Who’s to Blame But the CIA?

The John F. Kennedy assassination was one of greatest tragadies the United States

has ever seen. After the assassination the media, police, and government rushed to the

quick and easy solution that a lone crazed gunman shot the President. However after

looking behind the cover-ups and secrecy there is only one answer, the CIA was involved

in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. This makes sense when you consider the

following facts. The Ex- head of the CIA (Allen Dulles) that was fired by John F.

Kennedy was in charge of the investigation into the Presidents death, the CIA

Organization could be preserved by the death of the President and finally Lee Harvey

Oswald who was the alleged assassin had ties to the CIA.

Allen Dulles was the head of the CIA until President Kennedy fired him for

deceiving the president about CIA operations. Dulles later became the most active

member of the Warren Commission involved in the investigation. Dulles had been fired

by Kennedy for lying and deceiving, he then is taken out of unemployment to investigate

the death of the man who had fired him. Dulles also played an active part in the Bay of

Pigs Invasion which Kennedy blamed the failure of on him.

In the Sixties the CIA was one of the most powerful organizations in America.

Kennedy set out to change that. It all started with the Bay of Pigs. Cuban nationalists

trained by the CIA were armed and sent into Cuba to take over Castro. This mission was

approved by President Kennedy. While the nationalists were invading Cuba air support

was to be provided by the U.S Army. At the last minute Kennedy pulled out the air

support which angered the CIA. The Bay of Pigs invasion failed. Kennedy blamed the

failure on the CIA. Kennedy then fired Dulles and vowed to break up the CIA’s power.

Lee Harvey Oswald is the person that the Warren Commission blames for the

killing of the President. Whether this statement is true or not true Oswald can be tied to

the CIA by more ways than one. Oswald gave up his United States citizenship and

Moved to Russia. In July of 1961, Oswald decided he wanted to return to the United

States. Reports on Oswald’s wish to return were sent to the CIA. There is no reason

why Oswald, someone who renounced his citizenship would be let back into the Untied

States. However Oswald was let back into the United States with no problems and with

full knowledge of the CIA. Oswald also made a purchase for the CIA to aid in the Bay of

Pigs invasion.

By the death of Kennedy the CIA would be able to stay one organization without

being split up. Dulles had the power to cover-up CIA involvement by being a member of

the Warren Commission. Oswald, who the CIA had complete files on, could be easily set

up. The CIA was one of the most powerful organizations in the United States and used

their power to arrange the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.