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Schindler’s ListA CRITICAL ANALYSIS In 1993, the greatest filmmaker of our time did exactly what we expected, and then he turned around and surprised us. That year, for the third time in his career, Steven Spielberg broke the record for the highest-grossing film of all time. Big, grand, and exciting, with dynamite special effects, Jurassic Park was a typical Spielberg film. But while Jurassic Park was breaking records, we heard that Spielberg was in Europe filming, of all things, a black-and-whi
Senior Privileges: Open Campus Hum 102-005 An open campus is defined as, “a privilege granted to leave school grounds during their unscheduled time.” (Upper Merion High School) The goal of this is to give students the opportunity to develop personal responsibility with their extra time during school hours; however, only students which meet the administering schools requirements are given this privilege. The idea of an open campus often sparks debates between students, parents and school administ
Mass Media Literature Review Mass Media and the Effects on Public Perspective Over the past century, mass media has evolved from informational for the public to a monopolistic situation where the public has lost its say in what is aired. Back in early 1900s, newspapers had entertainment, news, information, and public views which in turn earned the public’s interest. As interest grew, of course the companies did as well. At the turn of the century, the U.S. labor movement published hundreds of ne
AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT OF 1990: A LEGISLATIVE HISTORY American Congress November 14, 2001 Woof! You sure gotta climb a lotta steps to get to this Capitol Building here in Washington! But I wonder who that sad little scrap of paper is? I'm just a bill. Yes, I'm only a bill, and I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill. Well, it's a long, long journey to the capital city. It's a long, long wait while I'm sitting in committee, but I know I'll be a law someday...At least I hope and pray that I wil
The Current Performance of the UK Economy INTRODUCTION: To assess how successful a country's economy is we have to look at a number of factors, these include: Unemployment, inflation, Economic growth, trade, exchange rates and Interest rates. The 'ideal' for a country is normally to have low unemployment, low and stable inflation, an avoidance of excessive exchange rates changes, steady economic growth and trade surplus rather than a trade deficit. UNEMPLOYMENT Unemployment is defined as a broad
What is the World Wide Web (WWW)? To understand the World Wide Web one must first grasp the concept of a unified, collective faction. Thus to understand we must first grasp what the Internet and cyberspace actually are. Cyberspace is the virtual universe that the Internet was created and is maintained in. The term was first coined in the mid-eighties by author and visionary William Gibson. His novel “Neuromancer” described the future as a great collective of computers and he called this future u
The Economic Problem faced by Iraq Yr 12 Economics Essay 1) Outline the economic problem faced by Iraq The economic problem of Iraq is how to use what little resources they have to satisfy the countries unlimited wants. Iraq is only just starting to recover from the brutal regime of Saddam Hussein and with the Americans trying to help rebuild the process is coming along steadily. The country is very oil rich but because of previous wars many of the oil refineries are badly damaged or destroyed,
Do The Right Thing Focus on how mise-en-scene and sound create meaning and generate response in a sequence from Do The Right Thing. Sound can affect an audience’s response to a film and Spike Lee does this particularly well in the 2nd half of the penultimate scene to enforce and reflect the mood of the crowd. Mise en scene in this scene shows hidden meaning which plays on the audiences sub conscious. I will now analyze this scene in detail and identify where this is done. Costumes are used to ke
No More Smoking in Films April 28, 2004 Issue Essay What kind of impact do movies have on us? Films can make us laugh, and make us cry, but do they also influence us to engage in the same kind of behavior as our onscreen heroes? We've heard arguments for and against the cause-and-effect relationship of onscreen sex and violence, but what about onscreen smoking? The first recorded opposition to cigarettes was in 1892. Cigarettes were labeled by the Senate Committee on Epidemic Diseases to be an a
Character development in Fifth Business, and the role of name changes Robertson Davies’s novel, the Fifth Business, is full of symbolism, magic, saints, miracles and myths. Its characters are rich and colourful. Just like in classic theatre plays, there are five main characters in the book, two female ones and three male characters: the Hero, the Villain and the so called “fifth business”, who helps the story move along. The book’s main character, Dunstable Ramsey, plays a similar role in peopl
Inspiring Examples Of Exciting Leadership In the film, “In Search Of Excellence,” Tom Peters and Robert Waterman give viewers an inside look at some amazingly successful organizations. They present to the viewers what makes a successful business with outstanding customer service. From Tom Peters and Robert Waterman’s viewpoint, successful businesses and customer service begins with quality staff and excellent customer care. Management effectiveness, business strategy, and structure all play a ro
A Look at Shoplifting A Look at Shoplifting Everyday and everywhere in the world shoplifting is going on. Shoplifting is one of the most common crimes committed by young offenders. When caught people assume that the only problems made are for themselves, and this is where many people aren’t aware of the larger effects. Some of these effects are the cost to stores, cost to consumers, costs to the community, embarrassment to family, and loss of friends. This is an essay to look into the details of
AUGUST 1998, SPEECH AT MARCUS GARVEY'S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION In my opinion, Marcus Garvey was the greatest organizer of Afrikan people ever in the western hemisphere, meaning the Americas. The only person who has come close since is Minister Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam and if he continues he may exceed Garvey. Marcus founded and led the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) in 1914. At its peak it had over 2 million members worldwide, 700 chapters in the united states, 74 chapters i
How Bill Gates Changed The World Bill Gates, the single richest man alive. Yet he his days that started as a hacker where not always glorious, the way that he rode up to the top doing what he does best (hacking) make him a very interesting person to learn about. Today Bill Gates gives generously to the population and is nothing short of a great man. He used a lot of Homo Faber in his work, as he and his best friend (Paul Allen, Co-Founder of Microsoft) created many programs during there free tim
Johnny Reb is a Selfish Bastard Name Professor Course Date In his essay Human Rights: An East Asian Response, Henry Rosemont Jr. is a great proponent of Eastern political thought for the purposes of living a good, protected life. He argues forcefully against the Western view that places self above community in favor of a sort of family-based architecture of society. Such a view takes emphasis away from the individual and the self-centered “needs” thereof and places it instead on the community as
Plessy vs. Ferguson Plessy vs. Ferguson set precedent that segregation did not violate the thirteenth amendment banning slavery and involuntary servitude, but that race should be distinguished by “separate but equal” policies. Brown vs. Board of Education overturned the Plessy vs. Ferguson precedent when the Supreme Court justices ruled that the doctrine of separate but equal has no place [in the field of public education]. Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal. Even though segr
Gambling Gambling is prominent in today’s society. This can be seen especially through politics. Everywhere voters are electing people to office who are pro gambling. William Thompson of the University of Nevada (1994) describes politicians by stating, “It’s part of the American landscape, they’ll trade morality for dollars” (1). In North and South Carolina, for example, the last governor election showed that the people were for legal gambling by voting in governors who wanted a lottery. Now in
Wesley K. Clark Can Win As a Vietnam Hero, Wesley K. Clark, has a great chance of winning the Democratic Primary, as well as president. Is Clark good enough to be president? Yes, he is. As a military man, he has experienced what some of the other candidates have not. He is not afraid to tackle the difficult topics that most candidates shy away from. He wishes to undo the immense chaos that president Bush has managed to bring upon Iraq. He has four principle ideas for helping the economy. Clark i
Mussoliniand Economy Mussolini was famous for his claims of a planned economy, and social harmony in Italy. Fascism was also claimed to be an ideology of change, and dynamism. However Mussolini’s Italy had few economic successes between 1924 - 1936, and it remained without a developed industrial base, an issue fundamentally ignored by Mussolini. Mussolini did not actually aim for development, and economic growth, rather an economy which would increase his personal power and help maintain it. Ess
What is the difference between `New’ liberalism and `Neo-‘liberalism, and which is the more defensible form of liberalism? Liberalism is an enormously influential western political theory that underpins modern democracy and more. It structures political systems, bureaucracies, notions of citizenship, and self, and is often (though not always) conjoint to capitalism. “Liberalism is usually called a protean political theory because its emphasis has changed over the centuries and in different place
Advantages and Disadvantages of Capitalism and Communism There are many advantages and disadvantages to a communist or capitalistic society. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, Capitalism is an economic system characterized by freedom of the market with increasing concentration of the private and corporate ownership of production and distribution means. Capitalism is an internally stable economic system, in that it is consistent with human behavior. People understand that there is no
The Working Poor I feel that this is an out rage because there was recently 300 million dollars stolen and given to liberal supporting businesses, according to my calculations we could have given the 17 million Canadians that have this problem we could have given each family more than enough to survive and have more left over for people in the government to get drunk and waste more of my hard earned money. Our government needs to step up to the plate a help the families in need of help, plus the
How is China’s Economy Affected by the Three Gorges Dam? May 2, 2003 Humanities-Context The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River will greatly profit China and help the country towards westernization and capitalism. When completed, the dam will prevent future flood damage that has in the past cost the country billions in home repairs and thousands of lost lives. Numerous countries are loaning money to aid the Chinese government despite their political differences improving trade with China, resu
Arson: Definition - Any willful or malicious burning or attempt to burn, with or without intent to defraud, a dwelling house, public building, motor vehicle or aircraft, personal property of another, etc. Arson: Why do people do it and how can we prevent it? Arson is a common, costly and complex problem in this country and around the world. Arson affects everyone, invading communities, threatening businesses and family security. Deliberate fire setting is the largest single cause of fires in the
Assimilation, Adaptation, and Adjustment of Immigrants as They Enter American Culture Must pray on Saturday and can not keep the store open, anticipate loss of business; you are Jewish. Pray in school, anticipate objections; you are Muslim. Pray to 330 million gods, anticipate fear and injustice; you are Hindu. The United States of America is a country that welcomes immigrants with open arms to live in and bring their own religions, cultures, and traditions. Over time, as different religions com
B E Company Introduction This project is helping a global based company to design a system to cover the entire problem now they are facing about supply. Company background B E is a Danish company that has more than 10 retailer shops around the UK; the products now they are selling are major supplied from Demark. The problem they are facing is the communication channel, there is no motivated way for them to use actually cover the communication problem. Because sometimes the telephone order is tak
What are the most important factors explaining the rise of environmentalism in the UK? The News Media is not only responsible for the representation of environmental issues but also for public awareness, media coverage has influenced the rise in environmentalism hugely by bringing it into the public eye. For the general mainstream population media is their main – if not only – source of information. The government has a responsibility to inform the public of ‘public affairs’ and although a lot o
Global Warming: The Truth 1 English 101 3rd Draft of MP# 4 According to the National Academy of Sciences, with accelerated global warming during the past two decades, there is now new and stronger evidence that most of the warming over the last 50 years is due to human activities (U.S. EPA 1). These activities have altered the chemical composition of the atmosphere through the buildup of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gasses occur naturally with in our atmosphere. Energy from the sun drives the ea
If Three Minerals Disappeared If copper disappeared from the Earth, it would affect me greatly because almost all wires inside of computers and integrated circuits are made of copper. So I would not be able to use computers, and neither would anyone else, except for a few that use fiber-optic wire. All kinds of businesses would stop functioning because their computers would all crash. Over 80% of all money in the United States doesn’t exist. It’s “virtual money,” so it only exists in cyberspace.
The Problem Of Global Warming The Problem of Global Warming First discovered at the turn of the century by the Swedish scientist Arrhenius, global warming was initially thought to only cause increased greenhouse gases from coal combustion emissions. It wasn’t until fifty years later that the real causes and effects of global warming would be discovered. A British scientist by the name of Calendar correlated the 10% increase of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide between 1850 and 1940 with the observed wa
The Latin Quarter CREATIVE BUSINESS PLAN FOR:“THE LATIN QUARTER” TABLE OF CONTENTS: I. Pre-Planning A. Store Concept Summary…………………………………… B. Mission Statement………………………………………….. C. Name of store and logo……………………………………. D. Customer Profile……………………………………………. E. Competitive Report………………………………….……… F. Location and site evaluation………………………………. G. Visual Strategy and design concept……………………… H. Management structure…………………………………….. I. Legal issues and insurance……………………………….. J. Financial evaluation……………
Uniform Crime Reporting Program In the 2002, 14,054 murders took place in the United States of America. Murder as defined in the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, is the willful killing of one human being by another. There are exceptions to this definition such as war and justifiable killings, which is when one feels that their life is threatened and murder is the only available recourse. I will use this essay to explain who commits these murders and why they commit them. There are many cri
Farm Subsidies: A Necessary Evil? Subsidies are payments, economic concessions, or privileges given by the government to favor businesses or consumers. In the 1930s, subsidies were designed to favor agriculture. John Steinbeck expressed his dislike of the farm subsidy system of the United States in his book, The Grapes of Wrath. In that book, the government gave money to farms so that they would grow and sell a certain amount of crops. As a result, Steinbeck argued, many people starved unnecessa
Rectification and Compensation ENG 111 Affirmative Action is one of the most controversial civil rights policies ever. Affirmative Action is the process in which minority groups are given preferential treatment in areas such as job hiring and university admissions. Proponents of affirmative action claim that it benefits everyone and that it is a moral necessity in our society. Opponents claim that it actually hurts society by maintaining racial stereotypes and pitting races against each other. S
Communications Communication has always been of the highest importance to members of any society. Without communication how would anyone know the day’s current events, know about jobs or know what is happening with one’s family. Most communication had been face to face verbal exchange. Then printed word became a way to communicate especially at a distance. Information took quite awhile to arrive at its destination. People were constantly in need of faster and better communication. The invention
Telecommunications 4/28/04 Communications Period 1 Telecommunications networks now link manufacturers with assembly plants, designers with factories, software engineers with hardware vendors, suppliers with retailers, retailers with customers. No longer is it necessary to have all the expertise in house. Software engineers in Silicon Valley complain that they are laid off while contractors transmit code from Russia and India. Freelance designers can now send clothing patterns directly to an auto
Computer Crime English 12-2 16 April 2004 One hundred years ago, computer crimes were not heard of. New technologies bring new problems. The invention of the computer has made our lives to accomplish new things much easier in many ways. We have experienced many benefits such as improved working conditions, the space program, and new entertainment. Unfortunately, it has produced some bad things like computer criminals. Computer crimes are serious. Now that society is used to depending on computer
Computer Hacking Computer crime started in the early 1970’s and has become more and more prevalent. Some computer crimes are committed by outside individuals that hack into a computer system. These are the people that usually steal data and cause data loss by vandalism. The most common kind of computer crime is espionage committed by people who work for a company, but this is also the one that you rarely hear about. They usually enter false data that will end up making money for them. Hackers ar
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) In this essay, I will begin by presenting the concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Within this, I will discuss in detail the work of Reinartz and Kumar, as well as other influential writers, in order to provide broad theoretical underpinning to my analysis. Following on from this, I will critically assess the extent to which the implementation of an eCRM system can provide an organisation with a source of unique competitive advantage. I will u
CUFM MIDTERM Spring 2004 Online This exam is short answer/essay. Please answer each question to the best of your ability. Feel free to use the book. When you are done, return via email or email attachment. Chapter I Why, for the major industrial powers, are knowledge and information key ingredients for creating wealth? In today’s world, knowledge and information are very important if you want to make it to the top. For major industrial powers, these key ingredients are a necessity. It’s a fast p
Does the Internet Bring Freedom? Will the Internet make the world more free? Some would answer with a resounding yes. Consider, for example, the views of John Perry Barlow of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who has declared in his widely-circulated Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace (1996): Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind….I declare the global social space we are building to be naturally independent
Heinrich Schliemann 1822 - 1890 Heinrich Schliemann was born on January 6, 1822 in the small village of Neu Buckow, Germany. His parents were Ernst and Luise Therese Sophie Schliemann. His interest in Homeric Troy started when his father, a protestant minister, gave him a book or Christmas in 1829 by Ludwig Jerrer entitled Illustrated History of the World . Schliemann's mother died in 1831, and Heinrich was sent to live with his uncle, Frederich Schliemann. While at his uncle's, Schliemann conce
How computers and computing system affect Businesses and their environment 4-29-2004 Only once in a lifetime will a new invention come about to touch every aspect of our lives. Such a device that changes the way we work, live, and play is a special one, indeed. A machine that has done all this and more now exists in nearly every business in the US and one out of every two households (4). This incredible invention is the computer. The electronic computer has been around for over a half-century, b
Project Planning and Implementation Project Introduction CMGT 410 February 12, 2004 Project Introduction Background and Statement of Need: Alliance Services, Inc. (ASI) is a 250-person consulting firm that provides support services to small businesses in various fields and specialties. The company started over 7 years ago, when a group of friends realized that a constant need existed for dependable companies that could provide wide-ranging support services, at reasonable prices, to the small bus
The Elements of Commerce When you get down to the actual elements of commerce and commercial transactions, things get slightly more complicated because you have to deal with the details. However, these details boil down to a finite number of steps. The following list highlights all of the elements of a typical commerce activity. In this case, the activity is the sale of some product by a retailer to a customer: o If you would like to sell something to a customer, at the very core of the matter i
Economic Consequences of Software Crime In 1996 worldwide illegal copying of domestic and international software cost $15.2 billion to the software industry, with a loss of $5.1 billion in the North America alone. Some sources put the total up-to-date losses, due to software crime, as high as $4.7 trillion. On the next page is a regional breakdown of software piracy losses for 1994. Estimates show that over 40 percent of North American software company revenues are generated overseas, yet nearly
NAFTA The free trade argument states that, if each nation produces what it does best and permits trade, over the long run all will enjoy lower prices and higher levels of output, income, and consumption that could be achieved in isolation. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), implemented in January of 1994, created a situation in North America in which there are no taxes on most products imported and exported between the three countries. Ideally, the governments of Canada, the U.S
When one takes a look at the world in which he currently lives, he sees it as being normal since it is so slow in changing. When an historian looks at the present, he sees the effects of many events and many wise people. Benjamin Franklin is one of these people. His participation in so many different fields changed the world immensely. He was a noted politician as well as respected scholar. He was an important inventor and scientist. Particularly interesting is the impact on the scientific world
Spending financed not by current tax receipts, but by borrowing or drawing upon past tax reserves. , Is it a good idea? Why does the U.S. run a deficit? Since 1980 the deficit has grown enormously. Some say its a bad thing, and predict impending doom, others say it is a safe and stable necessity to maintain a healthy economy. When the U.S. government came into existence and for about a 150 years thereafter the government managed to keep a balanced budget. The only times a budget deficit existe
From a business perspective, working under government contracts can be a very lucrative proposition. In general, a stream of orders keep coming in, revenue increases and the company grows in the aggregate. The obvious downfalls to working in this manner is both higher quality expected as well as the extensive research and documentation required for government contracts. If a part fails to perform correctly it can cause minor glitches as well as problems that can carry serious repercussions, such