March 24, 2004 History 4

Yugoslavia has been divided in to many independent countries, but Kosovo

didnt break up peacefully. Kosovars were ethnic Albainans of the muslim faith.

Kosovo was under the political control of the serbian orthodox minority. The

kosovars demand for a full independence and backed it up with guerrilla warfare.

In 1999 Slobodon Milosivic the president at the time refused any peace plan they

were offerd. The Serbs in turn began a campaign against the kosovars, most of

whom left to Albania and else where. Serbs started to remove non-serbs called

ehtnic cleansing. About 300,000 Kosovo Albanian civilians were expelled from there

providence by destruction of there homes and there villages. Many were killed and

some there identification papers were taken away from them.

Serbia has violated article 3 of the un decleration of human rights,which stats

(Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.) America did not

approve of the situation in Yugoslavia, in wich they retaliated with bombing against

the serbian party.The attacks eventually forced the Serbs from the region. Slobodan

Milosivic was charged with one count of violations of the laws or customs of war

(Article 3 - murder).Gradually, many kosovar refugees returned to their ruined

province, hoping to eventally gain full independence.