World War I Essay

I believe that after World War I ended western values changed greatly. I think that
every man believed that they had to take care of themselves and only themselves. No one
had many friends and no one really wanted to have friends. According to the literature we
have read, after World War I it was basically every man for himself in the west.
After World War I, no one in the west really had a sturdy job. They just went
from job to job. They stuck to one job as long as they could and once they finished that
job they would go find another. As in Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie worked at
one place, Weed, and when they finished, or got chased out, they went to get new jobs.
That was just the way it was.
Another thing about that period was that there were “classes” in a way. There was
the boss, the managers/foremen, and the workers. Just like any other class system, the
lowest class, the workers, would do all of the hard work and the highest class, the boss,
would profit from the work. The middle class, the managers/foremen would be there to
make sure the workers worked and the boss profited. As in Of Mice and Men, the boss
would basically sit around and watch over everyone and the workers would work hard all
day long. While, in this time, the “foreman”, Curley, would make sure that the workers
worked and made his father, the boss, profit off of their work.
Another issue that changed after World War I was the giving and sharing. Before
World War I, sharing was a big thing, but after World War I, it wasn’t so big. Such as in
Of Mice and Men, when the workers say that the boss gave them a bottle of whiskey for
Christmas they are so happy. The thing is that a bottle of whiskey isn’t a big deal and it
wasn’t a good gift at all. But it shows that during that time, a bottle of whiskey was a
good gift. Meaning that people weren’t used to getting any good gifts so they considered
the whiskey a good gift.
After World War I, the lower class people in the west didn’t really work to earn
money. They worked to have food and shelter. As in Of Mice and Men, the workers,
lower class, worked to get food and shelter and once they had that they spent their extra
money on a whore house.
Basically, World War I didn’t have a very good effect on western cultures in my
opinion. All life was about in the west at that time was making sure you had food and
shelter. Basically, life was about survival and nothing else. No happiness, no
companionship, no nothing.