When society comes crumbling down, and crime starts to take over the

world, there are two people who will do whatever they can to make this a better world to live in:

Superman and Batman. Superman is an alien from a different planet who has super powers.

Batman is just a regular guy with no super powers whatsoever. Even though both are so

different, they have something very important in common. They fight crime and uphold justice

in their cities. Superman and Batman are undoubtedly the greatest super heroes of all time.

Kal-El, Superman's real name, was born on the planet Krypton to his parents Jor-El and

Lara. Jor-El was a well known scientist on the planet Krypton. He tried to convince the Head

Council that the planet Krypton was going to explode; no one listened, but Jor-El knew. He

didn't have enough time to build rockets for the whole family. He only built one for his son, Kal-

El, who he sent to earth just as the planet exploded. The rocket soared past stars and through

galaxies for three years. In the rocket was a holographic device that would display messages and

visions from his home planet. The rocket finally crashed in a field in Smallville, Kansas.

Luckily, at that exact time, an older couple, Jonathan and Martha Kent, were driving by. The

impact of the rocket gave their truck a flat tire.

When the Kents saw the little boy in the spaceship, they thought he was part of "some


cruel Russian space experiment" (Kents 1). They were going to turn him into an orphanage, but

decided that no one wanted him, so they called him their own. The Kents had always wanted

children, but could never have any, so when the chance came to keep him, they did; and

named him Clark.

Clark realized he was different from everybody at an early age. He had powers that were

unlike anything anybody had ever seen. Nobody else knew about them except his parents. He

didn't really get all of his powers until he was about seventeen. Clark gets his powers from the

radiation absorbed in his body from our red sun. Over time "Clark had developed the powers of

flight, super strength, x-ray vision, heat vision, and an aura that extends about a centimeter

around his body, making him nearly invincible" (Superman 1).

Superman does not use his powers for evil, he only uses them for good. He does not ever

take any bribes or anything to benefit evil. Superman also "Pledges never to kill anyone, or

interfere in the free will of nations" (Superman-cartoon 1). "Superman fights for truth, justice,

and the American way" (Superman 1).

Just because Superman has all these powers, doesn't mean he don't have any limitations.

Kryptonite and magic are the only things that can hurt Superman. Kryptonite gives off

radioactive elements that weaken Superman, and if exposed for a long time, could kill him.

Magic is the other thing that can hurt him. Superman is as vulnerable to magic as any human.

Another limitation of Superman is lead. Lead is the only thing that he can't see through.

As soon as Clark got old enough, he moved to Metropolis, Illinois. He got a job as a

"mild mannered reporter" (Superman 1), for a newspaper called The Daily Planet. "Clark

specializes in stories that expose the sins of society and champion the cause of the common

man" (Superman-cartoon 3). Clark has a one room apartment that is only a couple of minutes

away from The Daily Planet. There, inside his closet is a hidden room, where he hides his

Superman outfit.

Bruce Wayne was born into wealth. His parents, Thomas and Martha owned a huge

business called Wayne Enterprises. With all this money, Bruce had everything he ever wanted

in life, or so he thought. Even though he had everything, two tragic events changed the way he

looked at life.

The first tragic event happened when Bruce was six. He was running around Wayne

Manor, when he fell deep into a cavern that had bats flying around. Even though his Dad

rescued him, he never felt secure again in this world.

The second tragic event that took place was hen he was eight. His parents and him had

just got done watching a