World War 1 Taimoor

The First World War, out of the many other wars, was considered the "First Modern War" mostly because of the major advancements in technology which made it so devastating. Weaponry brought in such as tanks, and poison gas made a huge difference in the war. New strategies such as the way Canadians took Vimy Ridge and the use of aircraft were vital for a positive outcome in the war. Nations who were allied with Britain, France or Germany were all involved in the war hence the name "World War". The total war effect was a great contribution to those in the war from the homes of soldier's families and other people. All support such as donation and verbal support came from different homes around the world. As a result of these things in the war the world lost more people than they have ever lost before.
The advancement of technology during the First World War made a huge difference in battle. New weaponry such as poison gas, tanks, and aircraft that could drop bombs and many more things killed a lot more people than the amount that would've been ki lled without these new weapons. Poison gas made it easier to kill people in the trenches which was a problem earlier because of trench warfare which was traditional and used very often . The tanks took out a lot more people at once than a gun would because the shot out of a tank is much bigger and more powerful than a gun shot, and the guns back then weren't like the ones today. Not only were there new additions to weaponry on land and in air but also in water which made quite a big difference people didn't see coming like they did for weapons on land and in the air. Submarines were a great addition and very helpful because they couldn't be detected under water and were quiet unlike the boats they already had which travelled on top of water.
Many new strategies were developed during this war. They had to be created because everyone knew how to defend the old strategies and they were all expected. To win a war like this it wasn't as easy as just doing what everyone used to do. For example, the Canadians took a very very long time preparing to attack the Germans to take Vimy Ridge because so many other nations had already failed at trying to take Vimy Ridge. Instead of coming straight from the top and getting taken out by the machine gun at the top they came from underneath and from different sides. Different strategies were key to getting what you wanted in the war.
Alliances made the biggest difference in the war because of all of the extra help it brought in for certain nations. For example, if two different nations such as France and Germany wanted to go to war against each other or just disliked each other for some reason than the allies of those nations would also go against the opposition. Alliances are based off of loyalty, honesty and trust. For those reasons the allies of a nation have to back each other up.
The total war effort was an effort made by families of soldiers and other people who cared for those at war and wanted a win to come from there nation. They did things such as collect donations, they cut back on a lot of their food and other items just so that they could afford to buy more things in the war and not run out of resources. Income tax was also brought in. It was supposed to be a temporary thing but it is still present until this day.
Although all European nat i ons suffered severe losses during the war, all nations learned valuable lessons and matured from them. All of the new technology, strategies and efforts introduced in this world war really gave this war the right to be called "The Great War" or "First Modern War". It effected nations and people in a way that lasted for many more decades to come.