Whats Wrong With Communism

Aaron Dummer
Period 5

I would go to Russia. I would speak on Government. This is what I would say:

I am here today to tell you about freedom. I am here to tell you
about independence. I am here to let you know about something called a
Constitutional Democracy.

This form of government, very unlike yours, puts the power to the
people. Communism is a very old, and decaying way of rule. Communism, in a
broad definition, puts the ownership of farms, mines, factories, etc. in the
hands of a group of people. This leaves the individual with less freedoms.
This also weakens the economy. The Democracy is much the opposite.

The Constitutional Democracy in particular, is exceptionally effective.
Under this government many things are accomplished. A person has the ability
to make what they want of their life. They may succeed with flying colors, or
fail profusely. This demonstrates another aspect of the Constitutional
Democracy. A citizen is left to their own future. An American citizen also
holds many rights true to him. Freedom of speech, religion, and the right to
bear arms are just a few.

Your country, on the other hand, is greatly hindered by your malignant
ruling. A citizen owns virtually nothing he can call his own. Jobs are
government-provided, bringing about a poor population. Most of the rights
Americans think of as “a given” are neglected in your area. I know I cannot
change the way you govern your country, but I hope I have been able to change
the way some of you think.