You know that big state on the western side of the county, ya the one

with the big bridge. In case you didnít knowÖ. itís California! California is a

Indian name. It is located on the western side of the country off the

Pacific Ocean. It has 29,760,021 people! WOW! The capital of California is

Sacramento. It is located right about where the state bends, only a little west.

California has many interesting things to represent it. It was first a state

on September 9th, 1850. Itís the 30th state of all 50.Californiaís nickname is

"The Golden State". It has a Greek motto, Eureka. Wich means "I have found

it!" The state bird of California is the California Valley Quail. The California

Golden Poppy is Californiaís state flower. The song of California is "I Love

You California". The fish of California is the California Golden Trout. (Does

everything start with California?!) California is practulcly known by itís state

tree, the California Redwood. The California Dog-Face Butterfly is

Californiaís state insect. Hereís an other California one, The California

Grizzly Bear. Itís the state mammal. Here are some things that donít start

with California: The Gray Whale which is the sea mammal. Californiaís rock

is Sepermtine. It has an interesting fossil, the Saber-Tooth Cat. Last but not

least the reptile, the Desert Tortoise.

California is the 3rd largest state. Alaska, Texas then California. It is 158,706 square mi. N. to S. California is 770 mi. and from E. to W. itís 360 mi. If you live in the north youíll see Oregon, the south water and a little of Mexico, to the east Nevada and Arizona, to the westÖ.. WATER!

California has a great amount of land formation. It includes Serria Nevada, Coast Ranges, the Great Basin, Cascade Mounts., and Central Valley. Mt. Whitney is 14,457 feet above sea level, Californiaís highest elevation. Itís lowest elevation is in Death Valley, 282 feet below sea level. Californiaís average elevation is mostly below sea level.

California of course has a lot of water. It has many rivers. Such as the Colorado River which is located on the southeastern border, the Sacromento River in the central part of the state, the San Jouquin River located in the eastern part of the state. California also has many lakes too. The San Diego Bay located in the southwestern part of the state, the San Francisco Bay on the western border, Lake Tahoe located right where the state bends.

When we think 43 degrees is hot California freezes at that! California has summer temperature we love to vacation, 73-84 degrees! We only dream of California in the winter, 71-56 degrees! The lowest temperature was only 42 degrees!!!

Californiaís main places to visit are the big cities. Interesting cities are San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Some vacationing areas to visit are of course Disney Land, Mission San Diego De Alcala. Interesting places to visit places to visit are San Diego Zoo, Squaw Highway, Death Valley Monument, and others.

California was fun to learn about. I enjoyed it because I have relatives there. I have learned a lot of information about California. Iíd like to visit there to go to Disney Land and see my uncles and other things.