Where the Red Fern Grows

1. During the course of the story, in what ways does Billy Colman change and mature in his thinking and
1. Billy Colman matures in his thinking by training his dogs how to hunt. Some ways he matured in his
actions is that he learns the coon’s tricks and schemes. Another way is by learning his dog’s actions so he
knows if they’re hungry, he’ll feed them, if they’re hurt, he’ll try to cure them, etc.

2. Find specific examples of Billy’s perseverance, courage, devotion to family, willingness to sacrifice,
sensitivity, responsibility, pride, faith, and sorrow?
2. Billy’s perseverance is when he collected all the money to get his hounds for two years. He’s
courageous to go into the ice cold water to save Little Ann from freezing to death. One example of
devotion to family is giving the gold cup to his youngest sister and giving the silver cup to his two other
sisters. His willingness to sacrifice one time was when he kept on going to find his dogs in the blizzard
with his father, grandpa, and judge. Billy was sensitive at the beginning of the book when the freckle-faced
kid pulled one of Little Ann’s ears. The kid was the leader of the gang that surrounded Billy. Billy has
responsibility because he has to take care of his hounds, he had to feed them, if they’re hurt he has to try to
help them like after the fight with the mountain lion, etc. Billy has pride in himself when he earned the
$50.00 he needed to get his dogs, and he also had pride in his dogs when they won the gold cup. Billy had
faith in his dogs whenever they wen!
t out to hunt coons especially at the Championship Coon Hunt. Billy had sorrow in himself when he went
and put flowers at Rubin Pritchard’s grave, and when he had to bury the graves for Little Ann and Old Dan.

3. In what specific ways does Grandpa help Billy and show his love for him?
3. Grandpa helped Billy by showing him the Championship Coon Hunt and by entering him in the Hunt.
Grandpa also helped Billy by ordering him the coon hounds. Grandpa showed his love for Billy by not
going back to the camp in the blizzard even though he thought he would freeze to death. He also showed
love for Billy by letting Billy stay with him and help work with him at his store.

4. In what ways do Billy’s parents show their love for him?
4. Billy’s dad shows his love for him by going with him to the Championship Coon Hunt. Billy’s mom
showed her love for him by encouraging him to get the coon out of the big sycamore tree by cutting it
down. Both parents showed their love for Billy by letting him keep the hounds and by letting him hunt
coons with the hounds. They also let him go to the Championship Coon Hunt.

5. From what point of view is the story told? What are the advantages?
5. The story is told from the 1st person point of view (Billy Colman’s point of view). The advantages are
that you can see what Billy does when he hunts, how he trains his hounds, you can also learn the coon’s
tricks, and you know how Billy works out his problems, etc.

6. What is the main setting of the story? Does it play a very important part? Explain.
6. The main setting of the story is in the Ozark Mountains. Yes, it plays an important part because his
grandpa is there and his grandpa’s store is there, his friends and family are there, that his is where is hounds
were, and that is where he hunts with Old Dan and Little Ann.