Why President Clinton Should not be impeached or punished

America is full of hypocrites. The hypocrites I am speaking of are those who wish for our president to be impeached. I am nearly certain that most of them have lied before. In fact, most of the anti-Clinton Americans fail to see all of the circumstances surrounding this situation. I, for one, am not for punishing our President. There are several reasons why I do not believe that President Clinton should receive any punishment for lying under oath.
First, President Clinton has done wonderful things for this country during his time in office. He has helped our economy tremendously. Our budget is balanced to the point that we have a surplus of money left over. How long has it been since we've had a President to accomplish balancing the budget? Also, he plans to use this surplus to help out the Social Security crisis. The fact that I may not get the Social Security money that I am paying affects me more than the President's lying about having an affair.
Second, he lied about a personal issue. How does this affect us? I don't think it does. Maybe he wanted to protect his family or his reputation. There aren't many other reasons President Clinton would have to lie about this subject matter. He committed adultery, which is not against the law. His committing adultery is for his wife and family to deal with, not the American public.
Many will say that the bottom line is that our President lied under oath. We can all agree that he is not the first President to lie to the American public. For example, we have been lied to about military troops, nuclear weapons, and other important factors that can affect us. We have been lied to by previous Presidents. Others will say that if our President will lie about having an affair, he will lie about more important issues as well. If this is true, then the previous Presidents who lied while not under oath could have just as eaisly lied while under oath. By not punishing our former Presidents for lying, we set a precedent that we must follow when dealing with President Clinton.
I am sure there are many Americans who would disagree with me. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. However, I feel that my resons against punishing our President provide a good argument. We have much bigger things to worry about than our President's personal life.