With the majority of society being active and enthusiastic in recreations and physical

activities, it is apparent that their will be a demand for professionals involved in the correction

and rehabilitation of injuries due to physical activities. With this aspect in mind along with the

compassion to help others I have chosen to enter into the medical field.

To begin preparing myself in order to contribute in the twenty-first century I decided to

experience the medical field first hand. As of August 1998, I enrolled in Patient Care Assistant

a dual enrollment coarse with Brevard Community College. With this coarse I have

participated and completed over one hundred and twenty hours of clinical study at Jess Parrish

Hospital and Mariners Nursing home. I have also completed over a hundred hours of in class

demonstration study.

In that time, I have experienced and received training that ranges from providing

complete care for all ranges of life to administering post-mortum care. I have also witnessed

many procedures including CT-Scans, MRI, Nuclear imaging, and special X-ray procedures. I

also spent a majority of time in the emergency room. In the ER I learned the procedures used to

provide emergency care. With the completion of this program, I will receive my certification as

a CNA (certified nurses aide). This has helped me to develop a desire to enhance basic life of all.

It has also made me aware of the medical field and the devotion that goes into that profession.

The studies and activities that I have completed are the experiences needed to become a

reliable professional in the medical field because a career is not just a job, but a life-long process

that involves many aspects of life. This dedication and determination is what is needed in order

to contribute in the twenty-first century.