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Oral report, yes or no? need to start writing the paper Public opinion poll...same sex marriage... questions on topic: 1. should marriage be between heterosexual couples or any two couples? 2. 3. Should adoption be legal for same sex married couples. June 23, 1997 Public opinion: Feared by the founding fathers...today politics have to be more friendly the people...collection of similar attitudes and believes that are shared by some portion of the population. types of pulpit opinion -intensit
The soft-drink battleground has now turned toward new overseas markets. While once the United States, Australia, Japan, and Western Europe were the dominant soft-drink markets, the growth has slowed down dramatically, but they are still important markets for Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Globalization has become an important word in the 90’s and Eastern Europe, Mexico, China, Saudi Arabia, and India have become the new hot spots. Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi are forming joint bottling ventures in these nat
The topic of my research paper is Gene Therapy. Gene Therapy is finding flawed genes, and then replacing the bad genes with good genes to better help a person. There are different ways to set off genes. For example, an environmental factor could trigger a flawed gene or it could be in your family's lineage, which would make it hereditary, 'The Genetic Revolution will change medicine more in the next 20 years than it has changed it in the past 2,000 years.' (Hood 779). Anyways, both, when set o
Aids Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), suppresses the immune system related to infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). A person infected with HIV gradually loses immune function along with certain immune cells called CD4 T-lymphocytes or CD4 T-cells, causing the infected person to become vulnerable to pneumonia, fungus infections, and other common ailments. With the loss of immune function, a clinical syndrome (a group of various illnesses that together characterize a d
Nuclear Power Essay When it comes to the topic of Nuclear Power everyone has an opinion, and they are either for or against it. There really is no middle ground, and that is evident in the essays written by two highly respected scientists. One of them, Dr. John W. Gofman is a strong believer in the concept of exposure to radiation being fatal and dangerous to human health. Especially if the maximum allowed limit of nuclear radiation, 170 millirems/year, is reached. An opponent to Dr. Gofman is
Introduction The human body is an amazing machine which functions with systems that are more advanced than any which man has ever created. However, as with any machine, malfunctions can occur and these are the diseases which cause death. Cancer is one of these diseases; it causes death and devastation for many millions of people each year. The leading cause of death of woman aged between 40-49 in North America is one of these cancer. It is breast cancer and the recent fear of it has engulfed wo
Thesis: Dystopia in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World It's hard to imagine yet somehow so extremely close to us is the possibility of a world of ideal perfection where there is no room or acceptance of individuality. Yet, as we strive towards the growth of technology and improvement of our daily living we come closer to closing the gap between the freedom of emotions, self understanding, and of speech and the devastation of a dystopia. A utopia, or perfect world, gone awry is displayed in Aldous
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) The agency now known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation originated from a force of Special Agents created in 1908 when Attorney General Charles Bonaparte appointed an unnamed force to be the investigative force of the Department of Justice (DOJ) under the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt. Before that time the Department of Justice often had to borrow Agents from the U.S. Secret Service to investigate violations of federal criminal laws within its ju
The 1960's and 70's were a time of peace and rebellion. The so called hippies were creating their own environment. Many people were upset about political issues, Vietnam, equal right, and many other issues. The music of this time period described many of these problems in America. The song I picked to describe this generation was Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix. I believe this song is about the confusion and pain caused by drugs. I interpreted his lyrics to mean that he was on an eternal high t
The 39th President of the United States I. The president of the United States functions in many capacities: head of state, head of government, commander in chief of the armed forces, and leader of the president's political party. The president is thus the single most unifying force in a political system in which power is highly dispersed, both within the government and between government and the people (Grolier). The president has been a very strong leader in our country, in making decisions,
Why focus on Environmental Protection? Almost any policy issue could serve to illustrate the significant themes, but environmental protection places them in particularly bold relief. It involves an extremely broad range of scientific information, including most of the physical, biological, and social sciences. The questions of risk and uncertainty that it presents are especially subtle. Furthermore, the environment provides an excellent example of what happens when these problems merge with oth
Intro Over the past generation, more progress has been made in reducing poverty and raising living standards than during any other period in history. In developing countries, life expectances have increased from 55 to 64 years, Income per person has doubled and Infant Mortality has been reduced by 50 percent. Despite the successes, massive development challenges remain. Three billion people live on less than 2 dollars a day and 1.3 billion live on less than one dollar a day. Over 40,000 people
Cross-Cultural Management: Transformations and Adaptations 1. Smiling fish is a: A. a. term used by Middle Easterners to describe American tourists. B. b. French chef working in a Japanese kitchen. C. c. dish served in China in which the fish is still alive. 2. In England, to table an issue or motion means to: A. put it aside until later. B. send it to arbitration. C. bring it up and discuss it. 3. Allah is the Supreme Being of which religious group? A. Shintos B. Buddhists C. Moslems If you an
BUSINESS ETHICS Ethics to me means having and using ones morals to do the right thing. Ethics is so important in business because it gives a company credibility. When a company has credibility the consumers trust the company and will tend to buy from the company more regularly. Many employers want guidelines to help them in their decision making process, so experts came up with some approaches. They are the Utilitarian Approach, The Rights Approach, and The Common-Good Approach. Corporate Socia
The Dalai Lama: Wisdom Derived from Suffering In His sixty-three years of the current reincarnation, the Dalai Lama has grown from a simple undiscovered child to a world-reknowned symbol of peace. His philosophies were inspired by the early sufferings that are posed the environmental, cultural, religious, and political suppressions. The wretchednesses and the difficulties that he has encountered lead to his wisdom. Combined with His never-ending desire to learn and communicate, The Dalai Lama's
Research of smart airbags produced surprising results. The expected new designs using innovative technology for solutions to the serious problems with airbags were virtually non-existent. Articles contained reports of the dangers and injuries caused by airbags. Most articles agree that the need to develop a smart airbag is clear. The method of collision detection recognition of crash severity needs improvement. Information provided by most sites alluded to or outlined aggressive efforts to desi
˙Assignment #1: US Military Expenditures: Arms Sales in the Middle East The United States current military expenditures in the Middle East was 22,505 millions dollars according to the Value of Arms Transfer Deliveries, Cumulative 1994-1996 Report released December 1998. The highest U.S. expenditures were to Saudi Arabia with 11,700 million dollars and Egypt with 5,000 million dollars. There are two major types of arms sales, commercial arms sales made directly by United States firms to foreign
The Problems of Faculty Governance Introduction This paper will present a brief history of the development of faculty governance in American universities during the twentieth century. I will review the types of governance structures that have emerged, examine the impact on the institutions in which they function, and discuss the problems that have arisen between the two. Since the middle ages when universities began to emerge faculty governance in institutions of higher education has been the f
Hibernation: Definition Hibernation is an inactive, sleep like state that animals must go and at least one bird enter during the winter. Animals that hibernate shelter themselves from harsh winter and reduce their need for food. Their body temperatures are considerably lower, as well as their heartbeat and breathing. The true hibernator spends most of the winter in a state close to death; in fact the animal may appear to be dead. The body temperature is close to zero degrees; the respiration is
Fire Fighter Safety Equipment Fire fighters are dependent on the quality and proper use of their fire safety equipment, from their turnouts and boots to life sustaining self-contained breathing apparatus to provide protection and support. OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has required specific criteria for the protective equipment utilized by fire fighters and has even provided an outline of testing procedures to determine the fire- retardant nature of outer gear, especial
Keep Our Homes Clean. Many a time I have heard my parents hollering to clean my room when it is not orderly; this is a cry is repeated among most households in the United States: the average American family spends just under twenty hours a week cleaning its home. Unfortunately, a bitter irony arises here: people spend so much time and effort keeping their homes clean while giving little thought, beyond recycling paper and aluminum, to keeping their larger home, the environment, clean. Polluti
Introduction The last time I was in Algeria is 15 years ago. Back then it was save for me to travel in Algeria and to see the familiy of my mothers side. The reason why I chose this country is not because I identify myself with Algeria but the complete opposite. I don’t speak Arabic and I know very little about Algeria’s historical background. The reason why I chose Algeria is to find out more about the country my mother is from. First I will outline the history of Algeria (early and recent). I
WATER POLLUTION First of all what is water pollution, water pollution is when a substantial portion of waste enters our water system. Water pollution is everywhere it has caused a lot of death and sickness around the world. In previous research done by the government of Canada, it said Canada is a water rich nation-we are steward of 9% of the worlds renewable fresh water while Canadians enjoy one of the highest standards of clean water in the world, pollution remains an important problem in so
Introduction Science and technology are advancing at a very rapid rate, but do we really understand all that is going on? Probably not. This paper will identify current issues related to science and technology from the business, governmental, and societal perspectives. However, before we can begin to understand the advances in science and technology, we must know the definitions of them. The Microsoft Encarta 97 Encyclopedia on compact disk defines science as the observation, identification, d
The people who make laws and regulation, and create management plans, concerning old growth forests and factors affecting old growth forests, are the policy makers. Persons involved in creating policies and management plans are politicians, committees, and federal and state government agencies. There are many beliefs held by policy makers concerning the northern spotted owl, because the policy makers are supporting the environmentalists, logging industry, the public, interest groups, and citize
Report: Guatemala is Central America's westernmost country, bordering Mexico to the north and north-west, Belize to the north-east, and Honduras and El Salvador to the east. Guatemala's volatile topography is a mountainous and forested jumble of volcanoes and jungle. The western highlands are home to over 30 volcanoes, which reach heights of up to 3800m and cast a red glow at night. The area experiences frequent earthquake activity. The intensively cultivated Pacific coastline is a immense dist
Jane Goodall Ethologist Dr. Jane Goodall, one of the most renowned and respected scientists in the world. She is the author of six major books, numerous articles and the recipient of many prestigious awards. Her profound scientific discoveries have revolutionized the field of primatology. For example, she observed how chimpanzees made and used their own tools - a behaviour previously believed to separate man from all other animals. Jane Goodall is the world's foremost authority on chimpanzees.
Procurement Management Overview: Despite some disagreement on the exact nature of the future of supply chain management development, it would appear inarguable that as corporations continue their preparations to enter the new millennium, the global environment will increasingly serve as a critical element in the value creation process of supply chain management. International trade will exceed $17 trillion by 2020. Global logistics represents nearly 20% of the world’s gross national product. A
ADOBE MAGAZINE (Publisher - Adobe Systems Inc.) Established 1989 Editorial Profile Adobe Magazine is edited to support and educate users of Adobe's desktop-publishing and graphics software. Its contents include detailed software how-tos, profiles of interesting users, in-depth articles on electronic publishing-related topics, Adobe product Q&A, and profiles of industry leaders. In 1997, Adobe expanded their editorial outlook to cover a broader range of Adobe's publishing and digital-media produ
Effect of Behavior Disorder Placement On the Child’s Self-Concept INTRODUCTION Throughout history, humans have sought to explain and to treat behaviors that were considered deviant. As a special educator working with students with behavior disorders, I realized it was important to research the effects labeling may have on the student’s self-concept. Historically treatment of behavior disorders fell into three very broad places: segregation (hospitals and asylums), transition phase (treatment an
Daddy’s Little Girl: Torchbearer For Tobacco Study of Smoking Behavior: Predisposition, Prediction, and Consequences Abstract: The abatement of tobacco use was promising in the 70s and 80s. Teenagers were engaging in smoking in ever increasing less numbers. The 90’s came upon with numbers of adolescent users that increased as the years progressed. A record number demographic group has appeared through the smoke. An explosion of adolescent girls are accounting for this decade’s resurgence of tob
Clinton parallels not JFK, but LBJ // In life, outlook and focus on place in history -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bill Clinton is keenly interested in how history will judge him. He began his administration with John F. Kennedy as a model and now compares himself to Theodore Roosevelt, a president who made a great mark on the White House and the country, though there was no war during his administration. However, it is a president Clinton almo
Prostate Cancer Prostate Cancer is a very dangerous disease that until recently did not get nearly the attention it deserved. This is a slow growing tumor at its onset, and its metastitic potential is related to the size degree of differentiation. At the time of diagnosis though most patients have advanced disease. One comparison often made is that this deadly disease is to men what breast cancer is to women. The only difference is that women came out and made breast cancer an issue to be dealt
Sport Psychology What is sport psychology? Sport psychology is (a) the study of the psychological and mental factors that influence and are influenced by participation and performance in sport, exercise, and physical activity, and (b) the application of the knowledge gained through this study to everyday settings. Sport psychology professionals are interested in how participation in sport, exercise, and physical activity may enhance personal development and well-being throughout the life span. W
The Issue of Human Cloning Composition II Telecourse January 20, 1999 With the recent discovery of the ability to clone an adult sheep, ignites numerous questions concerning the ethical and moral issues in light of eventually cloning a human being. The controversity surrounding the eventual possibility of cloning humans. For the most part, however, the ethical concerns being raised are exaggerated and misplaced, because they are based on erroneous views about what genes are and what they can do.
Unequal Representation: Membership Input and Interest Group Decision-Making Introduction Interest groups play a key mediating and representational role in politics. In the theory of pluralist politics, organized groups represent the interests of varied segments of society in the national policy process. These groups organize to represent the views of their members in the halls of Congress, administrative agencies, and federal courthouses, giving voice to their members' interests in all policy ma
Informal Communication Networks Issue: Managers can increase organizational effectiveness in both the private and public sectors through the study of informal networks (i.e. trust, advice, and communication networks). I. Introduction II. Discussion on the industry contexts for Healthcare Delivery Systems, Pima Utilities, and State Compensation Fund. A. Description of companies industrial objectives. B. Discussion of company histories' and strategies. III. The relevant problems concerning informa
Amazing Grace Jonathan Kozol's Amazing Grace is a book about the trials and tribulations of everyday life for a group of children who live in the poorest congressional district of the United States, the South Bronx. Their lives may seem extraordinary to us, but to them, they are just as normal as everyone else. What is normal? For the children of the South Bronx, living with the pollution, the sickness, the drugs, and the violence is the only way of life many of them have ever known. In this boo
Case Study Of Carnival Corporation The history of the Carnival Corporation begins in 1972, when Ted Arison set up Carnival Cruise Lines as a subsidiary of the American International Travel Service. The first ship ran aground, but Arison remained steadfast in achieving his vision of a cruise line offering affordable vacation packages to middle-income consumers. By 1977, Carnival had three ships, and ten years later, as the industry leader, the company went public. In the early 1990s, Carnival beg
Climate Change and World Food Supply The world needs to think of how the climate is changing the food supply of the earth. The climate is doing some really bad things to the earth. The atmosphere is also not in good shape because of climate change. Humans now need to think of how climate change is affecting people. Climate change is affecting the food supply of the world. The climate change is rapidly affecting the earth. The Greenhouse gases are what is really messing up are world food supply a
Dioxin Pollution Dioxin is one of the most toxic chemicals known. A report released for public comment in September 1994 by the US Environmental Protection Agency clearly describes dioxin as a serious public health threat. The public health impact of dioxin may rival the impact that DDT had on public health in the 1960's. According to the EPA report, not only does there appear to be no safe level of exposure to dioxin, but levels of dioxin and dioxin-like chemicals have been found in the general
Dream DREAMS Theories attempting to explain the origin and functions of REM sleep include: (1) that REM sleep provides stimulation for the development of the brain; (2) that it performs a chemical restoration function, since during REM dreaming neuro-protein synthesis occurs along with the restoration of other depleted brain chemicals; (3) that it provides oculomotor (eye movement) coordination, since during non-REM sleep the eyes move independently of each other; (4) that it provides a vigilanc
Green Architecture Green Architecture Green architecture is an approach to building which has become more popular in the last 25 to 30 years. Also known as sustainable design, green architecture is a method of design that minimizes the impact of building on the environment. Once thought of as unconventional and nonstandard, both regulatory agencies and the public alike are quickly accepting green architecture as a socially responsible and logical means of construction. The beginnings of today's
Health and Welness for the Employees There are many reasons for the employees to get involved in a wellness program. Whether they like it or not overall wellness will affect their everyday life, at home as well as at work. The fact of the matter is that people that are in good health are usually more coherent and are able to enjoy more out of life. With more incentive going towards corporations paying subsidies to encourage employee participation there is increasing demand by employees to have a
Indians vs. The Constitution They are Native Americans who are trying to build better lives for themselves but are stopped in there tracks by the state supreme court. Proposition 5 passed in November of 98, which would allow more gambling in the Indian reservations. The proposition was ruled to be unconstitutional. Now the Indians are rebutting the fact that they are sovereign and the ballot was passed. Under existing law, Indian tribes operate as semi-sovereign nations, and are liable under fed
International Adoption The birth of a girl has never been a cause for celebration in China, and stories of peasant farmers drowning newborn girls in buckets of water have been commonplace for centuries. Now, however, as a direct result of the one-child policy, the number of baby girls being abandoned, aborted, or dumped on orphanage steps is unprecedented. Adopting Internationally Adoption is procedure by which people legally assume the role of parents for a person who is not their biological ch
Kyrgyzstan The collapse of the Soviet Union created 15 new states. These states over the last 5 years have all struggled with economic, ethnic, political and territorial problems left to them by the Soviet empire. Kyrgyzstan, is a former Soviet Republic (FSR) located in the Central Asia. This paper will give a statistical representation of the state, Kyrgyzstan. The statistical data will reflect the basic geography of the subject country containing population, size and location. This miniature r
Landfills It has long been believed that the largest entity brought upon the Earth by humankind is the Pyramid of the Sun, constructed in Mexico around the start of the Christian era. The mammoth structure commands nearly thirty million cubic feet of space. In contrast, however, is the Durham Road Landfill, outside San Francisco, which occupies over seventy million cubic feet of the biosphere. It is a sad monument, indeed, to the excesses of modern society [Gore 151]. One might assume such a mon
MARKETING MARKETIN STRATEGY IN E-COMMERCE By: BRAD E-mail: [email protected] Marketing Strategy and E-Commerce Introduction With the rapidly advancing technologies that are occurring in modern business, organisations are required to be ready, and able to adapt within their ever-changing environment. It is true across all diverse industries that in order to stay competitive, organisations must be able to utilise the various tools that technology has to offer. Technological factors have