Why do people always want more money no matter how much they already have?

Why is it that people always want more money, no matter how much money they have already? There is one word that describes that, and it\'s called "greed". People tend to get greedy when they already have enough money, because money to some people means power. To some people money means everything, they use money to shop, some people are even smart enough to invest it in a bank to increase the amount.

People depend on money to pay their rent or to pay their bills. Yes, these are things that must be taken care of right away, so it is understandable why people always need more and more money.

Some people just want more money to live like kings and possess luxurious items such as, cars with expensive rims and a booming sound system, expensive and excessive jewelry and expensive name brand clothing.

People tend to want to "bite more then they can chew," as a result they become very greedy and possessive over their money. They become like vicious dogs, when taking the dogs plate away when it is very hungry, this is a great example on how people can behave when they have lots of money.

These are reasons why people always want more money even though they already have enough it is all about greed and luxuries.