What would you do if you were dying from an incurable disease, and you knew that you were going to suffer? Would you choose to go through all of the pain and suffering or would you look at other options, such as Euthanasia? Also known as Doctor Assisted-Suicide. People choose the way that they live, so they should be able to choose the way that they die. Why should someone else have the authority to force people to live in suffering or indignity if they don't want to? Some believe that Euthanasia should be outlawed because it is an invalid form of death. However, others think that Euthanasia should be practiced. When people are suffering they have the right to make their own decisions. Euthanasia will eliminate the suffering of a person who's dying, and decrease the trauma of family members and loved ones.

The word Euthanasia means a "good death," "beneficial death" or a "dignified death."-Neal Bernards, page 153. However many who think Euthanasia is inhumane turn to vicious name- calling about the doctors, such as cruel, heartless and barbaric murderers. Euthanasia is the practice of painlessly ending the lives of people who have uncurable, painful or distressing disease or handicaps. Euthanasia may occur when permanently ill patients ask a doctor, friend or family member to put them to death. There are many different kinds of Euthanasia such as Passive Euthanasia, Voluntary Euthanasia, and Active Voluntary Euthanasia.

Most people don't want to die. They aren't suicidal. They just want to know that they will have a good life right up to their last breath. Many people choose Euthanasia because they want to escape unnecessary suffering, and the main reason is because they are afraid that they will loose their dignity. If people can't find a doctor that will break the law they will stoop to a lower level to end their suffering.
Such as taking high doses of drugs or suffocation by a plastic bag. Rational Suicide. Ten percent or 1 in 5 physicians admitted that they have deliberately taken action to cause a patients death according to a survey conducted by the American Society of International Medicine- Gary E. McCuen Page: 143. That means that almost 90% of all terminally ill patients are committing suicide. That is why Euthanasia should be legal. There will be less pain and suffering for the ill patients and their families. Also less trauma of knowing that their loved one committed suicide because they found no other way out.

When a person is going to die a painful death and going through massive suffering they might look at options such as Euthanasia. Today, scientific advancements and medical technology in most industrialized countries have helped people live longer. -Kathlyn Gay page: 10. This decreased the dying rate. As a result of this, terminally ill patients will stay alive longer in tragic pain for months and maybe even years. There are many cases of patients that are kept alive by artificial means, which increases the debate about the right to die. It's not fair for a person to have to suffer against their will.

When a person is lying there in their hospital bed, dying a painful death they should be able to decide whether they want to continue to suffer or be put to rest. Even though it's against the law, it's in the best interest of the patient. Once people who are suffering know how to make final exit and have the opportunity to do so, they will often regotiate with themselves the conditions of their dying. When a person's body is destroyed with disease sometimes it's just not even worth living. People fight their entire life to live, why should they fight to die when in the end everyone looses because it's a part of life.

There are two ways of Doctor Assisted- Suicide. A lethal drug for a person physically capable of ending his or her own life and injecting a lethal drug if the patient is physically incapable of causing their death.-Gary E. McCuen page: 128. The lethal drug is preferred over the injection because the doctor is less directly involved as a casual agent. Letting the person do the dirty work is less stress on the physician. There are psychological reasons why doctors prefer the patients