What was a Medieval peasants life like?

In the Medieval Times, peasants usually worked in fields all day long. But not all peasants were farmers. Some were blacksmiths, some were millers and some owned taverns too. Peasants didnít have very much money so they had to work hard for it. They knew that they could be harmed any time by the lord, so they worked very hard to avoid it. Peasants had very poor houses because their taxes were so high that all the money they earned went towards taxes, so they didnít have enough money for good housing. The men woke up at dawn, farmed in fields all day long, then came back home very late at night. They only rested each Sabbath day, or each holiday.

Peasants Food and Health Peasants had bad food and health, because they had very small meals. They usually had one or two meals a day. Their first meal consisted of cheese and bread. Their second meal was usually meat, cheese, bread and beer. Peasants thought that beer was healthier than water.

Peasants Housing

In a peasantís home there were two rooms, the living room and the kitchen/storage room. The kitchen/storage room was where they stored all of their food. It is also where they cooked and kept their animals in the wintertime. The living room was where they ate, slept and played games. There were many passing travelers like lords, priests and knights, and if they were not offered a place to stay by the villeins, they could be harmed by the lord.