Why is John F Kennedy such a famous and controversial figure today?
The assassination of John F Kennedy is one of the most controversial events in modern times, one could even compare his death with Diana Princess of Wales and her sudden death in a car crash which has had much speculation over recent years with new information coming out all the time in the media.

The continued interest in J.F.K, leading to him still being one of the most famous and influential Presidents of America ever, is mostly due to the dramatic manner of his death, his youthful family, his attractive and cultured wife Jackie and his relationships with other women.

One of his most known about relationships was with Marilyn Monroe a very famous singer/ actress, she is also still very well known throughout the world even though she is now dead. Like J.F.K she also died in mysterious circumstances which the Kennedy’s have been connected to in some theory’s of how she died, this is a story that keeps him in the public eye quite frequently, for example in documentaries or films about his or Marilyn’s life or death. There also seems to be a Kennedy curse since the assassination of the President, Kennedy’s brother Bobby was assassinated, and also his son died in a mysterious plane crash.

Kennedy was President at a time when the Cold War was at its peak. He was strongly anti-communist and visited West Berlin, shortly after the Berlin Wall was built, where he declared “Ich bin ein Berliner” (I am a Berliner) to show his support. Kennedy had big foreign policy problems in Cuba and Vietnam. Could these have played a part in the death of President Kennedy?

The CIA “hawks” and the anti-Castro forces opposed him because he did not use US armed forces to support the operation in Cuba. Their plan was to overthrow Castro and install a pro-American government. Kennedy approved the operation but refused to give it air cover and therefore ensuring its defeat. Also the CIA felt he was going to leave Vietnam. He faced opposition from all sides following the failed invasion at Cuba’s Bay of Pigs. The Communist governments in both Russia and Cuba described it as American aggression. Were these communists involved in the death of President Kennedy or did the CIA create a conspiracy to cover up their assassination of the President?

He also was not very popular with the mafia at this time. Some people claim the mafia had helped J.F.K win the 1960 Presidential election. But whenever Kennedy became president, he and his brother Robert, the Attorney General were determined to use the law to reduce the influence of the mafia. Did the mafia want revenge on Kennedy for turning his back on them?

Kennedy was a very well liked man among the public all over the world. He was very popular among the Afro-American community and he believed very strongly in equal rights. Although he did not play a leading role in the Civil Rights movement, he did send troops to support desegregation in schools and universities.

There are so many questions left unanswered about the death of J.F.K. People ask themselves these questions everyday, trying to uncover the mystery of who really did shoot John F Kennedy?