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Just a Mood . . . or Real Depression? How Do You Really Feel? Check off the ones that fit you. Top of Form 1 You feel sad a lot, and it doesn't go away. You feel guilty; you think that you're no good; you have no confidence. You lose interest in ordinary pleasures like music, sports, friends, or having fun. Most of the time you'd rather be left alone. You feel restless or tired most of the time. You're a nonstop partier, constantly moving around. You get unrealistic ideas about the great things
THE EFFECTS OF ALTITUDE ON HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY Changes in altitude have a profound effect on the human body. The body attempts to maintain a state of homeostasis or balance to ensure the optimal operating environment for its complex chemical systems. Any change from this homeostasis is a change away from the optimal operating environment. The body attempts to correct this imbalance. One such imbalance is the effect of increasing altitude on the body's ability to provide adequate oxygen to be utiliz
THE IMPORTANCE OF ANIMAL RESEARCH by: Josh Wakefield [email protected] Research on animals is important in understanding diseases and developing ways to prevent them. The polio vaccine, kidney transplants, and heart surgery techniques have all been developed with the help of animal research. Through increased efforts by the scientific community, effective treatments for diabetes, diphtheria, and other diseases have been developed with animal testing. Animal research has brought a dr
The Sun Also Rises [I cannot express to you how glad I am that I am taking this class. I am thoroughly enjoying Hemingway. The Sun Also Rises is one of the best books I've read in quite a long time. For a while there, I was, for God knows what reason, taking Physics and Chemistry and Biology. It is really an adventure to be back with books and words and reading. I am also amazed that I never could read more of Him when it wasn't an assignment. And how is it that when I am told to write a 3-5 pa
Chemistry: Water Pollution Phosphates in Water Pollution Phosphates may be created by substituting some or all of the hydrogen of a phosphoric acid by metals. Depending on the number of hydrogen atoms that are replaced, the resulting compound is described as a primary, secondary or tertiary phosphate. Primary and secondary phosphates contain hydrogen and are acid salts. Secondary and tertiary phosphates, with the exception of those of sodium, potassium and ammonium are insoluble in water. Tertia
Frankenstein In the story “Frankenstein,” written by the author Mary Shelley, Victor Frankenstein decided that wanted to create a being out of people that were already dead. He believed that he could bring people back from the grave. Playing with nature in such a way would make him play the role of God. With Victor Frankenstein feeling that he had no true friends, the only relief he had of expressing his feeling was through letters to Elizabeth. Elizabeth was not Victors’ true sister but he love
Frankenstein This is an English book report on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Frankenstein The story of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is about a man who created something that messes with nature, and nature came back to mess with him because nature is more powerful than man. Victor Frankenstein was very interested in natural philosophy and chemistry and basically tried to play G-d by creating life. When he found the secret of activating dead flesh, he created a superhuman being composed of rotted
The Veterinary Profession When the first man set foot on this earth he longed for companionship. He wanted some one to keep him company, help him hunt and most of all, be a friend. Since that first step, when man domesticated animals, pets have been a growing part of many people’s lives. It is estimated that over seventy-eight percent of Americans have some type of pet, ranging from a common dog to an exotic snake, sharing their home with them (Barns 1). Just like humans, animals get sick and n
Sanay Muhammad Umar Saeed My name is “Sanay Muhammad Umar Saeed”. “Sanay Muhammad” means, “praise of Muhammad” (peace be upon him) and “Umar” after second caliph of Islam. Saeed is my family name. I belong to noble and mediocre family. The wealth of my family is education that can’t be stolen. I have two elder brothers. One is doctor and other has mastered in computer science. My father is employed in N.D.C. Before coming to COMSATS boarding, I have been living in Wah Cantt since my birth on Dec
Isiah M. Warner Isiah M. Warner was born in DeQuincy, Louisiana on July 20, 1946. At the age of two, he moved to Bunkie, Louisiana and attended Carver Elementary. His interest in science developed when he orally sampled kerosene to determine why it had an odd smell and was able to produce light. At the age of twelve, he received his first chemistry set. Upon entering Carver high school, Isiah enrolled in every science class available. He graduated valedictorian in June of 1964. During the summer
101 FLAVORS ICE CREAM 02/12/04 Pd.6 H.MATTER ENERGY LAB 2 TOPIC: CHEMISTRY PHYSICAL PROPERTIES-freezing point depression-the effect of salt on the freezing point of ice PURPOSE: To observe a phase change and analyze it on a molecular level. To determine what happens to the freezing point when salt is added to ice. DATA TABLE: TEMPERATURE ICE WITHOUT SALT ADDED -3°C ICE WITH SALT JUST ADDED -5°C ICE AND SALT AFTER PHASE CHANGE OF ICE CREAM -5°C BEGINNING ICE CREAM MIXTURE 10 °C ENDING ICE CREAM M
ABBREVIATION IN ENGLISH An abbreviation is a shorter way to write a word or phrase. People use abbreviations for words that they write a lot. The English language often uses the apostrophe mark ' to show that a word is written in a shorter way, but some abbreviations do not use this mark. Some abbreviations use the period mark, especially the ones that come from the Latin language. Some examples of common English abbreviations are don't for do not , shouldn't for should not , etc. for et cetera
To believe or not to believe, Evolution? Composition 1 November 20, 2003 The topics of Creation science and evolutionary science have long been debated in schools churches and laboratories around the world. Faith and proven facts are two very different aspects in the pursuit of truth. Creation science is the belief that God created the universe. With hundreds of different religions around the world this theory varies in its ideas while primarily stating that a supreme being created all things of
“Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal” Albert Camus With this sentence, Albert Camus criticizes man’s need to classify everything that surrounds him. All societies at some point of their history doubt their roots and “accepted truths” because they can’t find answers to their many questions. This leads the various cultures to want to expand their knowledge of the world in which they live. Science is one of the many ways in which man does this. Although bio
Chemistry Purpose: - To prepare a standard solution of know concentration of copper(II)nitrate trihydrate. To prepare various dilutions of the standard solution. To measure the % transmittance or absorbance of the solutions using the spectrophotometer and to construct a calibration graph from the data. To obtain the concentration of an unknown solution using the calibration graph. Materials: - 100ml beaker, spectrophotometer, safety goggles, test-tube rack, 5 test tube. Method: - 1. Obtained 5 t
Cruel Intentions ENG 100 A Drama Review Essay 4/14/04 Director Roger Kumble puts a modern day twist on Choderlos de Laclos’ French novel, “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” (1782), in the teenage-drama “Cruel Intentions” (1999), which can also be compared to 1988’s hit movie, “Dangerous Liaisons”. In Manhattan’s Upper East Side, seduction, revenge, and conquest rule’s the lives of four, wealthy, prep-school teenagers. Sebastian Valmont (Ryan Philipee) is the school’s most notorious sexual terror. He pri
ESTERIFICATION AND HYDROLYSIS Experiment #1: Methyl Benzoate by Fisher Esterification Post – Lab Organic Chemistry II Lab – Section 7515 February 25, 2004 INTRODUCTION The Fischer esterification reaction reaches equilibrium after a few hours. This equilibrium can be shifted by adding more of the acid or of the alcohol. The mechanism of the reaction involves initial protonation of the carboxyl group, followed by attack by nucleophilic hydroxyl, a proton transfer, and finally loss of water follow
ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) Predominantly Inattentiveness Introduction to Special Education Notes: o Even though the scientific term is ADHD there are some that refers to it as ADD with the different subtypes. o ADHD predominantly inattentiveness is still known by many people as ADD, even though that is not the right term. o In places where ADHD is mentioned alone in the paper, the research is about ADHD as a whole. Introduction Most of us have heard of the term Attention Defi
Alcohol Abuse Alcohol Abuse Alcohol is liquid distilled product of fermented fruits, grains and vegetables used as solvent, antiseptic and sedative moderate potential for abuse. Possible effects are intoxication, sensory alteration, and/or anxiety reduction. Symptoms of overdose staggering, odour of alcohol on breath, loss of coordination, slurred speech, dilated pupils, fetal alcohol syndrome (in babies), and/or nerve and liver damage. Withdrawal Syndrome is first sweating, tremors, then altere
The Rate of the Reaction of Catechol to Benzoquinone Catalyzed by Varying Concentrations of Catechol Oxidase as a Function of Time ABSTRACT The rate of the reaction of catechol to benzoquinone was tested using varying concentrations of catechol oxidase. The experiment setup consisted of four different test tubes containing a varying concentration of the enzyme catechol oxidase. Each sample was placed in a spectrophotometer set at 500 nm. Absorbance readings were taken every 15 seconds. The analy
Vocabulario Español-Inglés – Vocabulary Spanish-English Spanish 5th Period Pre-Chapter: o la clase (de español) –Spanish class o el/la estudiante – student o el professor, la profesora – professor o el señor – Mr./sir o la señora – Mrs./ma’am o la señorita – Miss./ma’am o y – and o tú – you (casual) o usted – you (formal) o bien – well/good/fine o muy – very o no – no o sí- yes o adios – bye o así, así – so-so o buenas noches – good night o buenas tardes – good afternoon o buenos dias – good mor
Marijuana Chemistry B Period 7 Marijuana is a green, brown, or gray mixture of dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and floweres from the Cannabis plant. It has been cultivated for centuries mainly for the hemp fiber but also for its psychoactive and putative medical properties. There are many street names for marijuana such as pot, herb, weed, grass, Mary Jane, bud, or chronic. There are over 200 slang terms for marijuana. The active ingredient THC ( Tetrahydrocanabinol) was identified in 1964
John Locke: An Historical Analysis of His Thought and Life Intro to Church History Dec. 10/99 Box #260 John Locke (1632-1704) is perhaps one of the most influential philosophers the world has ever seen. His writings became the basis of the eighteenth century enlightenment reason. Basil Willey describes Locke’s influence as such, “Locke stands at the end of the seventeenth century, and at the beginning of the eighteenth; his work is at once a summing-up of seventeenth century conclusions and the
John Wade: A Character Study John Wade is by far the most intricate and perplexing character examined throughout the novel In The Lake Of the Woods. His character hinges on the brink of order and chaos; on one hand, he is defined as a man who is obsessed with controlling the events and people around him. It is this obsession with control and order that lies alongside the central idea of the novel; that John Wade does not really know what happened to his wife. His blackouts and tendency towards s
Nuclear Weapons Chemistry CP 4/7/02 A nuclear weapon is any type of weapon that explodes because of the transformation of matter in atoms into energy. There are two types of nuclear weapons, fission weapons, which are known as atomic weapons and thermonuclear weapons, which are commonly called hydrogen or fusion weapons. In fission weapons, matter is changed into energy when uranium isotopes U-235, U-238, or the plutonium isotope Pu-239 are split. Once the nucleus splits, the little matter is ma
Allicin Chemistry 2060 27 March, 2000 Allicin- C6H10OS2 - Allicin is a compound that occurs in garlic not in its natural state but when it is cut, crushed, or slightly cooked. It is suspected to be an antibacterial, anti-fungal agent with health benefits as a liquid oxide. Much of the research pertaining to allicin has not been conclusively proven but studies have shown that when at least two servings of garlic are consumed twice a week it enhances immunity; it improves circulation; it is a topi
HDip Ed, Physics Methodology FAO Re HDip Ed, Physics Methodology From Student No Question: Should practical workshops be an integral part of science methodology in the HDip? The question, as I see it, being asked here is whether or not trainee science teachers would benefit from a greater emphasis on lab and practical experience and training in the HDip course. I feel that this issue needs to be explored in context, therefore I will, briefly, look at the purpose and practice of experimental work
Alfred Bernhard Nobel Alfred Bernhard Nobel was born on Oct. 21, 1833, in Stockholm, Sweden, and was the fourth son of Immanuel and Caroline Nobel. Immanuel was an inventor and engineer who had married Caroline Andrietta Ahlsell in 1827. The couple had eight children, of whom only Alfred and three brothers reached adulthood. Alfred was prone to illness as a child, but he enjoyed a close relationship with his mother and displayed a lively intellectual curiosity from an early age. He was intereste
Chemistry of crime The case of jonbenet ramsey The Ramsey’s Home The first images of JonBenet Ramsey that were broadcast to the world showed a pretty little girl in heavy make-up and flamboyant costumes parading across a stage. At the time, the media described her as being a painted baby, a sexualized toddler beauty queen. From the day in 1996, when JonBenet was found dead in the basement of her home in Boulder Colorado, the Boulder police and a large proportion of the world's media believed tha
Niels Henrik David Bohr Niels Bohr is a very distinguished Danish physicist, chemist, and micro- biologist. Known for the Bohr model of the atom and his work on the Manhattan Project, Bohr worked with many renowned scientists throughout the world and even received the Nobel Peace Prize for Physics. Childhood/Family Life Niels Henrik David Bohr was born October 7, 1885, to Christian Bohr, a Physiology professor at Copenhagen University; and Ellen Adler, who came from a reputed family in the educa
Chemistry Experiment #2: Graphical Data Analysis 09-01-04 Section 30 This laboratory experiment looks at the mass and diameter of seven steel ball bearings, using a vernier caliper to determine diameter, and an electronic analytical balance to determine mass. Graphical data analysis then allows us to observe the relationships between mass and diameter and to obtain a trendline in order to determine the diameter of an unknown ball bearing. Section I Data Table 1: Mass and Diameter (D) of Ball Bea
Alcohol Abuse Alcohol Abuse Alcohol is liquid distilled product of fermented fruits, grains and vegetables used as solvent, antiseptic and sedative moderate potential for abuse. Possible effects are intoxication, sensory alteration, and/or anxiety reduction. Symptoms of overdose staggering, odor of alcohol on breath, loss of coordination, slurred speech, dilated pupils, fetal alcohol syndrome (in babies), and/or nerve and liver damage. Withdrawal Syndrome is first sweating, tremors, then altered
Is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Effective? 11/24/03 Before, writing this paper I knew very little about the DSM. I know I learned about the DSM in the psychology 101 class I had but, all I could remember was a vague definition about it being a “diagnostic tool”. The only one thing I could truly remember about the DSM was a telephone conversation that I had with my mother a year earlier. At that time I had just changed my major from computer science (a field that my p
Erik Erikson’s Eight Psychosocial Stages of Development Psychosocial Stages 1 Running head: ERIK ERIKSON’S PYSCHOSOCIAL STAGES Erik Erikson’s Eight Psychosocial Stages of Development Psychosocial Stages 2 Abstract Erik Erikson developed the “Psychosocial Development”, which covers eight stages across the life span. These stages permanently shape personality and experiences throughout childhood to adulthood, each stage involves a “crises” in personality, a major development issue that is particul
Psychology Essay In dealing with eating habits many factors play a large part. Some of them are natural and some of them occur from nurture, as do most of the occurrences in our lives. Brain chemistry, brain structure and genetics all naturally influence eating habits. Nurture produces habits based on reinforcement, modeling and culture and these are very important to eating habits also. Scientists have found that even without stomachs’ animals and humans still get hungry. This is because hunger
Introduction to Islam Allah (God) Islam is the complete submission and obedience to Allah (God). The name Allah (God) in Islam never refers to Muhammad (pbuh), as many Christians may think; Allah is the personal name of God. What do Muslims believe about Allah? 1. He is the one God, Who has no partner. 2. Nothing is like Him. He is the Creator, not created, nor a part of His creation. 3. He is All-Powerful, absolutely Just. 4. There is no other entity in the entire universe worthy of worship bes
ISLAM 570--Birth of Muhammad into Quraysh, the ruling tribe of Mecca. Islamic tradition relates miraculous signs foretelling Muhammad's future greatness. Orphaned and raised by an uncle Abu Talib to be a trader. 595-Muhammad marries Khadijah a rich widow several years his senior. Earns reputation of Al-Amin --the faithful, for his virtue and wisdom. 610- The Night of Power (believed to be the 26th of Ramadan)--First revelation while meditating in a cave on Mt. Hira outside Mecca. Voices and visi
Arctic Ozone Loss More Sensitive to Climate Change Than Thought May 18, 2004 Chemistry Per. 5 (April 26, 2004) Recently, NASA has conducted studies which help to prove the relationship between Arctic ozone loss and changes in the temperature if the Earth’s stratosphere. Considering the damage done to the ozone the dangers of the ultra violet radiation is more threatening than ever to the Earth’s surface. The results of the conducted tests led researchers to believe that the depletion was due not
Acid Rain INTRODUCTION: John F. Kennedy once said, “The supreme reality of our time is the vulnerability of our planet.” This vulnerability has never been so obvious as it is when we consider the devastating effect of acid rain. Acid rain destroys entire ecosystems and jeopardizes our health. The destructive power of this silent killer is evident to everyone who visits the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. The issue of acid rain is not just a local problem; the effect of acid rain on the e
Teaching Background and Setting My teaching practice is being carried out in Blackrock College. This is a large, fee paying all boys secondary school with roughly 1000 pupils from second to sixth year, with first years attending the feeder school Willow Park. My assignment relates to my experiences with second year classes. There are eight streamed classes, roughly 24 pupils per class, ranging highest to lowest from 2.8 to 2.2. The junior syllabus has been divided up, with a different teacher re
Atom Model Chemistry Name of element: Arsenic Symbol: As Atomic Number: 33 Atomic Mass: 74.92 (approx. 75) Electron Configuration: 2-8-18-5 Location on periodic table: Group 15 Period Family: It’s period numbers 4 and it is in the family of non-metals/metalloids. Radioactivity: none Color: dark gray to black. History: Although arsenic compounds were mined by the early Chinese, Greek and Egyptian civilizations, it is believed that arsenic itself was first identified by Albertus Magnus, a German a
Bibliography Beal, B Brower, R. Prentice Hall Chemistry; Connection to our changing world
Chemiluminescence A2 Table of Contents Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3-5 History. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .6 What is Chemiluminescence?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-16 Summary. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .17-19 Bibliography. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Industrial Electrolytic Processes YR11 Chemistry Aluminium Extraction Aluminium is obtained by the electrolytic reduction of its molten oxide, alumina (Al2O3). Because alumina has a very high melting point (2045 ºC), the mineral cryolite (Na3AlF6) is added to lower the melting point in order that the electrolysis may be carried out at about 950 ºC. The electrolytic cell has carbon anodes and a carbon cathode (which forms the lining of the tank in which the electrolysis takes place). Carbon dioxi
Investigating a factor that affects the rate of reaction Aim - To investigate the effect of concentration on the rate of reaction - To investigate the reaction between hydrochloric acid and magnesium Prediction 1) -I predict that the higher the concentration of hydrochloric acid the faster the time will be for the magnesium to dissolve. 2) -I predict that the higher the molar of hydrochloric acid, the more hydrogen gas will be given off. 3) -I predict that the higher the concentration of hydroch
Polymers Yr 11 Chemistry Research task Nylon 6:6, Polypropylene Teacher: Due Date: 13/11/03 1.0 Introduction Tiny molecules strung in long repeating chains form polymers. Polymers are every where even, the human body is made of them. DNA, the genetic blueprint that defines people and other living things, is a polymer. So are the proteins and starches in the foods we eat, the wheels on skateboards and in-line skates, and the tires on our bikes and cars. Polymers are also the basic make up of many
MARIE CURIE Marie Curie was born November 7, 1867 in Warsaw, Poland. She would become famous for her research into radioactivity, and was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. Marie grew up in a family that valued education. As a young woman she went to Paris to study mathematics, chemistry and physics. She began studying at the Sorbonne in 1891, and was the first woman to teach there. While there, she met Pierre Curie, who taught physics at University of Paris. They married and became lab partn
D M Pyramid EPOB 3940 Draft Issue •Introduction In 1976, the Viking mission to Mars obtained images of the Martian surface of an area known as the Cydonia. In analyzing these images, Vincent DiPietro and Gregory Molenaar, image interpreters from NASA, discovered an unusual formation in the form of a human face, dubbed The Face. While some believed that this was an ancient, artificially created structure, many dismissed it as a natural formation. Inspired by these findings, astronomer and former
Swimming Pool Chemistry Most people still assume that swimming pools are just holes in the ground, filled with water. In reality, there are actually many chemical processes, which occurs in a swimming pool, to keep the water clean and safe. Pathogens such as adenoviruses, Hepatitis A viruses, Shigella and Escherichia coli 0157, which can cause fever, diarrhoea and vomiting, must be eradicated. [3] There are many other chemicals involved in balancing the water as well. [4] Chlorination is the pra
Acid Rain CONTENTS Summary 1. Introduction 1.1 Terms of reference 1.2 Source of information 2. What is Acid Rain? 2.1 The definition of Acid Rain 2.2 How to Measure Acid Rain? 3. What cause Acid Rain? 3.1 History of Acid rain 3.2 Causes of Acid rain 4. What Are Acid Rain's Effects? 4.1 Water 4.2 Soil 4.3 Plant 4.4 Atmosphere 5. What Society Can Do About Acid Deposition ? 5.1 Understand acid deposition's causes and effects 5.2 Clean up smokestacks and exhaust pipes 5.3 Use alternative energy sour