Witches Essay

Shakespere's use of the witches is a forshadowing of the play.

By Shakespere having three witches and the question was, "are the witches good, evil

or neutral", my answer is simple; one witch is good, one is evil, and one is neutral.

Each one of these characteristics represents the mood of the play.

The first witch is evil. In scene 3 of the play, the first witch

explains about hurting a man by not letting him sleep. The witch also explains how

the man was forbidden from the society cause of her. The witch also said all three

of them would meet after a battle or murder that has taken place. These two actions

represent evil.

The second witch represents the goodness of the three. She

explains to Macbeth that he will not become a good king, but that he will become

a great king. By the witch saying that he will be the best king and nothing less,

shows her grattitude towards people. The good witch told Macbeth, "ask and hear no

more." She meant to tell him not to be so willing to know your own destiny.

The third witch represents neutral between the three. She told

Macbeth that he would become king, but she didn't say good or bad. She knows which

one it would be, but neutrality usually represents fairness. It wouldn't be fare to say good

or bad, because either way, this witch would be choosing sides with another witch.

To be able to express good, evil, and neutral with characters, as

Shakespere did, shows great talent. Also by him incorparating good, evil, and neutral

with power, shows how being famous or having a great reputation can currupt from the
the inside out. Like it did with Macbeth. The witches forshadowed Macbeth's end, his