Women on the Move


Men and women having equal rights… Not quite, but we’re getting there.

Our outcries have been heard and finally beginning to be answered. We are slowly moving towards freedom, away from the conventional stereotypes of women.

An evolution is taking place. Women are now having their say as a union to change history and their lives.

MARRIAGE. Women were expected to be married and when married, they were forced to give up on their jobs, interest, leisure time and work as a full time housewives. “Marriage to me appeared the most horribly tied-down and unfair-to-women existence going.” We no longer feel the ropes tying us down to a no-through-road marriage.

Currently we are slowly able to escape the limiting clutches of housewives. It is now possible to compromise and share the load of housework within the family.

SOCIETY. The society neglects us thinking that we are incapable of anything but housework. Our voices are never heard, our opinions shut down. We are unimportant to society.

This again is gradually changing as we step our foot into the outer world.

Our improved education has brought us the justice that we need. Together as a union we stand up for our rights as part of the society and are no longer ‘nobodies’. We are being recognized.

WAGES AND WORK. The government had set rules for women’s wage. We earn less than men, working probably even harder than they do. Also our previous working conditions were shocking, which often lead to general health issues. We are outraged and have reached a stage where we cannot delay further and demand for equity. We can still not be looked at as equal beings to men.

However times are changing and we now have better wages, improved working conditions and are treated better at work.

Movement has been slow but we are gradually fighting, and standing up for ourselves. We should be proud of ourselves as we establish our firm markings in society. We are making a difference and creating a turning point for change for ourselves and the next generation.