What the advertisement tells me about.

The first advertisement tells me about the promotion of the soda, and during the special New Year promotion if you add six dollars you can get a key chain silver or gold. They did not tell me any information on how much the soft drink costs.

The second advertisement tells me about the new warrantee program; Sony is providing, it tells me that all equipment bought from Sony, within one year you get full warrantee on the product that you have bought. The warrantee will include parts and labor.

Who the advertisements tell us about the product.

My first advertisement is many aimed at smaller people, like aged 5 to 10, which is kids because no one would like the key chains but kids, and souvenirs which older people would collect and sell for high prices. I think they are aimed for both sexes.

My second advertisement is aimed at people at a higher age, as there is no attractive colors and pictures. The advertisement also has a lot of words. That's why I think it's aimed at older ages. This is also aimed for both sexes.

The style of the advertisements

My first advertisement is in the style where they put a big six-dollar with a plus sign. Which tries to trick smaller kids. To other people this advertisement it quite direct as it shows what they are selling what you get if you add six dollars.

My second advertisement is also a direct one, but with lots of words. It directly tells you about the warrantee that they are supplying to you in one year.

Which one I think is most successful and why.

I think that my first advertisement it the most successful, as it has caught my eye within 3 seconds, so I picked it. The color that they used is very bright and eye catching which I think is very important to catch people's attention. Also I like they way they made it straightforward, as the second one is in a dull color with lots of words in it. I think the second advertisement is not at all successful, since they have added too many words. This could be due to too much self confidence, at the advertisement you can see that they have put a large Sony sign at the top left corner. I think that they want to make you read the whole page because they are Sony and I don't like that.