What makes that record button going?

You come home from work or from school like I do everyday and what do you do right when you come through the door? Do you grab a snack or a can of pop, no you go push that rewind button on the VCR so you can catch up on what happened today on your Soap.
What is the catch that has us so "obsessed" over watching some day to day made up life played by actors? You have your own life to worry about why would you want to worry about if "Sammy" is going to do this, or "Mike" is doing that?
Soap Opera craze is seen everywhere. People everyday is turning to the tube for entertainment. I feel that people like watching Soap Operas because they are a lot like most of America's lives. Some are a little of the unordinary but some are really realistic.
Soap Operas are like having a tape recorder taping your everyday life day after day, but just exposed to everyone on National TV. Just how long has Soap Operas been a big hit? Actually I am not really sure on myself, but I do know

Helgeson 2

they have been going on for a very long time. I would say around twenty to thirty years. I can remember watching my moms' favorite soaps too. I think the same characters or still on there and are still in the same time frame too as they were back then.
I was wondered why it takes so long for a show to show a day in the characters life. It takes about one week for the show to get done with the day. Is it because they only show certain characters one day and another the next?
If we didn't have Soap Operas to watch, do you think there would be the same amount of television watching? The sales of blank VHS tapes would probably go down. The conversations between you and your friends or co-workers would probably be shortened to talk about other things.
Soap Operas are one of the most daytime television shows that have the most viewing. There would be a lot of people without pretty much "lost" without their soaps. It is almost like the people get so caught up in the make believe story they watch everyday that they forget about their own lives.