Imagine a life, where due to your beliefs and religion, you are persecuted
against. Similar to that of the African Americans environment in today\'s
world. You tell you neighbor you are a member of the witchcraft community
and from that day on, your "so called best friend" looks at you with a funny
expression when you go down to get the mail. From that day on society labels
you as unordinary or a freak. This is the current life for those which
believe in wicca, also refereed to as witchcraft. For many people, ignorance
is a bliss. Any presentation contrary to their thoughts is head as a cry for
warfare. Witchcraft, is probably one of the least understood religions of
our time. Wicca isn\'t a cauldron of human sacrifice, drugs, devil-worship,
riding brooms, and casting unwanted spells upon others. Nor does it deal
with supernatural world of Satan and its followers. Witchcraft is both magic
and religion. I plan to show the truth about witchcraft today and its past.
People come together on a wooded hill beside the Missouri River. Stars wink
and glow around the full moon around the circling trees. The fireflies buzz
and the mosquito sting and yet the night air is hushed. Forty people
surround a blazing fire hands linked concentrating on the women standing
before the inferno. The words, soft at first, then stronger and clearer, she
says. "Goddess of the moon. You of all power, we gather here on this night
of the Full Moon in your honor." "God of the Sun, magnificent One, You of
all power." The group raises their hands and begins moving clockwise, faster
and faster as their feet brush through the dirt. The group, practically
flying around the fire, stop and sit on the bare almost lifeless earth. This
is where the flying stereotype originated from. They sit around the fire and
pass around the wine and crescent-shaped pastries. Their rite has ended.
Folk magic is but half of what is called Witchcraft. The other half is
known as Wicca. There are at least five different way that Wicca differs
from other religions. These are: *Worship of the Goddess and the God
*Reverence for the Earth *Acceptance of magic *Acceptance of reincarnation
*Lack of proselytizing activities.
Witchcraft believes in the power within the human to provide energy, and
incredible diversity. A man filled with tenderness radiated different energy
than one bent on killing. A strong, healthy man\'s energy were similarly
strong and healthy, while the sick had lowers reserves and of a lesser type.
Eventually, ritual was developed as a means of contacting and utilizing the
energy within humans as well as in the natural world. This marked the advent
of magic and religion. Amber was one of the first materials used for magical
purposes. Images of bears or geometric carvings were worn for protection or
hunt-ensuring devices. Folk magic is just uniting the magician with the
object\'s energy. Forms of communication include, gesture, dance, and
hallucionogenic energy. Leaders determined absolute control over all aspects
of human life, sought to "stamp" out such crimes as foretelling the future
and physic healing. In Nevada, witches miraculously told police where
five-year-old missing bodies could be found and how they were killed through
the use of voodoo dolls. Another form of communication. Only in the 1960\'s
did people become enchanted with spells, herb magic, and amulets. Folk magic
isn\'t the devils work, Satanism, it isn\'t anti-Christian, anti-religion or
anti-anything. Folk magic is pro-life, pro-love, and pro-healing. Folk
magic is a way of coming even closer to the goddess or deity along with
mother earth.
Whether or not the Salem witch trials in the 1690\'s are fiction or
nonfiction we can only tell indefinitely. But according to story, it all
started during the cold winter year of 1961. Twelve-year-old Abigail Adams,
and nine-year-old Betty Parris were the daughters of Reverent Parris, a
fairly wealthy man. Reverend would not approve trips to Boston, which was
twenty miles up the road, games of tag, or hide-and-seek. He said that
playing was a sign of idleness, and idleness gave the devil a chance to do
his work. That\'s where Tituba came into play. She and her husband John
Indian were purchased salves from the island of Barbados in the West Indies.
While Reverend was at work, the girls had conversations with Tituba. Tituba
had fascinating stories and myths from her Native American ancestry. She
told stories where the animals could talk and evils demons that preyed on
children throughout the night. The strange, magical tales filled the girls
with enlightenment. The people of Salem Massachusetts, were Puritans. They