World war two was inevitable in my eyes. Let's look at the reasons why. By the late 1941 Japan and United States were near confrontation. Joseph C.Crew and American ambassador in Japan described a position paper to a Japanese friend. There were four points in the paper 1) respect for the territorial integrity, and the sovereignty of each and all nations, 2) support of the principal of noninterference in the internal affairs of other countries, 3) support of the principle of equality, including equality of commercial opportunity, 4) nondisturbance of the existing article in the pacific except as the status quo mat be altered by peaceful means. If Japan followed all these rules the United States and Japan can see a happy future.
Japan responded to this position statement by the US with their own position statement. Japan said that under these circumstances it must be pointed out that the policies of Japan and the United States are mutually incompatible; it is historically inevitable that the conflict between the two countries, which is sometimes intense and sometimes moderate, will ultimately lead to war. This eventually leads to war with other issues.
On November 1941, the Japanese also sent a series of proposals to the United States touching on the most important points between the two countries. The American government found them unacceptable. On November 26 the United States also sent another proposal for a settlement emphasizing the four points mentioned in Ambassador Grew and insisting on better guarantees of Japanese good will in China and Indochina. The American military leaders felt that peaceful settlement were slim so they sent special war messages to Pearl Harbor.
Another reason why that I think that the war was inevitable was because of the warnings that Japan sent to the United States. Japan sent several warnings to the US about the war, some of the warnings were about Japan attacking Pearl Harbor, but all the US did was ignore them. If the US paid attention to the warnings about war then maybe they would have sent troops to Peal Harbor to stop the attack on Pearl Harbor. I also think that the Unites Stated would not have entered the war without the attack on Pearl Harbor because Pearl Harbor was what ignited the war. I think that World War two started with the attack of Pearl Harbor.
The main reason for World War two was the attack on Pearl Harbor if that did not happen us would not have entered the war.