Whistler Outline

I. Jim Morisson was a great musician.
A. Opening:
1. Doors recording studio
2. “Light My Fire”
3. Smash TV into window
B. Person: Jim Morisson
C. Main Points:
1. Personal life
2. Professional life
3. Accomplishments
II Morisson had a tough childhood.
A. Personal life
1. Family life
a. strange relationship
(1.) Said family was dead
(2.) They weren’t actually dead
b. Father
(1.) US Naval officer
(2.) Never home
2. Childhood
a. Born December 8, 1943 Melbourn FL
b. Important Event
(1.) 4 years old
(2.) Accident with Indians
(a.) Saw dead Indian
(b.) Claims soul passed into him
3. St. Peterson Junior Collage
a. Popular
b. Center of attention
4. Florida State University
a. Transfered to UCLA
b. Graduated in 1965
(1.) Bachelor in Fine Arts
(2.) Major in Film
B. Professional Life
1. Early career
a. Met 3 guys at UCLA
(1.) Ray Manzerek - organ
(2.) Robby Krieger - guitar
(3.) John Densmore - drums
b. Immediate success
(1.) Top charts
(2.) 1967 “Light My Fire”
c. Drug problem
(1.) LSD
(2.) Alcohol
d. Drugs caused problems
(1.) Arrested after concert
(a.) Lewd behavior
(b.) Public drunkenness
(c.) Indecent exposure
(d.) Open use of profanity
(2.) Nobody really knows
(a.) Ray Manzarek said “I swear the guy...” (1.)
(b.) Guilty of indecent exposure, lewd behavior
(c.) Couldn’t perform at Woodstock
C. Accomplishments
1. 6 CD’s
a. Sell more copies today than when alive
b. Public interest increase - mysterious death
2. Wrote lots of succesful poems
III Jim Morisson
A. Remembered because:
1. Invented stage diving
2. Abrupt and mysterious death in July 1971 - OD in Paris
B. Closing:
1. Doors always remembered for sex and death
2. Critic Lester Bangs: “Stones were dirty, but Doors were dread” (2)


1. Gross, Terry. Interview with Ray Manzerek. “Light My Fire, Fresh Air.” Philidelphia,

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