World War II Timeline

Due to the immense scope of World War Two, it would be nearly impossible to list all of the
significant events of the period on this web page. The following dates have been selected
because of their importance with respect to the causes and outcome of the war.


Nov. 11

World War One Armistice signed at Compiegne, France


June 28

Treaty of Versailles signed


Jan. 16

League of Nations meets for the first time


July 29

Adolf Hitler assumes control of National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) Party


Oct. 24

Benito Mussolini calls for fascist "Blackshirts" to March on Rome

Oct. 29

Mussolini appointed Premier by King Victor Emmanuel III


Nov. 8-9

Hitler\'s Munich Beer Hall Putsch fails


Jan. 3

Mussolini dismisses Italian parliament, begins to assume dictatorial powers

July 18

Hitler\'s autobiography, Mein Kampf, is published


Oct. 29

Wall Street Stock Market crashes


Sept. 18

Japanese Army invades Manchuria


Nov. 8

Franklin Delano Roosevelt elected President of the United States


Jan. 30

Hitler appointed Chancellor of Germany by President Paul von Hindenburg

Feb. 27

German Reichstag burns down; communists blamed, arrested.

Mar. 23

Enabling Act passed by Reichstag; Hitler assumes dictatorial power

July 14

Nazi party declared official party of Germany; all other parties banned

Oct. 14

Germany quits League of Nations


June 30

Hitler orders murder of SA Chief Ernst Roehm in "Night of the Long Knives"

Aug. 2

German President Paul von Hindenburg dies

Aug. 19

Hitler combines the offices of president and chancellor; assumes the title of Führer


Mar. 16

Military conscription introduced in Germany in violation of Versailles treaty

Sept. 15

Nuremberg race laws promulgated

Oct. 3

Italian Army invades Ethiopia


Mar. 7

German troops remilitarize the Rhineland in violation of Versailles treaty

May 9

Italian campaign in Ethiopia ends

July 17

Spanish Civil War breaks out; Hitler and Mussolini send aid to Franco

Oct. 1

Franco becomes dictator of Spain

Oct. 25

Rome-Berlin "Axis" alliance formed


Jan. 19

Japan withdraws from Washington Conference Treaty limiting the size of its navy

May 28

Neville Chamberlain becomes Prime Minister of England

June 11

Josef Stalin begins purge of Red Army

July 7

Full-scale war erupts between China and Japan


Mar. 12

Germany invades Austria; Anschluss (union) proclaimed

Sept. 30

Munich conference held to solve Sudeten question

Oct. 15

German troops occupy Czech Sudetenland

Nov 9-10

Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass)


Mar. 15-16

German troops occupy the rest of Czechoslovakia in violation of Munich Agreement

Mar. 28

Spanish Civil War ends

Aug. 23

Nazi-Soviet nonagression pact signed

Sept. 1

German Army invades Poland

Sept. 3

Britain and France declare war on Germany

Sept. 17

Red Army invades Poland in accordance with Nazi-Soviet Pact

Sept. 27

Warsaw falls to the Nazis

Nov. 30

Red Army attacks Finland

Dec. 14

Soviet Union kicked out of League of Nations


Mar. 12

Finland signs peace treaty with Soviet Union

April 9

German Army invades Denmark and Norway

May 10

German Army invades France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands; Winston Churchill appointed British Prime Minister

May 15

Holland capitulates to Nazis

May 26

"Miracle at Dunkirk"

May 28

Belgium capitulates to Nazis

June 10

Norway capitulates to Nazis; Italy declares war on Britain and France

June 14

Nazis take Paris

June 22

France capitulates to Nazis

July 10

Battle of Britain begins

July 23

Red Army takes Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

Aug. 3

Italian Army invades British Somaliland

Aug. 13

Luftwaffe begins raids on British airfields and aircraft factories

Aug. 23-24

Off-course German bombers accidentally bomb London

Aug. 25-26

Royal Air Force mounts reprisal raid against Berlin

Sept. 7

German "blitz" on British cities begins in earnest

Sept. 13

Italian Army attacks Egypt

Sept. 16

Military conscription introduced in United States

Sept. 27

Tripartite alliance formed between Germany, Italy and Japan

Oct. 7

German troops occupy Romania

Oct. 28

Italian Army attacks Greece

Nov. 5

Roosevelt re-elected

Nov. 10-11

RAF raid cripples Italian fleet at Taranto

Nov. 20

Romania joins Axis

Dec. 9-10

British counter-attack begins against Italian Army in North Africa


Jan. 22

British take Tobruk in North Africa from Nazis

Feb. 11

British Army attacks