Yasir Arafat
Yasir Arafat was born in 1929. He became chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1969. The PLO is a confederation of Palestine Arab groups that work to establish an Arab state in what was once Palestine. Most of the area that formed Palestine is now part of Israel.
Arafat claims he was both in Jerusalem in what was then the British mandate of Palestine but his birth certificate indicates that he was born in Cairo, Egypt. His full name is: Mohammad Abdel-Raouf Arafat AL-Qudwa Al-Husseini. He acquired the nickname Yasir which means easygoing as a teenager. He earned a degree in civil engineering at Cario University, in Egypt. In the 1950’s Arafat helped organize Arab Guerrilla groups including, AL Faith, now part on the PLO bases. Arafat addressed the UN general Assembly in 1974, and the UN then organized the PLO as the representative of the Arabs of Palestine.
In 1983, fighting broke out between PLO supporters of Arafat anti those who opposed him. The rebels forced Arafat and his supporters to leave their in northern Lebanon, but Arafat remained chairman of the PLO.
The PLO did not recognize Israel’s rights to exist. Bur in 1988, Arafat persuaded the PLO it accept Israel’s rights to exist along side an independent Palestinian state in territories in Palestine Israel had occupied after 1967 arab-isreali war. The territories are the Gaza strip and the west bank. the PLO declared the existence of the state and elected Arafat it’s president. But Israel continued to occupy and in effect govern the area. In 1993, the PLO-under Arafat’s leadership, signed an agreement with Isreal for the star of a plan for Palestinian self-government for and Israel’s withdrawals from the Gaza strip and the west bank. In 1994, this plan went into effect in the Gaza strip and the west bank city of Jericho. The PLO and Israel also gave recognition to each other and agreed to work to end their conflicts. Arafat and Israel leaders Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres shared the 1994 Nobel peace prize for their peace efforts in the middle east.
On December 10, 1994, the Palestinian and Israeli leaders met again this time in Oslo, Norway. And once again the world looked on as the unlikely pair jointly accepted the recognition for their effort.
the talk about Yasir’s “deteriorating Health” has been rife lately in media political circles. Reports to that effect are varied in credibility and authenticity and some particularly those originating from Israeli sources may be tendentious in nature and even politically motivated. However other reports leaked from inside the mot-so-hermetic PA establishment seems to be sufficiently credible to warrant delving into the crucial question of “Who would succeed Yasir Arafat?” Some reports have suggested that the Palestinian leader whose pundits rightly contend that he has made himself indispensable both as chairman of the PLO and resident of the Palestinian authority is suffering from a variety of symptoms including shivering lips, trembling hands (early symptoms of Parkinson’s) memory loss, fainting spells and in general, signs of early senility.
Last month, November 1, 1998, an Israeli doctor interviewed on Israel’s channel 2 said he was sure that Arafat displayed early signs of parkisons disease the symptoms of which include muscular tremors muscular rigidity and progressive general weakness.
For its part, the Palestinian Authority dismisses the Israeli rumors as baseless and politically motivated. Nabil Amre , a close aid to Yasir Arafat, said that Arafat’s health was very good. During a political seminar in Dura on November 20, 1998. Amre added that Israeli institutions to that effect were aimed at creating a PR atmosphere conducive to enable them to evade carrying out their commitments under the peace process, including the vital secondary re-deployment from significant parts of the West Bank.
They want to tell the Americans, they have an ill leader had an unstable entity; and under such circumstances, Israeli cant afford to give more concessions to the Palestinians.
Arafat is the chairman of the PLO, the president of the PA; he holds all the reins he controls all the money he takes all the decisions...and he, by and large is the only law whose authority is “respected” established and enforced. In fact many Palestinians including some intellectuals think that Arafat is irreplaceable if only because he