You might have heard of the story on Anne Frank, and thought that it was a gulling experiences living in the attic with the fear of getting caught and put to death. Well, I know of a worse story, it is the story of a courageous adolescent and his struggle to maintain life. If you believe that Anne Frank’s situation was frightening, Elie Wiesel and his father struggle is far worse. In the story Night, Elie describes his experience in full detail from his life before the concentration camps to his life in the dreadful camps it self.
In the first chapter of the story, Elie was a living in peace with his family and religion was a main focus in his life. He often studies the Talmud, the basic scripture of Judaism, and at night he goes to the synagogue to worship the God which he believes in profoundly. As a young child, he wanted to study cabbala but his father said he was too young. As you well, know young kids never listen to their parents and they just do whatever they want to do. Therefore, he asked a holy man called Moshe the Beadle teach him as much as he knows. As you can see, Elie is quite proud of his religion.
One day the Hungarian police burst into the Jewish houses and asked all the Jews to get out of their houses to be transported in the ghettos which was built in Sighet. This was the turning point of Elie’s life. From this moment on, it will be a great struggle. As a religious child, he didn’t worry much about the situation. He continued to pray to God and ask for help. The ghetto’s weren’t home but the Jews made the best of it and lived a normal life until deportation. Elie’s family got separated during the deportation. His sister and mother were taken to a different camp. While Elie and his father were taken to another. His mother and sister soon died in the concentration camp.
Now begins Elie and his father’s horrible nightmare. They were taken to numerous camps. Most of the time they faced death from the crematory factories or from selection. The amount of food they were given is so little that not even an animal could survive for a long time. Most of the work they were faced required long hours of heavy lifting. But that wasn’t the worst part of the camp. They had to work during the winter with little clothing on their body. I could just imagine how difficult their life was. Then every day they had to go through this thing they call a “roll call” that’s like taking attendance. But instead of their names, they were called by the numbers they were given. Obviously, they were all treated as slaves. Every day, Elie and his dad sees people dying a slow and painful death.
There was a time when Elie himself almost got selected to be put to the crematory factory, but with the stroke of luck, his dad and he managed to be saved. One day things were really bad, Elie suffered a major foot injury which required doctor’s assistance and a surgery. Elie was in the hospital for at least a week and if he would have stayed longer, he could have been selected. He almost lost his leg, but luckily, her didn’t. The situation is really getting worse. He’s father is getting weaker and older, and Elie is suffering a worse problem. At this point of time, Elie lost faith from God. All the religious belief he had when he was younger were all lost. He no longer turn to God for help.
Just as he thought things were getting better and the Americans are finally making an advance. Once again they were asked to move to a different camp. But this was the worst of them all. Instead of being transported by a vehicle, they were forced to walk through the winter snow with no food or soup. They traveled for days and many Jews didn’t make it. And the travel affected his father tremendously. Just after the journey, his father became ill and weak. A few days later,