Who's Land Is It?

There is much controversy in many countries in the Middle East and a lot of it comes out of greed, money and the attempt to gain more power. I will be writing about why the Jew's (Hebrews) should keep all of the land that god gave them. The Jew's are the people that god chose to live on the land of Milk and Honey. The Jew's have lived on this land for over 2000 years. the Jew's should have complete ownership of the Holy land, Israel.

The Jew's were captured by the Egyptians and was forced into slave labor. They were working for days without rest, and food. They built the great pyramids of Egypt. After hundreds of years of salvation, Moses a prophet of the Jew's was sent from god to bring the chosen people to the land of Milk and honey (Israel). His mission seemed like a very tuff one but with god's powers, it was a piece of cake. Moses guided the Jew's through the red sea that he had split open, after the Jew's got through the water flooded the Egyptians to their death. This is how the Holy Land was given to the Jew's.

David led the Jews and was regarded as the true founder of Israel, the instrument of the religious and political system foreshadowed on Mount Sinai. He captured Jerusalem, the strongest fortress in Palestine, and made it his capital. Under his direction, the Israelite army broke the power of the Philistines and conquered Edom, Ammon, and Moab. After many years of ownership of the land by the Jews, the Palestinians took the land away. Israel became independent in 1948.

Taking the land away from the Jew's would be like going against God. After all the anti-Semitism against the Jew's they have to give their land up, it is ridiculous. Hitler destroyed a good portion of the Jewish population, the Egyptians killed thousand of Jew's and it goes on and on.

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By: Eli Binshtok