What Went Wrong in the Bay of Pigs Invasion

During the Bay of Pigs Invasion, there were many problems with the actual plan, and this is what caused the failure. Frankly, I feel that this plan
was very good, and don't know where the fatal mistake was if I hadn't read about it, because it wasn't very obvious. The Inspector General
suggested these conclusions on page 143 of the Inspector General's Survey of the Cuban Operation:

"1.The Central Intelligence Agency, after starting to build up the resistance and guerilla forces inside Cuba, drastically concerted the project into
what rapidly became an overt military operation. The Agency failed to recognize that when the project advanced beyond the stage of plausible
denial it was going beyond the area of Agency responsibility as well as Agency capability.

"2.The Agency became so wrapped up in the military operation that it failed to appraise the [blurred] of [blurred] realistically. Furthermore, it
failed to keep the national policy-makers adequately and realistically informed of the conditions considered essential for success, and it did not
[burred] sufficiently for prompt policy decisions in a fast moving situation.

"3.As the project grew, the Agency reduced the exiled leaders to the status of puppets, thereby losing the advantages of their active participation.

"4.The Agency failed to build up and supply a resistance organization under rather favorable conditions. Air and boat operations showed up

"5. The Agency failed to collect adequate information on the strengths of the Castro regime and the extent of the opposition to it; and it failed to
evaluate the available information correctly.

"6.The project was badly organized. Command lines and [blurred] controls were ineffective and useless. Senior Staffs if the Agency were not
utilized; air support stayed independent of the project; the role of the large forward [blurred] was not clear.

"7.The project was not staffed with top-quality people, and a number of people were not used to the best advantage.

"8. The Agency entered the project without adequate [blurred] in the way of [blurred], bases, training facilities, [blurred][blurred],
Spanish-speakers, and similar essential ingredients of a successful operation. [Blurred] these been already in being, such time and effort would
have been saved."2