Why were the
Japanese so successful
after World War II

Period 6
May 2, 1998

The question of why Japan was so successful can be said have boggled many.
Have you ever thought of the surge Japan? The Japanese have soared from a time of
crisis to an economic super power. Well there are many reasons to which how Japan was
got to the place it is today. After World War II Japan was in terrible shape and the
country was in need to reform. The Japanese became determined to reform its country.
The Japanese had emphasized economic growth ever since World War II and had made it
a religion.1 It remained a religion until the1960s where it became less popular. During
this time modernization of the economy and society was made. The upper middle class,
which were successful bureaucrats, salaried businessmen, and professionals made it their
agenda to organize the recovery of Japan. They did it not for their personal gain, but for
the nation. Goals of catching up with technology of the West was thought of achieving
most.2 It was their main concern to do so and because of their efforts Japan in the first
couple decades have soared in economic growth.
Then comes to education. In every case a countryís reform must be done by
people of intelligence. In Japanís case their is no lack of brilliant reforms. Japan had an
ever growing education level. It influences Japanese society tremendously. It will reach
a point in time were almost all high school graduates will attend college. As a result
there will be an enormous amount of skilled workers, but it also means a lack of low
skilled workers.3 Due to this fact Japan had invest money in other countries with low
skilled workers such as Latin America. The profit from their countless investments
around the world can be said to sustain their economy alone. As the years go by their
surplus increases and their investments also increases. The Japanese is benefiting from
this transaction as well as the host country, this is one of the factors that make Japan such
a success.
With education also comes technology. They go hand in hand. The higher the
education level is, the higher technology the country poccesses. Japan has the highest
technology of the world. Higher technology brings a better way of life also economic
strength. Technology is the playing role in the rise of nations therefore a successful
nation must have high technology. The Japanese sudden surge in technology can be said
due to their defeat in the Pacific War. Japanís military research was banned, forcing the
nationís brightest to manufacture civilian products.4 They have gained an advantage
over the rest of the world. The Japanese has a greater advantage in the job market in
other countries. That was their main objective after World War II and they have
succeeded. The Japanese developed high-tech industries which requires large
investments, which Japan also has. They have made improvements to their country by
building bullet trains and many others that make Japan a success.
The Japanese learned from the United States and competed with them. They
introduced their products into the U.S. market. The Japanese products appealed to the
American people. The Japanese made things like tape and video cassette recorders for
American broadcasting stations. Also they fused their two technologies together to make
the line of cars in the U.S. It was different then the ordinary American car and the
American people and they liked it, which in turn benefited the Japanese. This is only one
of the ways the Japanese had done to persuade the American people into buying Japanese
products. Japanese goods had the quality that the American people was looking for and
because of that the Japanese became even more successful.5
The Japanese have always been smart people. They had a strategy and it was to
gain good relations with foreign countries and they did. They pursued international
peacekeeping and human rightly vigorously.6 By doing so a mutual trade can be done.
One of the many reasons why Japan is such a success can be said to be trade. The
Japanese export more manufactured goods than imported goods, giving the country a
surplus in revenues.7 With this surplus the quality of life for the Japanese increases. The
Japanese invests the money in Treasury dollars that supply high interest. They can also
take the money to improve certain aspects of their country such as technology, education
and crime rate, which is relatively low. The Japanese is