What killed the Dinosaurs?

June 8, 03

Science 8, 6

About 65 million years ago dinosaurs were upon the earth, but dinosaurs did not survive those 65 million years, now what happened to these dinosaurs? Many theories were created, some of the theories that were looked into the most were; one theory was that an object from space landed on earth, this object created forest fires, smoke that covered up the sun, and created cooler temperatures, now due to this they believe that there was a shortage of plants as most plants died due to un-conditional climates which starved smaller vegetarian dinosaurs to their death, these dinosaurs which were a source of food for the bigger dinosaurs, were lost, now this also brought an end to this specie of dinosaur. Another theory suggests that temperatures became much lower, and the same process happened as mentioned above. The last theory that was believed in was that small furry animals, which were very fast and smart, would steal dinosaur eggs and eat them; slowly this would stop the dinosaur cycle. Thought so many theories have been suggested, it is unclear what really killed the dinosaurs.