Written Commentary of My Performances

In our music performance our stimulus was “dreams”. The decision was a result of a group discussion and after this was set we split into smaller groups to brainstorm ideas for the performance based on the stimulus. The brainstorm enabled my group to expand from “dreams” to aspirational dreams, where someone dreams of achievement or of reaching a target they had set. The objective of our music performance became to portray someone working to achieve their dreams.

We chose to use a keyboard at the beginning of our performance so that we could develop a melody but we decided that using a guitar would be better as we believed this would make the performance more enjoyable for an audience and also make the song sound more like we wanted it to as it would be a more upbeat sound. We also chose to use vocals as we wanted our piece to be a song as it would give more depth to our piece. We then started experimenting with some percussion instruments such as bongos and maracas as we wanted our song to be more upbeat. The guitar and vocals bought a slightly happier timbre to the chorus which we needed in order to contradict and also compliment the moderately solemn verses. We decided to stop using our percussion instruments owing to an outside opinion and to replace the bongos and maracas we chose to use our hands and feet by clapping and stamping to create a beat.

We had a time signature of four beats to a bar. The beats we made with our hands and feet helped us to keep to the time frame. We established the melody by experimenting with several different notes and grouping the ones that sounded good together. We improvised singing melodies using the basic notes that we had created to establish a basic melody for our performance. I created harmony parts for myself to sing by using the melody we had created and choosing notes that complimented the melody notes. My group felt that the different harmonies were important to the piece as it gave it more structure and made it sound more pleasant and professional.

I feel that the final performance was extremely confident and very comfortable for me and the other members of my group as we had extremely productive and organised rehearsals and this was due to us continuously making changes to our work until we were completely satisfied with how it sounded.

For our drama performance the stimulus was an image by “Salvador Dali”. We extended from the stimulus by deconstructing the painting into three different issues. We chose to use sex, animals and women for our three issues. To objective of our drama piece was to create a three minute drama performance that represented our three issues. Before we started improvising we structured the running order of our three issues and the order that we chose was animals, women and then sex.

Our drama piece had some conflicts that created tension in our performance. We had sexual discrimination and the representation of ourselves and other people in certain groups and we tried to show the conflicts in our drama piece to the best of our abilities. The themes of women, animals and sex helped us base our work on something and therefore caused much improvisation using those themes which eventually helped us find ideas that we all agreed would work in our performance.

I think that there were about five different types of characters in out drama piece. At the start of our piece we tried to show how animals acted by using a woman shopping while the man sat at home and watched television thus displaying the male as lazy and the female as the hunter. Over this we had a commentary which explained that the female lioness goes out to hunt and gather food for her family while the male lion lounges around to protect the family. Most people would have the psychological image that a woman would do the shopping anyway as it is a stereotypical view, and men are stereotypically viewed as watching football on the television very often. We showed