Which member of the Birling family deserves our respect?

The play “An Inspector Calls” by JB Priestly portrays a very good perspective of the society and the classes in which people lived in and in some cases still live by today. It also shows an insight into a patriarchal period and a very biased system in which people’s very way of life is run. The Birling family is a typical stereotype of the rich and the wealthy of that period, the self made man, as oppose to the aristocratic class of which their status and wealth comes from old money, which means that his ancestors had given them their title, wealth and status.

The story “An Inspector Calls” is a play based on the suicide of Eva Smith, as the play unravels it shows that all of the Birling family play a part in Eva’s suicide. Throughout the play the inspectors clearly defines the points of class discrimination by asking the family questions and dwelling on their answers. Pointing out phrases and getting angrier