With the new technologies and medical advances of today, we are able to do what was once thought impossible in the medical field. Yet, along with these technologies and advances come a series of fiercely debated controversies that leave our nation divided. One such controversy is assisted suicide, which entails ending the life of a terminally ill patient upon his request. Assisted suicide should be legalized because it gives mercy to these patients, it relieves the emotional and financial strain on the family, and because the choice to end a life should be the individualís.
One reason assisted suicide should be legalized is because it gives mercy to the terminally ill. Millions of people live with unrelenting diseases every day of their lives, and it is cruel and inhumane to make these people live a life of pain and agony. Isnít it better to end the pain quickly and humanely than to allow the suffering? If a person makes as drastic a choice as to terminate his own life, we should know that the pain is obviously too great, and honor that request out of respect and compassion. When faced with a terminal illness, the patient should have the option to terminate his life in the most humane and least painful way possible. If we are ever going to be the civilized society we say we are, we must allow this to happen.
In addition to easing the patientís pain, assisted suicide would also relieve the tremendous burden placed upon the family. The amount of emotional pain and financial strain put on the family of a terminally ill patient is often unimaginable. They are forced to turn their lives upside down, sometimes having to put careers and dreams on hold just
support their loved one. Lost jobs means lost wages, and unwanted problem considering the high cost of medical care today. However, perhaps the greatest cost is
sitting by helplessly as someone they loves dies or suffers in great pain. By legalizing assisted suicide, families could make the decision together to terminate a life and end suffering, thus sparing them the emotional pain and financial burden that devastates everyone.
Finally, the right to die should be a choice, just as we have the right to freedom of religion or speech. They say you canít judge a man until youíve walked a mile in his shoes, so who are we to say a person shouldnít terminate his life if we havenít gone through their suffering? We live in a hypocritical society, for we deem it correct to take the life of an unborn baby who never got the chance or choice to live, yet we refuse to take that of a grown adult, who has lived a full life, full of experiences and who has made the choice to die. After living such a life and making vital decisions everyday, are we really that incapable of making the choice of life or death?
Assisted suicide should be legalized on the grounds that it is the most merciful thing to do, both for the patient and the family, and because the decision should ultimately be left up to the patient. It will most likely remain a topic of controversy for years to come. Yet, when all is said and done, shouldnít God be the final judge?