Your Wedding Reception, A Memorable Lifetime Experience

“Will you marry me?” In a relative way, asking this question is the easiest part of the wedding process. Not many people know exactly what they are in for when it is their time to plan a wedding. The small things are often the most important as well as the easiest to forget. Preparing for and planning a wedding reception consumes a tremendous amount of time, energy, and most of all patients. With this in mind, a few of the important questions to answer are where, how, and with whom. It is no small chore planning a reception but when it is all over there is a felling of great joy and happiness.

When planning a reception a budget needs to be established. This will help to decide if the reception will be at a banquet hall, the local VFW hall, or just in the backyard. People need to be realistic in their budget and not go beyond their means. No one should ever depend on the monetary gifts they receive at the wedding to get him or her out of the poor house.

Deciding where the reception is held has a direct effect on who or how many are invited. Often a very large reception will be very tiresome and less fulfilling. An important point to keep in mind is that at the reception the bride and groom must visit every table, and if there were 100 tables there would be no time to enjoy the party. If a VFW type hall is used it adds an extra job to an already over burdened couple, finding a caterer. A banquet hall can save both time and money in the long run. Banquet halls supply the food, drinks, cake, and best of all the clean up. The reception location is a very important choice and deserves a good amount of thought so that the bride and groom will always have pleasant memories of the occasion.

A photographer will help to make this wonderful occasion a permanent memory. Will there be video, photographs, or both? This is another of the topics the future husband and wife need to discuss. To find the perfect picture taker requires a certain amount of research. Do not just grab the yellow pages and pick! Talk to some friends, neighbors, and parents to get a few references. From this list decide on which companies to call, about 4 different appointments should be made. While at the appointment, get testimonials and references from each photographer. Also, ask to see sample albums of similar occasions. The meeting should come to a close if a photographer can not supply any samples or references. Just remember one thing, a wedding is a once in a lifetime moment and can not be replayed if the photographer forgets to load the camera.

Of course there are many other little details in the planning a wedding but none as important as those mentioned. In order for the wedding to be a success the most important ingredients are thought and research. This process should be an enjoyable event and if by chance it causes tension, and it will, take a deep breath and remember the reason you are subjecting yourselves to this added stress, LOVE.