Where did Humans Come From?
Human Evolution

Did you ever stop and wonder where you came from? No not the fact that you mommy and daddy did the deed. But where humans in general came from. Meaning did God create us all in seven days or did alien come down from outer space and populate the earth by having their way with the monkeys, or did we evolve from monkeys and other lower primates, and eventually make it to where we are today.
There are many arguments from every religion stating a different myth or theory of where man came from. Some are from Russia , China , Native peoples , The Bible , and France. But how many of them can you really believe? You have to think about the theory of the god that was born out of a shell in space, and created the earth and everything on, or that God created humans in 7 days. Sorry to say that is hard to believe. Sure there are some events that have or many not have happened that anyone can explain. There are sometime something happens to someone that some think was impossible and they happened. No one is saying that they were acts of God or anything, I just act like they were a fluke, nothing more. When you see one of those Jesus fanatics on the television can you help but laugh at them. Come on they give everything they have to something that they can not see or hear. What some people believe is that God did not create man. Man created God.
Something that you must just realized. If you take the Bibles version of creation. On how God created the earth, and the skies, and the air, and man, and so on. If that is what you really believe, can you find the little flaw that is in the Adam and Eve story. Can’t guess? Well if you take that story literally you have to face the fact that the entire world is then inbred. Yes inbred. Only 1 man, and 1 woman, they have a kid then the kid has a kid with his parents and so on and so on. That is if you believe that myth.
Why do some people believe these myths and theories of creation? Because they are pasted down though generation to generation from the parents to the children.
Another argument involving the creation myths involving the “HIGHER BEINGS” is that how can they past the fact that there are bones that are very closely resembles the humans of nowadays. These bones and artifacts are being dated fell before the time that the Gods were supposed to be creating man and woman. How could they have missed that big one?
There is no way in Heaven or Hell that everyone is going to believe in one creation myth or theory. So why can’t we all just get along and be friends. Instead of all these people out there that believe that their god is supreme and that everyone who believes in another god should be killed like dogs. That is just wrong.
Well that’s all folks!!


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