Working title: Teen Drinking

There are too many influences that persuade teens to drink.

Every day teens are influenced to drink. In just the past five years teenage drinking has gone up 47%.Why are teens choosing to drink?
One of the reasons is from social contact, which means that when a non-drinker associates with a group that consumes alcohol, a lot of peer pressure is exerted on the non-drinker to drink with the group. Parties are a prime example of peer pressure which causes the teens to drink in order to have a sense of belonging. If a teen does not drink, the other kids make fun of him or her, and the teen conforms in order to fit in with his or her peers.
The next reason is to escape from reality. The teenage years are a very emotional time for many young people because of situations at home, school, and dating and others that involve conflict with life. A lot of teens feel alcohol offers a chance to unwind and get away from reality. Still another reason for teens is to drink to make themselves feel good and happy.
Also, there are advertisements that persuade teens to drink. The constant barrage of ads in the newspapers, magazines, and on TV portray drinking to be "cool" and a lot of fun for all of those who are participating. The media gives the message that all important people drink at cocktail parties and meetings, and if you donít you are a nerd.
Sometimes teens will drink just because it is against the law. This is a type of rebellion. They think it is fun and a challenge to "get away with something."
Yet where are the teenagers obtaining the alcohol? Actually, it is very accessible. One way is to get it from a friend or relative. Another is to wait outside of a place that sells alcohol and have a passerby get it for you. Also teens steal it from home, a store, or even a neighbor. This is an expression of rebellion. They might even have the guts to try and purchase it personally with fake I.D. or even with an I.D. saying they are under twenty-one years of age. But in some cases the parents might provide them with the alcohol to celebrate a special event or just to keep it under control in order to keep young drinkers and their friends off the road.
Now I would like to say that just last year alone 2,200 young people between the ages of 15 and 20 died in alcohol-related car crashes. All of them were persuaded in one way or another by some of the influences I mention above So, please, try not to succumb to advertising or peer pressure or to use alcohol as an escape or to form a rebellious drinking habit. Protect yourself and others. If you do choose to drink at least have the sense not to drive