, and uncle set up a small electro-chemical business. He was fo
MAIN CHARACTERS 1. D.B. is Holden’s older brother. Holden’s older brother works in Hollywood as a writer. 2. Holden Caulfield this person try’s to act mature when he’s about twelve years old. This character is someone who always says bad things to the people he meets. 3. Phoebe Caufield is Holden’s sister. She’s very sweet, and nice. They have a good time with each other because Phoebe cares a lot about Holen. 4. Robert Ackley is a character that has a lot of acne on his face. He also is Holden
The novels Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy and The Great Santini by Pat Conroy are different in terms of order and detail. It is from these events that the reader is able to see how the main character in each novel progresses with his growth, how he sees his life, and how others view his life. In both novels the main character seems to view himself as normal but really he is very unique. In The Great Santini the focus is more on the father and the way that he treats his children when he is back f
#4: SIMILARITIES OF BRADSTREET AND WHEATLY M.A. Richmond states in Bid the Vassal Soar, “There is a marked similarity between the two poets in the accent on personal humility and deep religious feeling.” The two poets that the quote is referring to, are Anne Bradstreet, and Phillis Wheatley. Bradstreet and Wheatly may have been different on the outside, but their writing styles are very similar. They both wrote much more intellectually than women of their time were expected to be able to. In An
Alexander the Great, a patient and often devious man; had never struck without careful planning. The youthful, headstrong Alexander liked to settle problems by immediate action. Making decisions with great speed, he took extraordinary risks; his success was achieved by the amount of sheer force and drive to overcome these risks. Alexander was one of the greatest and most courageous fighters in the world. He was educated as a student by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. The philosopher imbued Ale
One Thousand Years of Chinese Footbinding: Its Origins, Popularity and Demise March 7, 1998 In addressing the subject of footbinding, one primary difficulty becomes apparent - that much remains within the realm of the unknowable. Any factual knowledge about the practice may only be drawn from 19th- and 20th-century writings, drawings or photographs. In addition, many of these documents represent a distinctly Western point of view, as they are primarily composed of missionary accounts and the li
Name: Course/Sec.: Instructor: Assignment: POETRY ESSAY: Due on Nov. 5 In Edwin Arlington Robinson’s poem, “Mr. Flood’s Party,” Eben Flood is dealing with some hard times. It is the stage in life where time is catching up to the elder. When friends are passing on and daily routines don’t seem as simple. Getting old is something that is natural, however in Mr. Flood’s Party” it shows how Eben Flood refuses to let time get the best of him. He uses unique ways to deal with the loss of friends and
Two authors best who typify a Romantic style of writing are Edgar Allen Poe, and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Both authors identify their characters through the use of creative symbolism, colorful metaphors, and the use of the supernatural in their works. Like many authors of the seventeenth century Poe and Hawthorne stretched Realism beyond the edge of reality thereby developing a style of writing which today is commonly refer to as Romanticism. The use of the short story format in both The Black Cat
Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography was to serve as a precedent for his son. His admiration and venerability for his ancestors inspired his life and hopped it would do the same for the future generations. Franklin was interested in the past actions and lives of his ancestors, from who’s experience he was to learn and make future judgments in his life. He believed in history’s reoccurrence and studied its events intensively: that is to be learned a lesson from by all. Benjamin Franklin’s ancestors
Freedom of What? The denotative meaning of censorship is the examination of books, letters, movies, etc. and the removal of anything thought not right for the people to see or hear. In other words, censorship takes away the right of the individual to decide what is appropriate for them to see or hear. What might offend one person may not offend another person, and it is unjust to prohibit someone from reading or seeing “inappropriate” material based on the opinion of someone else. Censorship oc
William Blake is one of the greatest poets to have ever lived. Some critics have discussed the notion that William Blake was insane or crazy. One critic of his poetry said this about Blake: AThere is no doubt this poor man was mad, but there is something in the madness of this man that interests me more than the Sanity of Lord Byron & Walter Scott!@ (Wordsworth 13:163). While many may question his sanity, William Blake became one of the most influential poets of his time and time yet to come. D
Throughout American history, each generation has sought to individualize itself from all others preceding it. Decades of American history can be separated to represent a distinctive set of values, culture, and political ideals. The 1960's was a decade caught between euphoric, idealistic beginnings and a discordant, violent climax. The music of this time period produced a strong counterculture which sought to influence America in a way never before experienced. The songs were the backbone of thi
Theme presented in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Coleridges poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, illustrates his apparent belief in Christian redemption and man’s redeemable qualities. The poem also seems to suggest that Coleridge believed life and poetry both follow a cyclical pattern. The story is about a man’s literal voyage and a spiritual journey and how they parallel each other. On these journeys Coleridge imaginatively explores the supernatural and makes the story and the Mariners ex
Poetry is the meaningful arrangement of words into an imaginative and emotional discourse. The ability to write old matter in new words. The entire art is the organization of words in a new way so that it will have a different emotional effect on the reader. Poets are constantly looking for new ways to express themselves. This is especially true of modern poetry. The contemporary poet is experimenting with language. William Carlos Williams' The Red Wheelbarrow is a prime example of the search
The Vikings Viking History The Vikings were a group of Scandinavian raiders that were around from about the 8th century to the 11th. They mainly attacked the British Islands , the Frankish empire, England, but they also plundered places such as the Iberian peninsula and northern Africa. Vikings did not always settle into the places that they found, for instance after exploring North America they left the place never to return again. Even so, after landing on Greenland they colonized themselves
Hamlet's tragedy is a tragedy of failure-the failure of a man placed in critical circumstances to deal successfully with those circumstances. In some ways, Hamlet reminds us of Brutus in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Hamlet and Brutus are both good men who live in trying times; both are intellectual, even philosophical; both men want to do the right thing; both men intellectualize over what the right thing is; neither man yields to passion. But here the comparison ends, for though both Brutus
John Keats was one of the last, great poets of the Romantic Era. He wrote poetry of great sensual beauty and with a unique passion for details. In his lifetime he was not associated with the senior poets who began the movement at the time of the French Revolution. He was unlucky in the respect he didn’t, fit into the older, respected group based on his age, nor in the younger group, for he was neither a lord nor in the upper classes. He was one of the “middle class” poets of the then emerging m
The life of Poe is the most melodramatic of any of the major American writers of his generation. In Poe's poems, like his tales, his characters are tortured by nameless fears and longings. In both form and content Poe's early poetry is typically Romantic although of an unusually limited range. Today Poe is acclaimed as one of America's greatest writers, but in his own unhappy lifetimes he knew little but failure. Poe's characters as well as his plots are set in a negative satirical way, such as
Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, grew up in Richmond, Virginia, and in his many restless moves, lived in half a dozen Eastern cities. His true home was always in the misty mid region of Weir of his own fertile and troubled imagination. His father was David Poe, a Baltimore actor. His actress mother, Elizabeth, born of English parents, had come to the United States as a child. The two were not notably talented; they played minor roles in rather third-rate theatrical companies. Between them
Robert Frost and Ralph Waldo Emerson: Similarities in Nature Robert Frost and Ralph Waldo Emerson are two obviously different types of writers. They both wrote during different times, Emerson during the nineteenth century, and Frost during the twentieth. Emerson and Frost had different views on the poet's role. Both authors views were characteristic relating to the different time period in which each of them wrote. In Alvan S. Ryan's essay Frost and Emerson: Voice and Vision he writes There
In the poems “The Harvest Bow” and “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” , the physical artifacts represented in each poem is symbolic of each characters ideal world. The poets do not confine themselves with the restrictions imposed by poetry where ideas are conveyed solely through the utilization of words. The poems utilize a poetic technique, where the use of physical artifacts such as a painting or ornament are used as a means to convey the poets thoughts and opinions with the image provided by these art
Winston Churchill Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born at Blenheim Palace on Nosvember 30, 1874. His father was Lord Randolph Churchill, who descended directly from the 1st duke of Marlborough, of whom Winston was to write a biography. His mother was Jennie Jerosme, an American. His inspirational life brings hope and guidance, he was a martyr for democracy in a time when Europe was in shambles, Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill is the person of the century. Churchill's childhood was f
Feminist Backlash: The Unconscious Undermining of Genuine Equality American people come in a variety of shapes and sizes; their thoughts, fears, and convictions differ widely. It is usually necessary for Americans to choose a status in politics and community; but it is obvious that among specific groups and organizations, a person’s beliefs and opinions differ dramatically from the next. Feminist groups, specifically in the last twenty years, have announced their view of membership as an elite
The literature of a country is affected and influenced by how the people of that country live. This paper will prove that The French Revolution greatly influenced 19th Century French Romanticism. First, the cultural values of the revolution will be identified. Then, the different aspects of Romanticism will be presented. The cultural values of The French Revolution and Romanticism will then be linked. Finally, literary examples will be shown to support this connection between the two movements.
A Tragic Hero The downfall of a hero follows from his very nature. In Sophocles play, Oedipus the King, (reprinted in X. J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia, Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama, 6th ed. New York, NY 1995), the playwright focuses on a man named Oedipus, the king of Thebes, who is trying to discover the truth about his past. When he was born, his parents learned from an oracle that their child would someday be the cause of their death. Believing the oracle, they aband
Although many of the authors that we have studied this semester saw fit to express what they considered the Modern artist's relationship to tradition should be, two authors stand out because they explicitly say what they felt it was. These two authors Are T.S. Elliot in Tradition and the Individual Talent, and Alain Locke in The New Negro. Elliot and Locke use different definitions of the word tradition and address a different group of people in their particular works. Elliot uses the wor
Greek Mythology R.S. Greek mythology is the beliefs and ritual observances of the ancient Greeks. In ancient times, the Greeks explained the beginnings of the world and society with mythology, using stories and legends about a variety of gods. We can read about these myths and legends in books thanks to ancient works like the Theogony by Hesoid and the Odyssey and the Iliad by Homer. Greek mythology was believed to be developed from the primitive religions of the people from Crete. They believe
Constant Change: The Life and Styles of Pablo Picasso Now is the time in this period of changes and revolution to use a revolutionary manner of painting and not to paint like before. – Pablo Picasso, 1935 Undoubtedly Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous and well-documented artists of the twentieth century. Picasso, unlike most painters, is even more special because he did not confine himself to canvas, but also produced sculpture, poetry, and ceramics in profusion. Although much is known abo
Ideas of success are often expressed in poetry, and often these ideas are mixed between poetry from different authors. Two poems that express these feelings of success are Emily Dickinson’s “Success is Counted Sweetest” and Edwin Arlington Robinson’s “Richard Cory”. In both of these poems success is dealt with in sort of the same way this is that the theme of both is that success can only be realized in death in the Dickinson poem the success was attained by the characters and only realized in
Gothic The new crave for teens by: Alan Tenney Introduction One Day Me and a lady friend were driving to Taco Bell. A friend of mine who is know gothic had been telling me of these underground parties called Raves. Well as we entered the parking lot. We noticed all these teenager dressed in black and drinking. There was loud music some of the girls were topless, is was really freaky looking. I immediately new what is was. Later that week Fox 11 did a special report on these parties and the pe
`Dead Poets Society is a collection of pious platitudes masquerading as a courageous stand in favor of something: doing your own thing, I think. It's about an inspirational, unconventional English teacher and his students at the best prep school in America and how he challenges them to question conventional views by such techniques as standing on their desks. It is, of course, inevitable that the brilliant teacher will eventually be fired from the school, and when his students stood on their
D.H. LAWRENCE BIOGRAPHY Birth: David Herbert Richards Lawrence was born on September 11 1885, in a small house in Victoria Street, Eastwood, near Nottingham. The fourth child of a coal miner, Arthur Lawrence and Lydia (nee Beardsall). Within two weeks the child had bronchitis. It was to be a warning: 'Bert' Lawrence's lungs would plague him all his life. School: After a false start at school at only four years of age, he was withdrawn and didn't return to the Beauvale Board School until he was
The Catcher in the Rye The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, originally published in July of 1951 has come to be somewhat of a classic. This book, in the first person narration is critical in helping the reader to know and understand the main character, Holden Caulfield. Holden, in his narration, relates a flashback of a significant time in his life, three days and nights on his own in New York City. Holden tells the reader his innermost thoughts on things that happen to him and how he feels
Robert Penn Warren was born in Gutherie, Kentucky in 1905. After graduating from high school, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Vanderbilt University. Warren began his study working toward a major in Chemistry. Soon, the English proffessors and poets, Donald Davidson and John Crowe Ransom won him over into the analysis of Leterature and Poetry. Robert's maternal grandfather, Gabriel Thomas Penn, was his essential origin of information and also, his idol. The old man was a Civil War Vet
1 Adolf Hitler In any accounting of the millennium's monsters, first place must go to the ruler who made genocide a multinational industry-Adolf Hitler. The scale of enterprise boggles the mind: freight trains carrying Jews to human stockyards from across Nazi-occupied Europe; victims worked to death, shot, or gassed; corpses incinerated or processed into soap; gold teeth harvested for the coffers of the Reich (Time 123). How and why Adolf Hitler became the man that changed the meaning of sla
E.E. Cummings is the author of many well-known poems. He has a huge collection of poems that are greatly respected. The poems he has written are very different in style than many other poems that have been written by other authors. E.E. was very involved in the transcendentalism era of writing. In one work of his he incorporated the battle of aging and youth. E.E. Cummings displays complex and original poetic structures in “old age sticks”. E.E. Cummings lived during the early 1900’s during WWI
Writing History Although I dislike writing, I have written many journals, personal letters, and academic papers. English is not my primary language. I enjoy reading what is written in this language more than writing it. Maybe it is due to the fact that I have never written a paper that can please me. In fact, I admire and envy the work others have done, especially poetry. Although I had attended English lessons in junior high and high school, I never really focus on my writing until I attended
Marvell's Use of Sound in To His Coy Mistress At first glance, Andrew Marvel's poem To His Coy Mistress is a fairly typical carpe diem poem, in which the speaker tells his beloved that they should seize the day and have sex now instead of waiting until they are married. Today, the speaker's speech may seem sexist in its attitude toward women and irresponsible in its attitude toward the coy mistress (the speaker doesn't explain how he would seize the day if the woman became pregnant, for e
In J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, the first person narration is critical in helping the reader to know and understand the main character, Holden Caulfield. Holden, in his narration, relates a flashback of a significant period of his life, three days and nights on his own in New York City. Through his narration, Holden discloses to the reader his innermost thoughts and feelings. He thus provides the reader not only with information of what occurred, but also how he felt about what happe
The words and phrases of Dover Beach and The Darkling Thrush clearly show the “gloom” and darkness in each poem. Sadness is often found in poetry, as poets use words and phrases to express their most profound feelings. These two poems are no exception, and the intentions of the writers are obvious. They are telling mankind’s perception of existence, and the darkness that is often within this perception. The poem Dover Beach is about the ebbs and flows of the sea, and how it comes and goes regar
The Romantic Era (1850 - 1920 C.E.) The Romantic era was a period of great change and emancipation. While the Classical era had strict laws of balance and restraint, the Romantic era moved away from that by allowing artistic freedom, experimentation, and creativity. The music of this time period was very expressive, and melody became the dominant feature. Composers even used this expressive means to display nationalism . This became a driving force in the late Romantic period, as composers used
Robert James Smith,40, is the lead singer and lyricist of the 80’s British Goth band The Cure. The Cure formed way back in 1977, when Robert Smith was only 18 yr. Old. He was born on April 21st, 1959 in Blackpool, England. Since then he has aged greatly, but so has his ever-popular band. The Cure is in their 22nd year and the new album, TBA will be released sometime in this, the year of 1999. The purpose of this report is to show you, the reader, where the inspiration for The Cure’s lyrics come
Definitions and Examples of Poetry Words Imagery: figurative language. Example: It was a dark, cloudy day. Metaphor: one thing is spoken as if it were another. Example: The entire world is a stage. Onomatopoeia: words for imitating sounds. Example: smack, bang, pow, etc. Personification: giving human traits to things that do not normally possess them. Example: The tree talked to me. Realism: the picturing of people and things as they really are. Example: The Adventurers of Huckleberry Finn is r