Young Adult relationships envolve feelings of hate, anger, care and love. These feelings are driven by personal thoughts about the person themselves and others.

Case 1. Josie’s thoughts on her life sparked feelings of admiration for John. She was convinced that she and her family were outcasts in society. On the other hand, she saw John and his family as people accepted by society. In this case, Josie’s admiration of John was a desire to be like him by being apart of him in a love relationship.
A conversation with John changes Josie’s opinion as he expresses his feelings of depression and anger towards his life. Josie realises John was never the ‘golden boy’ she once thought and her thoughts on life start to change.

Case 2. At first, Josie’s relationship with Jacob was of hate. Josie associated her hate for Jacob from an experience she remembers a couple years back where Jacob and his friends threw eggs at Josie and her friends. Josie assumes Jacob’s feelings for her were also hate. Years later, Josie realises that Jacob’s feelings for her were not of hate, but attraction. She learns more about Jacob and finds herself also attracted.
Josie and Jacob encounter many problems as they make an attempt to start a love relationship. They discover each other’s cultural differences and as a result, Jacob must change his attitude in order to understand Josie’s feelings.

Case 3. “ ‘I slept with Matt’, she said with a shrug. ‘It was no big deal.’ “[p.255]. In this quote made by Lee, she makes it sounds as if, her she doesn’t have intense feelings about her sexual relationship with Matt. Josie’s comment on Lee, “ I think she has so much emotion she doesn’t want to show, she makes sure nobody sees it.”[p.21] could be evidence of an image Lee is trying to hold. Hiding her feelings and saying that her sexual experience with Matt was no big deal could be an good example to supporting Josie’s comment. Later on as Lee and Josie walk home together, Lee opens up and shares her opinion about sex with Josie.

Josie’s relationship with John was based on false opinions. Although later on, they develop a solid relationship when John confides with Josie about his life.
It was obvious Josie and Jacob’s relationship was doomed from the start as the two are exact opposites. Coming from 2 different backgrounds made it hard for the two to understand each other’s problems.
It seems as though Lee is denying her true feelings about her sexual experience with Matt as apart of an image which she wishes to keep.