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Hillary R. Clinton In this essay I will talk about Hillary R.Clinton and Rick Lazio. The two candidates for the New York Senate. I will also tell you why I chose one of them and what were my reasons for that. At the beginning of the project I wanted to vote for Mrs. Clinton. I thought that she would make a perfect Senator. She is the president’s wife so that means she really spent a lot of time in the White House. I think anyone who spends eight years in the White House will know what’s going on
Evolution of Black Music in America African American Studies 4/7/04 The Blues Blues is a form of music that grew from the social realities of Blacks in the American South during the last two decades of the 19th century. Early or Rural Blues is probably the oldest form of blues we know. Dominated by men, it used strong vocals accompanied by instruments like the acoustic guitar, piano, and harmonica. It was usually performed by one person or a small group. This was a secular type of music focusing
Flint the Missing Link Act 1 – Scene 1 Play begins in darkness. 2001 space odyssey music creeps up in volume and the Narrator’s voice is heard. The lights slowly fade up to reveal a cave and its Neanderthal inhabitants. Narrator: Many, Many thousands of years ago, at the dawn of man. There was but one man. His name was Flint. Found abandoned in the bushes by god knows what he was taken in by a tribe of Neanderthals. Neanderthals point and grunt in disapproval of the child who is ugly in their e
Franz Liszt Johannes Brahms Many composers have achieved greatness in the music world, but two in particular are very unique. Franz Liszt and Johannes Brahms have stood the test of time as outstanding composers in many similar and different ways, in both their music and their lives. In each musician’s life, the music is not the only important aspect of his or her creation. Many composers and performers create music that is inspired by their lifestyles or past events, even the regions in which th
Globalization Globalization is the increasing integration of world-economies through the free flow of goods and services across national boundaries. It can be seen as the liberalization of global markets. Goods and services can be defined as tangible and intangible, e.g. the agricultural sector supplying ground provisions can be classified as tangible and the tourism and banking sectors can be classed as intangible as they are service industries. Commonwealth Caribbean states include: Anguilla,
Greek Life It was a fine day, as I sat outside of my house on some of the rolling hills in Athens. I sat and pondered of worldly things, when I finally came to thinking of my own life. I was almost as inquisitive about my life as a complete stranger would be. It is a relatively simple life where most common men, as for me not being rich or poor, are usually quite modest, and most often times are made of stone, clay, and wood. My house is a mid-size house consisting of seven rooms. I have a kitch
The Evolution of Greek Theater 1 One of the most famous things related to Ancient Greece is theater. No one is sure who personally started theater, but Greek theater began all theater in Europe and had major influences on plays performed today. Drama was performed for special occasions and as contests, with the playwright and actors winning prizes. Playwrights originally acted, but when contests began, they stopped. Actors were semi-professional and usually selected and paid by the state. The th
Free Speech, Hate Speech, and Equality of Citizens Nov23/01 POLI SCI 101(A) On October 23, 1998, abortionist Dr. Barnett Slepian, was shot and killed by a sniper’s bullet. The sniper in question was part of the radical pro-life contingency in the United States. Bill Baird, another abortionist, had his own clinic fire bombed. When holding a news conference afterwards, he stated, “I fault publicly the Roman Catholic Church, the Right to Life people, and all anti-abortion forces who use the rhetor
Ear Damage ProtectionHow Loud Music Affects Hearing Music Acoustics Ever wonder what it would be like to not be able to hear a bird sing, or trains go by in the distance? Some people do not have these experiences due to hearing loss or damage to the ears. Many musicians suffer from this loss of hearing and damage because of the intensity of their surroundings and a lack of precaution or knowledge of the effects of loud sounds. The ears are very delicate and sensitive. The ears must be treated wi
How social, cultural and historical events effect adverts In this essay I am going to show how social, cultural and historical events can effect adverts on TV. Lots of factors effect adverts such as the economy, teenage culture and oil shortages. All these things caused adverts to evolve over the years to what they are today. Background of adverts The first adverts on TV appeared in 1955 when the first commercial network - ITV was launched. In 1955 televisions were still a novelty as there was n
Blood Simple “The world is full of complainers. But the fact is, nothing comes with a guarantee. I don’t care if you are the Pope of Rome, President of the United State, or Man of the Year, something can go wrong,” according to Vesser, the detective in Blood Simple (1984) which shows what can happen when a plan goes awry. Marty, a small bar owner in Texas, suspects his wife, Abby’s infidelity with one of his bartenders, Ray, and hires Vesser to kill them. The cinematography illustrates how circu
Human Communications February 7, 2004 Human Communication Journal First impressions can really change the way you perceive and think of someone. Personally, when I make a first impression about someone, I have an instant stereotype I associate him or her to. I make the stereotype judgment by looks alone when I first set eyes on someone. I don’t think of how they carry themselves or what they have to say. It may not seem fair, but physical appearance is all anyone needs to gauge a first impressio
Ideas for the Best Possible Date Rice aroni the san Francisco treat Elbow in the face Shit in the pool Not enough money to pay the bill Your fault that food falls on date Talking to the wrong person on the internet Shopping with wrong person - not your mom Playing it off - slipping at the bowling alley Pretending to be smart - nerdy Sneeze and booger goes flying Step on the dress Stuck in the teeth Bad gas Look then fall Cause accident w/ date’s family Bird crap on leg Opening the door the wrong
Immigrants and Crime: Out of the Melting Pot and into the Fire English 102.5 Research Project 1 Crime is inherent in our nature. When Eve took the bite of the apple it was the first sin, but whether in legend, religion or history, all evidence leads to the same thing: as long as there are laws or rules of any kind, there will be people to break them. As the saying goes, rules are meant to be broken. Crime has no limits whether in time or space, race or culture. It is the ultimate “given” in the
Kazaa and Copyright English 111 16 December 2003 There are a lot of arguments going on about the way music sharing companies run and how they can let people share and pass out artists’ songs for free. Kazaa is “file-sharing software that hooks up to a network where people can copy songs without paying for them” ( Some people make compact discs of them and play them time and time again for no cost. Record companies and songs artists are trying to get Kazaa and even the users in trouble
Medieval and Renaissance InstrumentsAn Illustration of Several Rare and Popular Musical Instruments Music History I Throughout history, many new instruments were created and transformed into tools for creating great works of music. However, there are also some instruments that do not have such a successful history and are, tragically, sometimes forgotten about. The Renaissance was a time of heightened artistry and musical interest, which spawned new creative instruments for a generation of origi
Cultural Differences This paper outlines the differences in the cultures of the United States versus Asian Indian and Vietnamese cultures. I will look at these countries and make not only a comparison based on cultures, but also comparisons from a business perspective. Although there are many differences in general societies, some issues such as women in the workplace, and images in the media, stand across many borders. Using the United States as my comparison culture I will first discuss the cu
Bhangra April 18, 2000 I. Introduction I am here to inform you about a very unique type of dance and song. II. What is Bhangra? Bhangra is a style of music and dance that originates from the region of Punjab (the land of five rivers) in North India and Pakistan (Tatla). Many people believe that Bhangra originated in the 1400s, however, it may be even older (Tatla). The dance is performed when celebrating important occasions such as Vaisakhi (the beginning of the harvest season), weddings, birthd
Clint Black “The Greatest Hits” Live Sound Critique#7 – CD #2 This cd isn’t bad for country music; I actually wanted it so that means it must be good! This cd is a compilation of Clint Black’s greatest hits (hence the title), which means they are all pretty much “radio-friendly, great songs.” I can’t argue with that because all the songs on this cd sound great. They are all from different times in Black’s career and are the original recordings. There are only 4 new songs on this cd. Between the
Joe Satriani“Engines Of Creation” Live Sound Critique#9 – CD #4 Hailed as the Master of all things Guitar, Joe Satriani continues to amaze and astound with his ‘unearthly’ abilities to make a guitar sing. Satriani has taught many of the greats that are now considered his peers, such as Steve Vai, Johnny Lang, and Kenny Wayne Shepard. With the release of “Engines Of Creation,” Satriani takes a new approach to his music and decides to add some electronic elements. This new spin on things really ha
MxPx“Teenage Politics” Live Sound Critique#8 – CD #3 Punk rock consists of fast, overdriven guitars, hyperactive vocals and bass lines, and generally only three-chords in every song…at least that is the humorous industry description of the genre. MxPx are no exception to this rule, however. Everything on this cd fits that description to a “T”. The vocals of Mike Herrera are a little abrasive and confronting in an overpowering way that makes the listener almost want to turn it off. Granted, Punk
Music Definitions Quiz 1A – Music Definitions Score: 1. Give an example of Music and Noise being created by each of the following sound-producing media: Use a different font or color. A. Bird(s) Music We can find the music created by the sound of birds singing, from Concerto “Four Seasons” By Vivaldi. On the first movement, there is a part of trilling violins, which express the approaching of spring using sounds of birds singing. This came out as very harmonic and beautiful music. Noise The anno
Music man (remake) Music man the rebirth will have the same story of the original music man except there will be no Marian the Librarian there will Suzie the skank. The story will be that a man named Jo the hobo who is a conman with a plan to get the kids off the streets he wants the kids to start a baseball team and he promises that the team will never lose. But he runs into some trouble. He tells Suzie the skank that he was a coach at another school and she finds out that it is a lie so she go
Music Of The Alaskan EskimosChapter 18 Non-Western Music Outline Intro: -Each geographical region of Alaska, and each group of people within an area have their own variations and styles. -Eskimo music and performing practices are derivatives of the natural and social environment. I. Appeals to the Spirits: - To ensure success in survival skills, appeals were made to the inua (spirits) of animals or to the spirit of the atmosphere, sila. - These appeals were made primarily through the medium of d
Music-The Timeless Language Music has been around since the Ancient Greeks’ use of the lyre and flute for entertainment. Music grew from these simple instruments to complex symphonies of Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven. Modern music ranges from symphonies, rock and roll, to rap. All of these forms of music share the ingredients that keep music popular. Involvement in music furnishes a person with the ability to communicate, use time wisely, and to have fun. Music has a use that might not be as notic
Operetta Course: Music Appreciation Reading Report #2 Operetta This type of musical theatre was most popular through the mid 1800s to the 1920s. Operetta was fabricated from the French comic opera. Nonetheless, the operetta differs from the opera in a few ways. Such as operetta includes ‘spoken dialogue’ unlike the opera here the dialogue is sung. As well as songs instead of arias. According to the Worldbook Encyclopaedia (1995) “Operettas are intended to entertain and amuse not to arouse strong
Napster: The End or the Beginning As technology continues to grow and progress into the 21st century, the entire general public must adapt and participate. Napster, Morpheus, Kazaa, Audio Galaxy, Gnutella, and companies like those listed previous have become revolutionary icons in the Internet music-era (public enemy #1 in some eyes). The primary focus of all the companies is Napster. They were the first to take the heat, and essentially set the precedent for all other companies to follow. The
On The Road by Jack Kerouac. Penguin Books. (New York, 1976) 307pp. “…I shambled after as I’ve been doing all my life after people who interest me, because the only people for me as the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and
By Don’t Touch My Nuts! Our Experience of COM 230 () 5/4/04 Introduction The class was Small Group Communication’s and I entered it scrupulously. I was one of the first students to enter the classroom and take a seat. As a short amount of time passed, the professor vivaciously made her grand entrance. “Hi everybody, I’m Puvana Ganesan, and I am your Com230 professor,” shouted the stalwart, yet petite stature. Well, quickly the chairs began to fill up, and four young gentlemen, much like myself,
Panama Spanish 2, 2nd Period October 20, 2000 Panama is located on the strip of land that connects North and South America and is a republic of Central America. Its position between two continents and separating two oceans has played a role on Panama’s people and history. The Panama Canal, completed in 1914, represented a great engineering achievement. But a controversial treaty gave the United States control over the canal and important segments of Panama's territory and economy. This prevented
Panama Spanish 2, 2nd Period October 20, 2000 Panama is located on the strip of land that connects North and South America and is a republic of Central America. Its position between two continents and separating two oceans has played a role on Panama’s people and history. The Panama Canal, completed in 1914, represented a great engineering achievement. But a controversial treaty gave the United States control over the canal and important segments of Panama's territory and economy. This prevented
Philosophy Theology In Mass Media This semester in the Mass Media In Society class has taught me a lot about how I, and society as a whole, view various forms of media. Every individual takes something different from media that is personal to him or her, and can never be fully understood by another. Everything will affect people differently, especially when raised with varying backgrounds and moral standards. Mass Media can be defined simply as any form of print, electronic, or performed source
PHONE BOOTH SYPNOSIS Red-hot superstar Colin Farrell ( Daredevil, The Recruit ) toplines the thriller PHONE BOOTH, from director Joel Schumacher. A phone call can change your life, but for one man it can also end it. Set entirely within and around the confines of a New York City phone booth, PHONE BOOTH follows Stu Shepard (Colin Farrell), a low-rent media consultant who is trapped after being told by a caller - a serial killer with a sniper rifle - that he'll be shot dead if he hangs up. What d
Pop Culture WarsReligion The Role of Entertainment In American Life Mass Media In Society “Pop Culture Wars” As the title proudly blares, William Romanowski’s book is an informative look at pop culture and how it relates to American society. The book begins with a passionate story about a town’s love for their statue of the popular character “Rocky”, a down out boxer who makes it big. The town became enraged and crying freedom of speech rights when officials attempt to move the statue to a local
Relax your body and soul in an at-home spa ASAM100 Section 3 Essay # 1 Do you always come home with an exhausted body at the end of the day and your backache is killing you? Ever dreamed of pampering yourself from head to toe at this time? Why not has an at-home spa when the spa is right in your own bathroom? You can create a fascinating at-home spa experience that gives yourself a renewal for your body, mind and soul. An at-home spa is a private place that takes you away from the stressful side
SCHINDLER'S LIST Date of publication: 12/15/1993 For cast, rating and other information, (click here) By Roger Ebert Oskar Schindler would have been an easier man to understand if he'd been a conventional hero, fighting for his beliefs. The fact that he was flawed - a drinker, a gambler, a womanizer, driven by greed and a lust for high living - makes his life an enigma. Here is a man who saw his chance at the beginning of World War II and moved to Nazi-occupied Poland to open a factory and emplo
Sale of Tobacco to Minors Act o Sale of Tobacco to Minors Act (720 ILCS 675/1) o Smokeless Tobacco Limitation Act (720 ILCS 680/3-4) o Tobacco Accessories and Smoking Herbs Control Act (720 ILCS 685/4) o Cigareette Health Warning Act (ILCS 410 85/4) In addition to the state laws, many municipal and county governments have established local laws pertaining to the sale of tobacco products including licensure, signage, and local penalties for illegal underage tobacco sales. Illinois laws regulate t
Schindler’s ListA CRITICAL ANALYSIS In 1993, the greatest filmmaker of our time did exactly what we expected, and then he turned around and surprised us. That year, for the third time in his career, Steven Spielberg broke the record for the highest-grossing film of all time. Big, grand, and exciting, with dynamite special effects, Jurassic Park was a typical Spielberg film. But while Jurassic Park was breaking records, we heard that Spielberg was in Europe filming, of all things, a black-and-whi
How to Rid Yourself of a Brown-noser When I was in the ninth grade, a girl on the basketball team felt the urge to flatter our coach. The coach didn’t see her devious flatterer, so the schmoozing continued. I was too shy and embarrassed to confront the coach or the brown-noser. I didn’t want to harm my position on the team or the relationship I had with the player or the coach. To tell you the truth, the bond of friendship was not worth the suffering for a true friend would not intentionally hu
Quarrel with Mother For My First Dating With Jacob Coote Characters: Josie (A student in Year 12; Christina’s daughter) Jessica Christina (Josie’s mother) Terry Mrs. Sahd (An old lady who lives in next Josie’s family’s next door.) Gu yu Scene One Mama parked in front of the terrace and turned to me questioningly while I was brooding, leaning against the car window, not saying a word. Christina: ‘Apart from the fact that you’re not talking to me, are you okay?’ (Josie shrugged with a sigh.) Chri
Sex and the nude in the U.S.A WAK “Lock and Key united” The nude body has become a part of our every day lives. We see nude on television, on billboards, in books, and everywhere. It has now become an attention grabber that implies sex. It is hard to find any advertisement that does not at least imply sex. When you see alcohol advertisement you see an attractive man or woman (often both) with close contact implying that this drink could possibly get you sex, or make you sexy. With cigarette adv
Shiloh Comm. II In Bobbie Ann Mason's story Shiloh, there are two different personalities at a fork in the road heading in conflicting directions. Unfortunatley, the two personalities are married which creates a conflict. The wife in the story, Norma Jean, is ready to spread her wings and fly. The husband is Leroy, is busy picking up past pieces of their life. Leroy and Norma Jean married because Norma Jean was pregnant. The baby died of SIDS when he was four months of age. Less then a year aft
URBAN, MIDDLE-CLASS TEENAGERS, IN THE DECADE OF THE ‘DOT’. INTRODUCTION- Welcome to the decade of the dot. That tiny bit of Internet grammar whose ubiquity in e-mail addresses and web URLs so neatly captures the giddying impact of technology on our lives at the century’s launch. Ten years ago, the Internet was little more than a cyberspace wilderness traversed by nerds, while the Web was an obscure tool unknown to all but a handful of researchers. Today, the Internet is a more potent medium than
Analysis of Sonnet 130 In this slightly odd sonnet, he compares his beloved to everything under the sun. This was a typical gesture. He makes her seem almost unlovable, but then one sees that to him, her voice is music and everything about her is wonderful. She tops any goddess in her mortal beauty and approachability. Sonnet 130 is an octet about the fact that true love is more than skin deep. My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun; From the very beginning of the poem, one see’s the traditi
“Sonny's Blues by James Baldwin James Baldwin's Sonny's Blues is told from the viewpoint of the title character's brother, a schoolteacher, who lives a much different life than Sonny himself. As the story opens, the unnamed teacher has just learned that his younger brother has been arrested for possession and sale of heroin: It was not to be believed and I kept telling myself that, as I walked from the subway station to the high school. And at the same time I couldn't doubt it. I was scared, sca
The “Big Patatoe” It was not an ordinary morning for me. I had left my green cofee on the table and went on preparing my luggage. I had never been successful on preparing luggages. Everything became necessary when I started to prapare them. It was the same again. Cabbage camera, laser casettes, compaq module disks, meal pills, super-sonic first aid kit, extra torium baterries, special Jupiter cofee cream and swiss multi-media pocket knife. I was always aware of the truth that I would never use m
The Days of the DeadOctober 31, November 1 2 The Days of the Dead (or Los Dias de los Muertos) is a traditional three-day celebration practiced throughout Mexico. For the people of the United States, the idea may take a bit of getting used to. The holiday honors the dead and welcomes them back for two days of feasting and festivities. It is not a time of mourning, but a celebration of life. The tradition of The Days of the Dead goes back to the Aztecs, long before the Spanish conquistadores arri
THE LIFE OF PLATO Plato was born in 427 B.C. into a wealthy family that was both aristocratic and politically influential. His family had a rich history of political connections and consisted of his parents, Ariston and Perictione, his older brothers Adeimantus and Glawcon, and later a younger sister, Potone. “In keeping with his family heritage, Plato was destined for the political life”(Beavers and Planeaux). During Platos early years he was instructed by eminent teachers in grammar, music, a
The Odyssey Friday, September 29, 2000 English 10 How can one learn about a society which has long ceased to exist? How can one learn about the things that were important to them once their bodies have been interred for centuries? The bodies have long since been part of the earth, yet the voices of many of the ancients still waif clearly through time throughout the art, the music, and the literature they left as their legacy. A mans lifestyle, beliefs and habits as revealed in their art mirror t
“Girl Interrupted” FILM REVIEW This film, based on Susanna Kaysen’s best selling true story of the same title, “Girl Interrupted” was a highly emotional drama for me. A reflection from the 1960’s when women could easily be institutionalized, and labeled insane if they did not conform to society’s standards or ideals. Also a reflection of where we have come from in our thinking, and how much of this still effects our lives today. The subject matter involved self-definition and being misunderstood