World War 2

World War 2
World War 2 was one of the many wars that occurred during the 20th century.
this brutal war many countries, people, and history were changed. The factors
encourged the Germans and Japanese forces allowed them to take over other
and kill many of people. Now, years later, from a different point of view, the
Germans and Japanese accomplished nothing but just killing innocent people.
greediness behind the Germans and Japanese in the 20th century would change
lives forever.
How Did This War Start
The Germans had a powerful army in the 1930's. They had a very powerful leader
Adolf Hitler. He was a greedy man who wanted everyone blonde hair, and blue
eyes. He
wanted everyone the same and to be the only leader in the world. Hitler started
conquest for land in 1938 when he annexed Austria. He followed this by
Czechoslovakia. When Hitler increased his demands on the Czechs, war seemed
certain. The British and French had meetings with Hitler and Mussoluni but they
not stop them from putting demands on other country's. Soon after the meetings
captured Czechoslovakia and seized a former German port. He moved on by putting
demands on Poland and the Polish Corridor. In September 1939 France and Britain
agreed to support Poland and they soon declared war with Germany.
How Did The US Get IntoThe War
First of all Japan has no natural resources in their country. So being that
replied on their oil products from the US. In July 27 1941, President
stopped all trading with the Japanese. That meaning now that Japan has no fuel
to run
their military forces. Japan forces then went and attacked the East Indies and
over all of their fuel. Shell was the company that owned most of the fuel
products in
the East Indies. Shell's head office was in England which led European forces
to be
in the war against Japan and Germany. When the US stopped trading with Japan
took this as a hostile act but, Japan still tried to make peace with them. A
ambassador even asked for a peace discussion with the secretary of state. The
did not go threw with the 2 nations. Japan then attacked Atu (an island off of
Alaska) in hopes to draw the American forces up North. Japan was wrong , but
after this they planned out a sneak attack on Pearl Harbour (a military base for
Americans in Hawaii). The Americans had a small idea that the Japanese might
them. On the Morning of December 7, 1941 a flight of planes were detected, but
people in Pearl Harbour were told that they were US fighter planes coming in
California. Soon after that a Japanese submarine was discovered in the waters
of Hawaii. An American destroyer was sent out to destroy the submarine, which
it did.
Soon after that the planes that were detected earlier were Japanese forces.
launched their bombes on Pearl Harbour and destroyed 3/4 of the air crafts, all
battleships, and 2300 men. The US had no planes in the air, or anything else
ready to
fight. After the bombing the planes from California had arrived only to see
Harbour in black smoke. President Roosevelt wasted no time as he asked congress
declare war. On December 8,1941 war was declared on Japan.
What Was The Nature Of The War Between The Us And Japan
At the start of the War Japanese forces were very confident of winning the War
the Americans. They used methods such as bombings and air raids to try and
defeat the
Americans. In 1943 the US turned the tables by island hoping and soon started
drive the Japanese back into Japan. In 1944 Japan started losing really bad
the Americans. They started to resort to suicidal banzai in attempts to kill as
of the Americans as possible. Some examples they did were driving explosive
planes into air crafts and strapping bombs to themselves so when they were dead
bombs would still go off. The battle of Okinawa was the last step in the
island-hopping strategy before the invasion on Japan. In this battle Japanese
continued to do suicidal things, but the American forces were too strong as they
their largest battle yet.
How Did The Americans Win The War
The war between the nations had been going on for 4 years. President Truman
wanted to
end this as quick as possible. He did not want to lose anymore men. The
and other important men decided that they would drop an atomic bomb on Japan. A
controversy was started as to what cities would be bombed. Kyoto and