“Women” and RIGHTS

The international organizations and communities made strong commitments to gender equality and the empowerment of women at United Nations conferences during the past decades. Many organizations have come ahead with their endeavor to equalize gender inequality. Results have been very little, not because of any lapses by them but the major obstacle to equal opportunity is the social structure that discourages women’s economic growth. Can be achieved only by joint efforts of parents, educational institutions, educated religious leaders, Governments, and women themselves.

o First education she receives from parent is to live as subordinate and perfection in maintenance of house. Training she receives when discriminatory attitudes by parents between she and her brother.
o When borne she being dependent of parents, parents considers daughter as guest for them belongs to unknown man by way of marriage there she has to adjust according to rules and regulations framed by new house.
o Higher education to a girl child is disadvantageous in marriage proposals as in comparison with groom if girl is better educated she has failed her exam and disqualified.
o Do women really need marriage? Marriage is social contract that legalizes husband and family to keep woman slave. For most present generation women married life means depression, mental torture, self immolation, bride burning for want of more dowry,
o Is social independence of the women as of men not the solution to human rights?

Many generations woman is treated as property. Women were never treated as self-individuals in any civilization. Their independence was discouraged in almost all the civilizations and religions. Without women there would have no civilization, no religion, no societies and no men. Woman is earth, gives birth and nourish till the boy becomes man. In this universe after helping woman (earth) to seeding, man’s role is finished woman performs rest of the role till the child is grown to be independent irrespective of boy or girl. For woman boy and girl is her child. Woman’s role is more important than that of man in the universe.

WOMEN AND CIVILISATIONS: In Stone Age life for men and women were same except the natural function for woman to produce children and nourish them and men to pass gene for future generation. There were fights among men for domination to mate with women until the social order was formed. Men were responsible for protection of the family and women for nourishing the family. Human development progressed to agrarian civilization, agriculture became source of food then storing for future. Social involvements was too less for social interference. Excessive agricultural products flourished that generated income. Discrimination of assets and income led to aggression and looting also women became the targets for looters. To cope up with this situation societies were formed to protect assets and women. Laws brought to bring all the population to remain in social order.

Dravidian culture was well flourished resulted to trading created urban development. Trading and to protect traders and their trade (soldiers) were done by males. Equality between woman and men were almost justified with some restrictions on women that were to protect them and their integrity. This also implied to males as for example in revenge sister’s assault RAVANA took SITA away from RAM to his kingdom but did not dare to force her as all scripts say SITA did not have adultery during the captive. Involvement in society was normal as of men. Women were free to choose their mates one of the examples is that SAROOPNAKHA who offered her love to ARYAN (MAHAPURUSH) RAM who directed her to his younger brother LAKSHMAN. There Aryan and Dravidian culture clashed and LAKSHMAN chopped her nose considering she being shameless. Dravidians were sociable and less aggressive people than others and women enjoyed much greater freedom than Aryan women. Around 1700BC their civilization started disappearing when tribes from Iran (ARYANS) came through Caspian sea and invaded Indus and destroyed HARP and MOHENJO-DARO then started conquering, India and pushed Dravidians to south of India and many were made slaves (shudra). Aryans were totally against the woman dominance in the society. Vedic age began when Aryans dominated its presence in Asia. Vedic scripts are normally known as law and rules of life, which are highly