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T.S. Eliot's The Wasteland Module three Q5 Much of what Eliot writes about is harsh and bleak, but he writes about it in a way that is often beautiful . Comment fully on both parts of this assertion. Most first time readers of Eliot's work would, probably, agree that his poems read as bleak and depressing. They would also say that many of his poems portray society as having a terminal illness, but when we look deeper you can see that amid the anguish not all is lost and there is hope to be found
The Republic of Turkey May 20, 2004 Humanities 502 Geography Report Turkey Did you know that Turkey, now named The Republic of Turkey, was once the heart of the huge Ottoman Empire that contained a lot of the Middle East, North Africa, and all of the southeastern part of Europe? It is located in two continents—Asia and Europe, but mostly Asia. There are a lot of things about Turkey that one could talk about… Let's talk about the size first. In area it is about 300,000 square miles. As mentioned
African Immersion Series Critique # 2 On the night of Saturday, March sixth, in the Center for the Arts Concert Hall, six men emerged on stage in tribal African robes and engaged the audience with music from the Fulani people of West Africa. The concert was the culminating event of the African Immersion series that took place on the Middlebury College campus during the month of February. About 100 community members, including Middlebury students and faculty, enjoyed an hour of distinctive Fulani
Bob Marley 5th C September 3rd 2004 Bob Marley was an icon in reggae music and not only because he was a good singer, but because he wrote a lot of songs for his people and he represented all the good things that Jamaica could have. This is why I choose to write about this monumental artist. In the United States when Bob became more famous everybody began to critizice his apearence because he did not like to use showy things. He usually worn a t-shirt, worn away pants, and old shoes. Since he wa
Bob Marley Middle age farther and white teenage mother respiration Bob Marley gave the world; music that stretches back over nearly two decades, his music is still as poplour now as it was 20 years ago. He has been called the third world super star.he has incoprated evrey aspect in the rise of jamacian music Bob's first recording attempts came at the beginning of the Sixties it wasn't until 1964, as a founding member of a group called the Wailing Wailers, that Bob first hit the Jamaican charts.
Johannes Brahms “Ein Deutsches Requiem, Op. 45” April 24, 2003 There are those moments in life where one is certain that the everyday minutiae that worries one so is as insubstantial as smoke. The hands we use for mundane activities, the breath scarcely noticed as it enters and exits the body, the eye that is witness to countless images…all these instruments lay idle until music animates them. Requiem, such a paradoxical body of music - it is the ephemeral hand of death yet vibrating with power,
Cruel Intentions There is only one rule, never fall in love, what you cant have you cant resist, in the game of suduction Sassy and not to mention Sexy Cruel Intentions is a movie by director Roger Kumble starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair. The movie is a remake of Les Liaisons Dangereuses (dangerous liasions) a novel by Pierre Laclos, first published in 1782. This is the fourth remake of the Laclos novel. This is a movie about a high school girl na
File Sharing…Simply No Right Answer 2/3/04 English Comp 102 Essay 2 Over the past few years the concept of file sharing has exploded into not only popularity, but also into controversy as record labels started to experience a decline in their sales. I download songs almost everyday, and it never crosses my mind that it is illegal, or that I would ever consider an alternative to the way that I do it now. It is simply that it is the way I’ve grown up; I discovered the first popular program that al
Hungarian Dances Concert Critique #1 The Hungarian Dances are an intriguing group of works by Johannes Brahms. They are characterized by frequent changes in tempo and volume. These pieces are focused on the melodies created when the instruments are played together. Each piece also contains more than one melody. New melodies, or themes, usually include a change in tempo and a change in dynamics within each piece. The volume differences also stand out on the tracks. They usually go from soft to lo
Panorama of Death Sylvia Plath uses certain techniques to make the theme of her poem clear and easy to see for the reader. The techniques are allusion, usage of diction and usage of metaphors. Sylvia Plath alludes to the picture Panorama of Death by Brueghels. The scene of death and destruction attracts her because her life was plagued by depression and despair. Some examples of the allusion are desolation stalled in paint and two people only are blind to the carrion army. Desolation stalled in
Marilyn Manson “I am so all-American, I'll sell you suicide / I am totalitarian, I've got abortions in my eyes / I hate the hater, I'd rape the raper / I am not the animal who will not be himself.” These are lyrics from the song Irresponsible Hate Anthem by shock-rocker Marilyn Manson. Manson is one of the people most often blamed for the bad things in society: punk teenagers, young criminals, and tragedies such as the massacre at Columbine high school. But is Marilyn Manson really such a big in
Miles Davis and the Jazz Age Jazz History and Literature 22 April 2004 One of the most popular jazz musicians of all time is Miles Davis. Davis brought many new sounds and sights to the world of jazz. In his time, he had influence as an innovative bandleader, as well as a composer. Davis's pure sound was a major part of his unparalleled success. Miles Davis was born on May 26, 1926. He spent his childhood years in East St. Louis. His father was tough, but seemed to have Miles' best interests in
Mixing Politics with Hip-hop Black Music and Identity 6 April 2004 He began much like the music that made him famous- in a run down part of New York City, surrounded by drug dealing and poverty, and with seemingly no future. Now his success story mirrors that of the same music- he’s conquering the world, if he hasn’t already. Russell Simmons didn’t invent hip-hop, but he is, perhaps more than any other individual, directly responsible for its success. Simmons helped put hip-hop on the map, and h
‘Amadeus’ Music 32 1.) A musical shift began to unfold around 1720, as the musical world found Baroque to be too rigid and intellectual, and the late Baroque practice of applying a unifying theme, to be too restricting. It was at this point, that Europe diverged into a number of slightly varied directions, or trends in music. The three defining styles formed in different areas were, notably, France, Germany, and Italy. France's focus was on the style galant, which is a French term that means, a
The Narrative Structure The narrative structure would best be described as classic / realist due to numerous factors throughout the film. First of all, the characters in this are very well rounded: the story is told at a slow pace and this gives us the opportunity to gain vast information about the characters within it. This is done through the length of the film, clocking at 142 minutes, 22 seconds (136 minutes, 36 seconds on video due to PAL transfer), also this film spans the nineteen years t
Raging Bull In the opening scene of Raging Bull, Scorsese establishes the themes that control the rest of the film. Although it looks like a long take that lacks editing, the scene is visibly employing a formalistic quality because of the abstractness. I think that throughout the film, the fight scenes have formalist tendencies while the scenes on the domestic front lean toward realism. In this first scene, Jake is a depicted shadow boxing in a smoky boxing ring, seemingly inspired by his mental
John Lennon and the Beatles: A Cultural Revolution Period 2 World History 4/4/04 John Winston Lennon was born on October 9, 1940. As a teenager he grew up and learned to play the guitar very well. As he got into his late teens, he met Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. The Beatles became a huge hit in the UK, and on their first trip to the US they were welcomed by hundreds of thousands of fans (Wright, pg. 23.) But that’s not what I’m here to tell you about. I’m here to tell you a
SONY ENTERTAINMENT 4-12-04 Sony Music Entertainment Inc. • Howard Stringer, CEO • Located in New York, NY • Sales for fiscal year 2003: $5.3 billion • Produces, manufactures, distributes and markets recorded music and entertainment in a wide range of formats, including video, CD, DVD, MD, Super Audio CD and via the Internet • Comprised of three divisions: Sony Music (domestic U.S.) Sony Music International (all countries outside of the U.S. and Japan) Sony Classical (the worldwide classical musi
The History of Special Effects The Motion Picture Industry has been a part of American society since the early part of the 20th century. And through the ages filmmakers have always tried to do their best to “wow” their audiences, and make them wonder how it’s done. Who could forget the towering ape holding Fay Wray in “King Kong”, or Stanley Kubrick’s impressive space station in “2001: A Space Odyssey”? Both of these movies were real giants of their times, and left audiences wondering “How did t
Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians Steve Reich is a leading pioneer of Minimalism. Though he creates such detailed work that could place him among the elite composers of his time, he expressed his struggles as an artist. One of his major works, which he believes to be one of his best, was Music for 18 Musicians. This piece was a landmark for Steve Reich because of its simplistic instrumentation, structure and colors produced. Many non-musicians as well as musicians enjoy listening to Music fo
Street Car Named Desire A single tragic event can affect you for your whole life and also make it harder to live. In the play, A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, we are introduced to Blanche Dubois. When Blanche was only 16 she fell in love and married a man named Allan only to later discover he was bisexual, this totally disgusted her and she let him know. Her attitude towards his sexuality prompted him to commit suicide. She felt responsible and could not get over the fact that he
Niggers with Attitude The initials stand for Niggers With Attitude, which was the perfect embodiment of this Los Angeles crew's outlook. They comprised Dr. Dre (b. Andre Young, 18 February 1965, South Central, Los Angeles, California, USA), DJ Yella (b. Antoine Carraby, Compton, Los Angeles, California, USA), MC Ren (b. Lorenzo Patterson, Compton, Los Angeles, California, USA) and Eazy-E (b. Eric Wright, 7 September 1963, Compton, California, USA, d. 26 March 1995, Los Angeles, California, USA).
The Offspring The Offspring are credited with leading the charge of punk-influenced music into the mainstream during the mid-'90s. Their 1994 album Smash, along with Green Day's Dookie, and others, established a now-thriving pop/punk genre, to the chagrin of punk purists. Formed in 1984 by singer/guitarist Dexter Holland and bassist Greg K, the band went by the name Manic Subsidal at first. Holland and Greg K were joined by fellow Orange County scenesters Noodles Wasserman on guitar and Ron Welt
The Renaissance Era Historical Events 1500 – 1600: DL: African Slaves are taken across the Atlantic to work on sugar plantations – 1510. ED : University of Valencia founded – 1500 RP : Ahmed ad Mansur leads Moroccans into a battle against the Songhai – 1500 VA : Nuts and Bolts are first used in Europe – 1550’s. M : William Shakespeare is born – 1564. PH : Elizabeth I begins her reign as Queen of England – 1588. ST : The First toilet is invented – 1589. LT: Sir Walter Raleigh born - 1552 PH : Pol
Way Down East American Film September 23, 2004 D.W. Griffith’s great film, Way Down East, is a silent melodramatic film with many different stories within one great plot. The movie opens with a mother and a daughter sitting at their quiet countryside house laughing and talking. The daughter is Anna Moore, the main character of the film, who must leave to see her cousins in the city. The movie tells of her travels from her cousin’s house in the city to almost losing her life on the icy river runn
Road of Optimism English Essay In Jack Kerouac’s novel, On the Road, the protagonist, Sal Paradise, offers us a very optimistic view of life. He enjoys the spontaneity of life, and his adventures. He has a very high expectation for the future. For both Sal and Dean, this novel is their youthful exuberance and optimism for new experiences. The energetic beat of the jazz music called bop, their dream to find “IT” and their idealistic approach to life are just some of the evidence of optimism prese
The Red Badge of Courage The Civil War was a time of freedom and passion. The soldiers in this war had to be brave and have courage to fight the enemy. In the novel The Red Badge of Courage, Henry Fleming, the main character, has to overcome all of his fears and doubts. Henry has to fight courageously and triumph over his fear of death and being a coward. The title, The Red Badge of Courage, means a wound and Henry, “the youth”, wants this badge because he wants to show his courage that he has i
The Merchant of Venice How does Shylock’s first appearance in “The Merchant of Venice” Act 1 Scene 3 satisfactorily prepare you for his portrayal and involvement in the bond plot throughout the play? This scene in which Shylock first appears shows the audience how selfish and conceited his character is. Shylock is portrayed as a money hungry, selfish man and this is exactly how an audience from the Elizabethan era would have viewed Jews. This was an era when Jews were completely banished from En
Adrienne Clarkson Citizen Handbook #3 Adrienne Clarkson was born in Hong Kong, 1939. During the war in 1942, she came with her family to Canada as a refugee and grew up in Ottawa, Ontario. She attended Lisgar Collegiate, and later on Trinity College. Lastly, she attended the University of Toronto on a scholarship where she became head of her class. She got her Masters of Arts degree for English in 1962. She also went to France and did her post-graduate work at La Sorbonne, Paris. Her first occup
Bob Marley Biography Community Service 12/06/03 S.A. Bob Marley was born in 1945 in a village in Jamaica. Bob was a dark skinned man. He had a white naval officer named Norval for a dad. His mom was named Cedella. Bob had two things he loved football and music. He made his first song at the age of 16 called Judge Not . Bob started a band called The Wailers. After a while they started to do gigs and they became more and more famous. At the time there was a problem between the two people running
Chuck Berry Who is Chuck Berry? Why maybe the most widely styled musician in history. He is known for his rhythm blues, pop, and the newest type of music in the 1950s rock and roll. I will talk about how Chuck started, what got him big, and the influence he spread through out the music industry. When done reading this report you might find Chuck Berry to be the most intriguing person in African-American history, or you might find him to be just another lucky guitarist to get big. It was 1955, as
Solving the “Gay” Problem There is only one way for our society to fix the so-called “gay problem” that exists today, and that is to realize that there is no gay problem. By this I mean that being a homosexual should not subject that person to persecution and discrimination. Instead, that person should be looked at as just other human being, because that is what they are. Homosexuals do not choose to be gay so it is just the way they are. We do not discriminate and make fun of children that are
If you want to have a friend, be one. There are very few people in the world, who don’t want to have friends. Those are hermits, some religious people and madmen for example. Excluding them everybody needs someone, who could be their sole mate. But how can you find your friend? How can you recognize the right one? And what do have to do to make him your friend ? The best way to get friends is to be friendly. To be the one everyone remembers and wants to talk with. The question is: How to be like
Loose Change Come mothers and fathers throughout the land, And don't criticize what you can't understand, Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command, Your old road is rapidly agin'. Please get out of the new one if you can't lend your hand, For the times they are a-changin'. Bob Dylan, The Times They Are A-Changin' The Sixties gave us some of the most radical changes in our history. The Vietnam War and the Anti –war movement, student protests, the music, drug use, mini skirts, communal
Peer Pressure Ahhh Peer Pressures of High School. Glaring down at the reddish glow coming from the tip of the cigarette, I’ve found my self in this peer pressure situation before. Peer Pressure can be a huge problem for some young adults. It can sometimes be positive, but most of the time it’s negative and destructive. Society offers many misleading advertisements that seem to lead teens in all the wrong directions. Television, music, and sports, have a huge cause of teen age peer pressure. Teen
The Need for More Research on the effect of Rap and Gansta Rap on African American Adolescents Today It has been argued that more research on the effect of music and its content on the health risk behaviors of African American adolescents are needed. A number of studies have been done to try and determine what exact effects may occur on this selected group of adolescents. Research has shown that the number of African American adolescents who listen to rap or gansta rap with explicit lyrics use o
Socialization in Cartoons 2004-02-08 Socialization, “the lifelong social experience by which individuals develop their human potential and learn culture” (pg. 115) Learning is stimulated in a variety of ways, and educational television makes use of the most effective methods. From a very early age parents let their children watch television shows that they see as either educational or just for pure entertainment. Socialization plays a main role in all of the cartoons that are on air, this is see
W.Sumith Wickramasinghe of Sri Lanka Sumith Wickramasinghe was born on the island of Ceylon as it was known in 1935. His illustrious parents were Wickremarachige Subatheris and Somawathie Wickramasinghe - both his parents were Headteachers in two different village schools - Sumith's mother was Principal of Ambaraluwa Maha Vidyalaya in the village in Weliweriya in the Gampaha district. To this day Sri Lanka enjoys one of the highest literacy rates in Asia - the key message is education, education
1ÜüWorking With Drug Addicts There are a myriad of attitudes concerning drug addiction, and drug addicts. (From here on we will refer to persons addicted to drugs and/or alcohol as one group: drug addicts.) Unfortunately, there are still those who believe this condition to be the result of poor judgement, or perhaps a flawed character. The consensus among modern health care professionals, including the American Medical Association (AMA), is that drug addiction is a disease. Theories concerning i
Second Year Philosophy Essay: on Nietzsche the ‘Death of God’ There are various issues involved here. You need to recall that, for N, the term ‘God’ has extremely wide connotations: it stands for all metaphysics, Platonic Forms, ‘timeless truths’, essences, etc. N. is rejecting the very notion of anything ‘transcendent’ – whether this be theological or philosophical. There is nothing ‘beyond’. Instead of ‘Truth’, there is only my truth, my interpretation. (There’s a very obvious problem with th
The Republic Foundations of the American Experience Spring 2004 “Socrates demands in the Republic that three sweeping reforms, or “waves” of change, must occur to usher in the ideal state” question Thesis Statement Of all the questions posed to the class only one question really made me think. Socrates had a grand ideal for a city of sorts and how he, with his fellow philosophers, would plan it out. All of the ideas they came up with for their city, like physical training and a specific educatio
“Tradition is a dead weight, stifling creativity” Essay Title: “Tradition is a dead weight, stifling creativity” Discuss this claim in the context of Confucianism and Taoism Tutor: Tutorial Group: F102 Tuesdays at 3pm Date of Submission: November 3rd Is tradition a dead weight, stifling creativity? Here in the realm of western thought, tradition is seen more as “a guide and not a jailor” [1], holding the hand of creativity on the path to creation. But in the eastern philosophies of Taoism and Co
1st Amendment vs. Censorship 11:00-#2 Gov 1302 4-9-04 The right to free speech in America is a fundamental liberties protected by the constitution. Today the government is trying to regulate what people can say on TV or the radio. This amendment protects freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly and petition. This amendment is slowly starting to crumble; the government is taking away the right for people to say as they were promised. Even though the things people may say may not be appropriat
Cinco de mayo Cinco de mayo or the 5th of May commemorate the victory by Mexican forces, including ordinary citizens, over French solders. The battle known as La Batalla de Pueble or The Battle of Puebla took place on the May 5th. It is a day marked by many Mexicans and those with Mexican ties as an important cultural event. And also gives them a reason to have a fiesta or party. In Mexico parades usually start moving about 11 o'clock, when the first band strikes up a lively marching tune. March
Political Content on TV In critically analysing the New Zealand TV1 Tonight late news broadcast I suspect I will find a lot of structure to it that applies to most New Zealand news broadcasting. Structure on our public news broadcasts is adhered to so as to provide the public with what they want to see. The structure means that the public generally is guaranteed to get a little bit of everything and to a degree know that this is the case. Structure in news keeps a niche audience loyal as well. W
Prejudice Discrimination Introduction I aim to talk about discrimination and prejudices and how they affect our day to day lives. I also aim to supply a definition for prejudice, discrimination, stereotyping and racism. Within the body of this assignment I will be talking about the different types of discrimination along with my personal thoughts on the subject. I will also be looking at ways to eradicate it from our daily lives as much as humanly possible. The civil and criminal justice system
African Religions in the Americas African Religions December 4, 2002 World History 2 Various factors contribute to religion practices and preferences. These factors can be demographic, economical, social or even lack thereof. It can be found that traditional West African religion has undergone much subtraction and addition in its making of a religion. It can also be found that it went through this process as it assembled in Latin and North America. Traditional West African religion was an essent
Greek Gods and Goddesses God/Goddesses Information Poseidon (Roman Name: Neptune Poseidon was another of the three sons of Cronus. He won the Sea as his realm in the casting of lots. Poseidon was a Sea God but he was also called Ennosigaios, Earthshaker and was the God of Earthquakes. Every coastal city was in some way connected to him. But he lost cities to other patrons as well: Corinth to Helius, Athens to Athena, and Argos to Hera (he was seriously bitter about that, and dried up the rivers
A Biography of Seyyed Hossein Nasr Professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr, one of the world's leading experts on Islamic science and spirituality, is University Professor of Islamic Studies at George Washington University. Professor Nasr is the authour of numerous books including Man and Nature: the Spiritual Crisis of Modern Man (Kazi Publications, 1998), Religion and the Order of Nature (Oxford, 1996) and Knowledge and the Sacred (SUNY, 1989). Introduction Seyyed Hossein Nasr, currently University Prof
THE ROLE OF TRADITION IN PEOPLE’S LIVES Different people have different views on tradition. Some people regard tradition as a phenomenon that plays an important role in their lives. On the other hand, there are those who do not see any significance role of tradition in life. In my point of view, I don’t think tradition has something to offer in our lives. In this essay I’m going to discuss both the positive and the negative aspects of tradition. In a positive manner, tradition creates unity amon