Why Are We Still Prejudice?

I think that all societies are prejudice to a certain extent. I also feel that it is human nature for us to push for equality for all people for the simple reason that when there isn't equality then there is protest and when something is protested in a society there is friction in the system, and when there is friction in the system then people tend to push towards a smoother running life even if it requires them to compromise traditional "values". "African American Rights" and other minority groups movements have caused the normal American stereotype of a "White Male Dominating Society" to step back. But in doing so many minority groups have gone too far in my opinion.
It is obvious that certain groups have been discriminated against, but these groups have formed the illusion that they deserve special privileges in a lot of cases. I think that this is because they are very sensitive to there being discriminated against. It is also my opinion that not as much discrimination occurs as they imagine. Sometimes I hear an African American insisting on not being referred to as "Black" but in the same sentence accusing "Whites" of referring to them asa blacks. We "Whites" really don't think much of that statement because in all honesty we are not intimidated by these groups, and with good reason. There is no direct harm in this attitude that minority groups display in America, but in my opinion if we continue to let this train of thought continue there is no limit to how much special privileges these people will demand, and we will give it to them. We feel sorry for them because they are feeling discriminated and if we don't give them exactly what they want then we are being prejudice.
So as you can see there are many misconceptions on being prejudice, and I assure that if you are giving any special privileges to a certain minority group, then you are doing nothing to help them. Treat them just as you would treat some one of your own race. When we learn to treat everybody the same then prejudices will pe eliminated and with it the all minority groups.