Writing After Discussion The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse
4. Is pursuing a personal dream more important then obbeying others?
Is pursuing your personal dream more important than listening to what people tell you to do? I believe that even from an early age what people tell you to do is pursue your dream. By pursuing your dream, you are fulfilling both tasks.

Now there are places where you draw the line. For instance what if you were to steal a car to learn to drive at the age of ten because your dream is becoming a race car driver? Well this theory does have its limits. If you are old enough to be set in stone what you wish to be doing and you are within the peramiters of the law while doing it, then go for it!

The example given in the story (the Summer of the Beautiful White Horse) it does not fit my discription. I believe that in the story Aram and Mourad could have found many different ways to learn to ride a horse without stealing (borrowing) farmer John Byroís horse and claiming it as their own.

This is an unfair assesment though. Not everytime someone follows their dream will they steal and lie to get there let alone steal and they lie about it. If you can not possibly find a morally correct way to follow your dreams, then you probably arenít mature enough to be following them in the bginning.

If you always follow your dreams, despite what other people say/think then you will wind up where you want to be rather then where others want you to be then you will live a much happier and successful (in terms of personal judgement) life. Being who you want and living your life the way you wish to is always the best way to keep yourself in harmony.