What kind of person am I?

What kind of person am I? Iím a person that is always happy. Iím also the type of person that always thinks positive in everything I do in my life. I always think I can do and be anything in life. Thatís why Iím also a challenging person that likes to take and challenge almost anything in life, because I think that life would be boring without challenges to take on and conquer.

Iím a person that is always happy because any time I do something wrong or something goes wrong in my life I always set my mind that what has been done in the past are things from the past and thereís nothing that can be done to reverse time to fix them, and that I have to think about the future not the past. What made me say this and think this way was that when I was about 13 to 14yrs old, my family and I moved to the Dominican Republic after living in NY for 14yrs, so we moved to DR and the 1st yr went by and everything was going good so far since we bought a nice big house and a new car. And I was having the best time in my life, since I loved it over there. But the after 2yrs went by we were having financial problems already and had to sell everything we had including the house, and come back to NY to start all over again. I felt divested because I left all my friends and other family members in DR. So after that I said to myself I wasnít going to fell sad anymore, and that I was going to be feel happy because I still have both my parents with me, and that I was going to overcome everything that came in front of me. This is an advantage for me because Iím now feeling happy and have forgotten things of the past.

Also Iím a very positive thinking person. I always think positive because it boosts my self steam and makes me feel strong when Iím doing something and I say I can do it. When I was in high school I took honor physics, has time went on I saw people drooping the class because it was too hard. But I said to myself, I can do this, Iím going to pass this class and I did. I worked hard and did my best to pass it. This is also an advantage for me because it has helped me a lot to overcome a lot of challenges and obstacles in my life.

Iím also a very challenging person. I love challenging different things in my life for example taking honor physics in high school. It was a challenge because it was a hard course and I worked hard to pass it. I also love playing video games that are challenging for example thereís this game called Socom 2: U.S. Navy Seals which is a game that people can play online and challenge anybody around the U.S. to a match, and thatís what makes it challenging playing against other people across the country. I felt so satisfied when my friends and I beat the best team in the game it was a very challenging match. Also another thing that I challenged was learning to fix computers all by myself, remember myself sitting in front of the computer for hours trying to figure out, how to fix it, and I did. This is an advantage because it makes me feel strong and satisfied and that I can do anything possible to man.

Iím a person that has gone trough some problem and challenges in life that I have overcome because of my characteristics. To this day in life I still feel happy, positive, challenging, and satisfied of everything I have done, and now we just bought a house in nice house in NJ which we love. And I feel ready and strong to overcome any challenge still to come in life.