When Helen Keller was two years old she came
down with a fever the doctors could do nothing about.
When it finally left her, it took with it, her ability to
see and hear. After that everybody that knew her was
hopeless and didn't quite know what to do with little
Helen. That was until Ms. Anne Sullivan came to be
her governess, teacher and most of all companion.
Anne was blind when she was a girl from
trachoma and went to the Perkins Institute for the
Blind. She had an operation that restored her sight. She
never forgot how it was to be blind so she decided she
would help Helen. There was a girl who Anne went to
Perkins with, named Laura Bridgman who was deaf
and blind. Her case fascinated Anne. She studied up on
the condition of deaf and blindness, and eventually got
the job to look after Helen.
Before Anne came to teach her, Helen didn't
know how to communicate with any one and her
parents and family didn't know what to do with her.
Mr. and Mrs. Keller let Helen do what ever she wanted
regardless of what it was. She had an awful temper that
could not be controlled by anyone. She would throw
outrageous tantrums because she could not
communicate with others what she wanted.
Anne would not tolerate any of this. After much
trial and error she taught Helen the one handed
alphabet which gave her a way of communication with
the outside world. Helen learned quickly and with
great excitement. Her tantrums ceased and her manners
vastly improved. She was a very bright child and
person. Her generosity never ended and her handicap
day by day was overcome.
Helen Keller's goal in life was, to help others
help them selves. That is what Anne did for her, and
that is what she wanted to do for others. Handicap is
just a word. It is a very deceiving word. Helen helped
to educate and prove to people that handicapped
people could be taught and could learn. They should
not be shunned by society, they were capable of many
things with the proper help. She not only proved this to
able people but also to the handicapped people
themselves. She gave them hope, courage and
motivation to succeed and work hard.
Helen Keller has always mesmerized me every
time I learn about her and her amazing life. Her
perseverance and generosity has always inspired me.
She also shows that dreams can be reached no matter
what your obstacles are. I have loved learning about
her life and her many victories. Her teacher, Anne
Sullivan Macy, has also inspired me. She is quite a role
model for me, since I want to help less fortunate
people too.