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Aerospace Engineering Aerospace engineering is a new advanced professional degree program designed specifically for toady's modern engineering world. It is intended for recent engineering graduates and working engineers desiring a broader graduate experience that emphasizes and applications focused engineering education, as well as for seasoned engineers who want to increase their opportunities for career enhancement but may not be able to take full time away from work. The study of this field
Internet The internet is the largest network of computers in the world. It is thousands of computers connected to each other. The internet is also called the World Wide Web or Cyberspace. It started in the 1960’s (Maran & Mohan, 1995, 4). Even until today, no one owns it and no one regulates it. The internet has a lot of special characteristics to make it work. Computers work together to transfer information back and forth. A router regulates the traffic on the internet (Maran & Mohan, 1995, 15
Television advertising is a business which touches nearly every man, woman and child in America. It has been said that “American advertising leads the world not only in volume of business, but in the complexity of its organization and of its procedures.” (DeWitt) Nearly all of us have a favorite commercial, whether it be the newest Miller Lite commercial, or an old McDonald’s commercial from years ago. But before any commercial can be brought to your television over the airwaves, a lengthy proc
What is the Mars Pathfinder mission? The Mars Pathfinder Mission is the second launch in the Discovery Program, a NASA initiative for planetary missions with a maximum three-year development cycle and a cost cap around $150M (FY92) for development. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, manages the Mars Pathfinder for NASA. The mission is primarily an engineering demonstration of key technologies and concepts for eventual use in future missions
PERSONAL STATEMENT I sat back in the chair, my body was there but I was miles away within. It was late August--time for Dad's annual academics lecture. And so it began: "Ben, do you want to go to college?" "Here we go," I said to myself thinking the question ridiculous, for I always knew I would attend college, and had no choice for that matter. So I responded with the usual mindless, "of course." "Well, maybe you should seriously ask yourself why," Dad fired back. There then fell an extended s
The Internet, also known as the World Wide Web, brings information to anyone and everyone. The Internet was created in the late 1960’s because of the Russian release of Sputnik into outer space. Ever since this day, the popularity of the Internet has risen immensely to where it is just about in every home in the United States. This increase in popularity has lead to many different opinions as to whether it is worth the trouble. The Internet is a virtual community that brings people from all ove
Imagine schools without computers. No more spreadsheet, database, or basic programming. Stell in his essay "On classrooms with or without computers" claims that computers are the less important things in our lives. But does he ever hold thought how computer illiteracy would effect whole mankind in our everyday increasing life progress. The author also claims that studying computers takes away time that could be spent on studying other subjects: "Why not study Spanish...?" (414). Psychology prov
Welcome to the wonderful world of programming. You will see that my way of programming is the most efficient as well as productive. Programming is not mainly done for entertainment. It is done as a necessity. The process of writing a program should be composed of five parts. The first part is giving a good description of the program and outlining the program well. The second part involves flushing out the outline with details. The third part is proofreading as well as debugging the program to m
Electronic Repairer This report is about electronic repairers. Electronic repairers install, test, repair, maintain, and service electronic equipment used in business, industry, and home. An electronic repairer interprets wiring diagrams to trace and connect wires. They also repair and replace parts and defective components, using a variety of hand tools. When equipment breaks down, repairers first examine work orders, which indicates problems, or talk to equipment operators. Then they check fo
Biography of Eli Whitney Eli Whitney’s actions and accomplishments have had a profound influence on the United States and the world. We hope to illustrate this influence by describing his early life and training, his principle contributions to modern methods analysis, how he developed his ideas into a useful practice, and what effects his contributions have on today’s manufacturing processes and our society as a whole. Eli Whitney was born to a middle class family in Westborough, Massachusetts,
I’m pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Computers play a very large role in this field, and I believe that taking CIS courses as well as staying up to date with computer technology is a must for me. Since high school, where I have taken over three years of computer aided drafting (CAD), computers played a very important role in our education. I am also pursuing a Microsoft Certified Software Engineer’s certificate, incase mechanical engineering does not work out for me. Eith
PARADIGM FOR THE SOCIOLOGY OF TECHNOLOGY Forming a piece of the paradigm for sociology and technology is something I see best explained through my current endeavor in the technology field. I myself am building a 3d engine, which I think is a very good point in using to develop such a paradigm. Firstly, I think I should explain what I mean by a 3d engine. A 3d engine is something that can be used in a universal manner to simulate any phenomenon in various fields of the computer industry. It is h
An Ultimate Learning Environment Being young adults, we will someday be the future leaders in this world. It will be our responsibility to design an education system that will bridge right and left brain learning in order to realize "the full spectrum of human potential [that] loom[s] enticingly before us." (Margaret Hatcher, Whole Brain Learning.) The full potential of the human brain is now within reach. To develop our brain to this potential is the greatest challenge for educators. Our class
Japan Within the country of Japan lies many distinct aspects to the ways of human life. Some of these aspects of Japanese life are found only in Japan and others are found elsewhere around the globe. The Japanese people use many different ways of life and put them together to what works best for them. This can be found in all forms within Japan. Japanese culture comes from early contacts with the early civilizations of China and Korea. Influences of ancient China are found in Japanese literatur
Right to Privacy on the Internet The constitutional rights are being debated on the amount of security that the citizens of America should receive on the Internet without invading their right to privacy. Easily obtained information helps law enforcement to track down criminals. The information also allows banks to prevent fraud. Many parties are actively debating whether it is Constitutionally acceptable to use the private information stored and given out on personal computers and in the privac
Computer animation is the use of computers to create animations. There are a few different ways to make computer animations. One is 3D animation. One way to create computer animations is to create objects and then render them. This method produces perfect and three dimensional looking animations. Another way to create computer animation is to use standard computer painting tools and to paint single frames and composite them. These can later be either saved as a movie file or output to video. On
El Nino This morning, before writing this column, I spent a considerable amount of time watering my wilting garden. Meanwhile, the New York Yankees have been rained out for their third consecutive game. And out in California? Rain, no rain, rain, no rain... Why are we suffering such severe weather this summer? In case you have not heard, we are experiencing a weather phenomenon called El Nino. What is El Nino, and How Long Will This Last? According to Michael McPhaden, director of the Tropical
Databases and Y2K Databases and the Impact of the Approaching Millenium. Introduction: Tremendous problems loom just around the corner for organizations that use two-digit years (i.e. 1-9-97). How tough could it be to change the year from 1999 to 2000? The "Year 2000 Problem" cannot be fixed by simply resetting a computer's internal clock on January 1, 2000. Computers may be smart, but their programmers weren't very farsighted. In the '60s and '70s, many businesses were looking to cut costs and
A Brief History of Computers Although the microcomputer is a very recent development, computers have been around for a long time. A major step in computer technology was the development in the early 1800's of machines that could be programmed. "Joseph Jacquard developed a loom for weaving cloth whose operation was controlled by means of cards with holes punched in them. In 1886, Herman Hollenith improved on Jacquard's punched card by developing a card that could be used with electrical rather t
Society is classifying hackers as "youngsters" who do not know any better who gain access to a technology where they are a threat to the communications and computing world and who will bring it to a standstill; an anti-social loner spending hours, days even weeks in solitude hacking maliciously into forbidden computer systems. They have a difficult time understanding that the word hacker does not necessarily mean thief, criminal or geek. In reality, a hacker does have human friends, although th
George Orwell was not only a writer, but also an important political reformer. Orwell was born in India in 1903. He considered his family a "lower-middle class" family. He said this because his family was a part of the middle class, but had little money. His father worked for the British government and was able to be apart of the middle class without money. Orwell lived in Britain and went to boarding school there on scholarships. He was the poorest student among many wealthy children. Orwell f
The term Artificial Intelligence comes to mind when thinking about Computer Science, but what does it really mean? Artificial Intelligence is an interdisciplinary field that includes computer science, physiology, and philosophy. The combination of natural language (speaking like a human), to recognizing complex patterns in handwriting is one of the main goals most artificial intelligence scientist hope to achieve. Artificial intelligence was first coined in 1956 in a Dartmouth University Confer
In the summer of 1969, not everyone was at Woodstock. In laboratories on either side of the continent a small group of computer scientists were quietly changing the future of communication. Their goal was to build a computer network that would enable researchers around the country to share ideas (Kantrowitz 56). The Internet we make so much today -- the global Internet which has helped scholars so much, where free speech is flourishing as never before in history -- the Internet was a cold war m
Religions: Anglican 26 , Roman Catholic 26 , Other Christian 24 Languages: English, Aboriginal Ethnic Groups: Caucasian 95 , Asian 4 , Aboriginal 1 Education: Literacy Rates 100 ; Compulsory Years 6-15 Per Capita GDP: $20,720 Urban/Rural : 85/15 Monetary Unit: Dollar: 1.27: $1 US Health Care Statistics- Hospital Beds: 1/199 persons Communication Statistics- TV's & Radios: TV: 1/2.2 persons Radio: 1/0.9 Traditional Clothing: North American Fashion Trends Traditional Foods: Same as U.S.; Fast Foo
Contents The Impact of Digital Image Processing (For Business and in the Home) Abstract Acknowledgements 1.0 Introduction Dedication I dedicate this research work to God the Almighty who has made it a success. This research work is also dedicated to my loved family for their moral support. Abstract After seeing films like "Toy Story" and "A Bug's Life", I thought of how these people created all these computer animations and special graphics? This question raised an interest to find out what tec
Toy Story Toy Story was released by Disney and Pixar in November of 1995. It was a huge accomplishment, and was one long awaited by children and adults alike. Disney and Pixar Animation had successfully made the first full-length film entirely animated on computers. The writers of Toy Story did not focus solely on the technical aspect, though. They also remembered to include the plot. Often, a film is acclaimed for just one aspect, but Toy Story deserves praise for many: the music, the famous v
It is less than nine months until the year 2000. Two seemingly small digits may turn January 1, 2000 from a worldwide celebration into a universal nightmare. With computers mistaking the year 2000 for 1900, virtually all businesses that use dates will be affected. Not only will the companies be affected, but also they are paying millions upon millions of dollars in order for computers to recognize the difference between the years 2000 and 1900. The year 2000 computer bug is a huge problem that
Pregnant and Sexually Active Teenagers Pregnancy and sexually active teenagers is the problem that the US is facing. They are so busy maintaining their "super power" title that they somehow forget about the teeneagers that are the future of the country. The American society focuses only in materials things. They think about their jobs, cars, money, computers or other new technology and other values as family communication are almost forgotten. The failure of the American society that prevent it
Graphic Art It's Super Bowl time! Everyone always looks forward to the Super Bowl not just for the big football game, but for their well known hilarious commercials that come out. The job I researched is in charge of making those funny commercials that people can't wait to see. I did my research on being a Graphic artist. I chose to research being a graphic artist, because I find it very interesting, and hope maybe to pursue this career. Graphic artists depend incredibly on the public. Graphic
The Life of BILL GATES Bill Gates' achievements as a scientist and as a computer phenom is being appreciated today as well as they will be in the future. Gates has single handedly put America, in a world of giants such as Japan, on top of the chart on terms of technology. Nick Sullivan is quoted saying, "I'd hate to be in business with him, but as a consumer, it's hard not to like him." Bill has had many small adventures that make up his life so far. Many have come through his rough style of bu
A large number of epidemiological studies done over the last 40 years have found some alarming results. It seems that people that work in occupations that have a high exposure to electrical and or magnetic field are many times more likely to get some forms of cancer. These people include electricians, electrical engineers, electrical utility workers, power station workers, telephone and power company linemen. While all cancers appear to happen at a higher rate among this group of workers it als
Y2K (Year 2000 Problem) T h e Y e a r 2 0 0 0 P r o b l e m Argument for the statement "The Year 2000 bug will have such extensive repercussions that families and individuals should begin planning now for the imminent chaos." The Ticking Bomb Introduction A serious problem called the "Millennium Bug", and also known as the "Year 2000 Problem" and "Y2K", is bringing a new century celebration into a daunting nightmare. In the 1860s and 1970s, when computer systems were first built, the computer h
Abstract The advent of the Mind Age of intelligent robots envisioned by Hans Moravec will bring profound transformations in global social and technological structures and relations of an advanced intelligence to its environment. The ability of future machines to directly share experiences and knowledge with each other will lead to evolution of intelligence from relatively isolated individual minds to highly interconnected structural entities. The development of a network of communicating mobile
Apple Computers Apple Computers astonishing rise during the 1980’s had been an American business success story of epic proportions. For a company that rocketed out a garage in Los Altos Ca. to become a pioneer of the New Information Age. But the 1990’s had gotten off to a rocky start. Apple’s profits were falling under fierce competition. Its outlandish research projects were not panning out. The Mac had held a good ten year lead in technology over all other computers. After reviewing the rolle
Introduction Science and technology are advancing at a very rapid rate, but do we really understand all that is going on? Probably not. This paper will identify current issues related to science and technology from the business, governmental, and societal perspectives. However, before we can begin to understand the advances in science and technology, we must know the definitions of them. The Microsoft Encarta 97 Encyclopedia on compact disk defines science as "the observation, identification, d
TECHNOLOGY HOW IT AFFECTS SOCIETY Everyday, all around us, we use technology. We have automobiles,computers, nuclear power, spacecraft, even the smallest thing such as a microwave is modern technology. How We use Computers Computer technology came into major use in the world in the later half of the 1970's. This new unknown technology was welcomes by almost everyone. Computers have made peoples' lives better and have given people more leisure time because they could get more done in the same am
Databases and the Impact of the Approaching Millenium. Introduction: Tremendous problems loom just around the corner for organizations that use two-digit years (i.e. 1-9-97). How tough could it be to change the year from 1999 to 2000? The "Year 2000 Problem" cannot be fixed by simply resetting a computer's internal clock on January 1, 2000. Computers may be smart, but their programmers weren't very farsighted. In the '60s and '70s, many businesses were looking to cut costs and because computer
The Cars of the Future Cars are the chosen form of transportation for most Americans. In 1892 Henry Ford built the first car. It was in 1903 that he opened Ford Motor Co. Through the years cars have been rapidly changing and becoming more useful. Cars now have iron bars in the doors to decrease fatalities in accidents. The common car also has bright lights and engines are being built to reuse gas. As our society gets larger and expands, our cars need more capabilities, for example: the need to
Bill Gates There have been many successful and prosperous people in the twentieth century, who gathered vast and enormous fortunes over the course of their lifetimes. Not one, however, has ever come close of surpassing the wealth and abundance of a young baby-boomer by the name of William H. Gates III. This man gathered in less than two decades what the richest known men in history could not have accumulated in their entire lifetime. This man, commonly known as Bill Gates by over 85 percent of
Video Game Violence Critics are obsessed with the esthetics of video game violence. The debate about increasing levels of realism in computer games is an adding to the debate. Video game violence has even entered the political arena. Are violent video games targeting the youth of America? Is violence in video games the way the industry does business? The answer to this question is no. Violent games are just a small corner of the market that is annually targeted by politicians. Advances of compu
Year 2000 is a serious problem and we need to prepare for it. I will clear up and get the facts strait with the year 2000, computer disaster. Dooms day? Many think it is likely. Others think the year 2000 is just like any other year. We all must prepare for the Millenium or disaster will strike. We will encounter problems including but not ending with economical, electrical, legal, and computer failure. Millenium bug, Y2K, computer failure, total disaster, these headlines will look more and mor
The Cardiovascular Field The Cardiovascular field is a high-tech medical field where technologists and nurses assist cardiologists diagnose and treat heart disease. Within cardiovascular technology there are two specialties - invasive and noninvasive. Invasive cardiovascular technologists assist cardiologists and surgeons in such surgical areas as cardiac catheterization, angioplasty, pacemaker insertion, and open heart surgery. Cardiac catheterization is where small catheters are inserted thro
Table of Contents Introduction 4 Objectives 4 Network Technology 5 Servers 5 File and Print server 5 Application server 6 Mail server 7 Communication server 7 Remote Access Services 7 Internet Access 7 Clients 8 Workstations 8 Printers 8 Network Topologies 8 Networking Components 9 Network Interface Card (NIC) 9 Cables 9 Network Hub 9 Operating Systems 9 Network Operating System 9 Client Operating System 9 Users applications 10 User Management and Third Party Tools 10 Backup system 11 Backup De
Representative Democracy if a far more efficient form of government than Direct Democracy. Direct democracy goes against all of playdoes beliefs, which turned out thorough history to be partially true. Although his ideas of a perfect government were a bit unrealistic, they had been molded over time into the best ways of government. Representative government allows us to put the important decisions that must be made into the hands of people whom we elect. These people include mayors, senators, r
The Y2K (means year 2000) is coming up really quickly. Some people are afraid of this because every IBM compatible computer will have problems with the start of the year 2000. When the computers were made, they were built to only know the last two digits of the year. The first two digits were 19, and the last were blank. You might think that your computer will just go back to 1900. Well some will and some won't. That's okay for PC computers, but not business computers. Credit card companies wil
Architecture of the World by Andrew M. Rivlin English IIC-4th Block Mrs. Jump and Mr. Holtmeyer March 10, 1998 Architecture is an expression of ones mind, found around the world in many different forms. Architecture is influenced by many highlights. The countries of Japan, France, and Australia all have very different forms. Their architectural forms are expressed by religions, professions, climate, and modern technologies. From the construction of ancient buildings on scratch paper to sketches
The Internet is a method of communication and a source of information that is becoming more popular among those who are interested in, and have the time to surf the information superhighway. The problem with much information being accessible to this many people is that some of it is deemed inappropriate for minors. The government wants censorship, but a segment of the population does not. Within this examination of the topic of, Government Intervention of the Internet, I will attempt to express
Mac vs. PC The first decision you need to make when you are buying a computer is what make of computer you need. Do you need an Apple Macintosh or an IBM compatible? One of the major differences between the two compute makes is the type of microprocessor they use. The microprocessor, or central processing unit, is a microchip that handles all the main processing functions of the computer, making it a lot like the computer's brain. IBM compatible computers use microprocessors manufactured by Int
Is Anybo dy Out There? For as long as human beings have roamed the earth, they have sought to uncover the mysteries of outer space. Only within the past few decades, however, have we been able to leave the Earth’s atmosphere and travel to outer space. But, the search for life in other parts of the Universe has been going on for much longer. In 1899, J.P. Morgan sponsored a project to beam radio signals from a giant wire coil into outer space. He got no response. Since television was invented, a
Procurement Management Overview: Despite some disagreement on the exact nature of the future of supply chain management development, it would appear inarguable that as corporations continue their preparations to enter the new millennium, the global environment will increasingly serve as a critical element in the value creation process of supply chain management. International trade will exceed $17 trillion by 2020. Global logistics represents nearly 20% of the world’s gross national product. A